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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 04:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,222

Journal Archives

Before we get too excited about Comey today, ponder this.

Last October he performed an abuse of power that even freakin' J Edgar Hoover never did. Yikes!

If we're relying upon the integrity of the man whom hand delivered the White House to Grand Wizard Donald Rump, than we're going to be F**KED without a kiss!


How do YOU refer to Donald Rump in discussions?

I love certain designations that I've heard, such as Twitler, but what do YOU say?

In polite company, I refer to him as the "Grand Wizard of the United States. In other company, I simply say " fuckhead", since I want to keep saving "shithead" for George Dubya Moron.

So again, what term do YOU use? As fuckhead's favorite paper says, inquiring minds want to know!


In a very perverse way, I hope that Grand Wizard Donald Rump ISN'T impeached.

Before you start flaming me as a closet Republican/teabagger, please read.

I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I truly DETEST the reality show clown and hate monger that Vladimir Putin and James Comedy (along with a news media that spent over a year fawning over every Donald Rump action and blathering) installed into office. Another poster earlier today stated that an FBI friend had stated that this was going to make Watergate look like someone boosting a candy bar at 7-11. I believe that.

However, with Donald Rump, we know what kind of turd head we have. We know that he will indulge in a four year exercise of self worship that will alienate the vast majority of Americans and will hopefully inspire the third and fourth party nut cases to sit 2020 out.

I have two concerns about the next four years that stand out to me.

First, they might instigate some form of disaster that'll give a very compliant news media the reason to rally around the grand Wizard and be an instrument to quell domestic dissent as they did for George Dubya Turdhead after 9/11.

Secondly, since after Donald Rump there would follow Mike Pence and then, for two years at least, Paul Ryan, we're pretty much phaqued until 1/20/2021. My big fear is that if we get rid of Rump, than Pence may just possibly enough of a slimy, smarmy son of a bitch that he may be able to con just enough people into another four years of the current nightmare that begun last Friday...YUCK! With Rump, we'd likely be able to kick his ass out in a manner that made FDR versus Hoover look like JFK versus Tricky Dickie!

Until then, I resolve to do something every single day to show my objection, opposition and disrespect for Grand Wizard Donald Rump until the Putin/Trump administration is GONE!

That's my $.02, and quite possibly overpriced at that.


Donald Rump made a promise during the campaign,...

...stating that when HE took office as the new Grand Wizard of the United States, America was going to say "Merry Christmas" again.

SO, in keeping with the proper level of respect which is due him, as well as reflecting the grace and decorum displayed by the Republican/teabagger party these past eight years, please allow me to wish you all...



Ok, So Donald Rump is going to be GWOTUS, or...

...Grand Wizard of the US. I will NEVER call him the President!

I resolve to do something EVERY SINGLE DAY to show my disapproval and objection and opposition to the Putin/Donald Rump/Pence mis administration until they are GONE!

I will NOT just "get over it" or support Donald Rump just because he "won." Any Rump supporter who pontificates to me that I should do so after their 8 year temper tantrums over both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama can plant a big juice kiss on my big puffy Irish ass.

He may not yet be the worst chief executive this country has ever had, but he is certainly already the worst person to ever be installed into the White House. He is already the most corrupt "president" ever.

Yes, as a long time supporter of Hillary Clinton, I was very saddened by her loss, but my reaction is not going to be sorrow. It is going to be a purple RAGE that will not go away until Donald Rump is sent the hell back to Moscow in 2020.

I don't know whom our nominee will be. I like Cuomo, Gillebrand, Klobushar, McCaskill, Duckworth and many others whom I've heard mentioned. I know that the answer is NOT a non-Democrat who will be 79 on Election day. I will, however, support our Democratic nominee and work my aforementioned big puffy Irish ass off to get him or her elected and end the Donald Rump nightmare in a hopeful landslide!

Anybody else here with me?

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly over priced at that!


8 months ago today 2/16/16, I weighed 391 pounds.

As of this morning, I'm down to 303 pounds. I want to drop about another 30, which is about 30% of my starting weight.

Why? Because at 61 years old, I've been married Tony wonderful wife for a mere 18 years. I've been the father of my son for a mere 16 years. By any standard that I have, that isn't nearly enough time with either of them. I want to be an old geezer with my wife. I want to be a grandfather with her, too. There are MANY things that I (and we) want to do in my remaining years. None of these things is compatible with. Committing suicide with a fork!

How am I doing this? Eating better and getting some more exercise. No fad diets, gastric bypass or stomach stapling or other surgical intervention. A good deal of stubbornness and determination helps, too! In a few days I expect to be out of the 300s and once there I'm determined to never go back in again.

This is something I rarely say, but I'm proud of myself, but I'll be prouder when I get to where I'm determined to be!

Thanks for reading, and as always...


My wife and I voted this afternoon!

We, of course, voted the straight Democratic ticket and a big YES on all of the referendum questions that our "glorious" governor, Paul LePage, opposes fervently!

This is the 11th Presidential election in which I've voted since my first in 1976. It is the vote that I'm most excited to cast. Four weeks from tonight, HRC will make history while Donald Rump will simply "make" in his pants. I can barely wait!


Republican honor vs Republican cowardice.

Please make no mistake about it, the calls from some Republicans/teabaggers for Donald Rump to drop out, or their pulling their endorsements, or their refusals to campaign with him are NOT signs of their being honorable. They are signs of their cowardice.

Weather they admit it or not, it is THEY who nurtured a Donald Rump style of nominee ever since the worst days of the 2008 McCain/Palin rallies. It was THEY who embraced with joy and enthusiasm the 2009 germination of the teabagger movement. It was THEY who conducted meetings on the night pot President Obama's inauguration to deliberately sabotage anything that was attempted by a young President who had the temerity to be BLACK!

THEY were the ones who became the party of NO. THEY were the ones who thought it to be OK to bring assault rifles to Presidential appearances, and for Christ's sake, THEY were the ones who had temper tantrums over that same black President wearing a sweater in the Oval Office on a Saturday as well as asking for mustard on a burger.

Before Donald Rump ever engaged in his birthed insanity, THEY did. Before Donald Rump ever embraced the white supremacist alt right, THEY did. Before Dona?d Rump was ever caught on tape talking about just grabbing women by their p*****s, well, you remember the ongoing war on women.

The Republicans/teabaggers whom are running away from Donald Rump now are NOT being honorable, they are being cowards. In my lifetime, there have been some of the biggest blowout/landslide presidential elections in 1964, 1972 & 1984. In EVERY one of those elections, party members did distance themselves from the nominee, but there was NEVER any suggestions that the nominee withdraw a month before the general election.

The Republican/teabaggers officials advocating for Donald Rump's withdrawal today don't give a hang about the well being of America, they want to do all they can to save their equally corrupt, racist and sexist asses.

As Tony Beretta used to say, "and you can take that to the bank!"

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


Donald Rump is right about one thing, but not in the way he thinks.

One of Donald Rump's many excuses for his pathetic and catastrophic debate performance last Monday has been the "unfairness" of the "news" media. In a very perverse way, he's right.

However, he's right in the wrong way.

Since he announced his candidacy last year, the news media has engaged in a frenzy of unquestioning and nauseating fawning that makes their coverage of Dubya look like microscopic scrutiny.

Donald Rump has gotten over a year of being allowed to get away with the most outrageous lies, blatant racism and sexism, warmongering, stupidity and opponent smearing with NO challenge from the learned "journalists" of the American news media. They've issued him a blanket free pass which he well redeem fully in the third debate when he is permitted to say any line of bullpuckey by the inexplicably selected Chris Wallace of Fox "News.".

While this has gone on, Hillary Clinton has endured over a quarter of a century of never ending investigations, witch hunts and downright smears by a Republican/teabagger party Hell bent on her destruction. She has been more investigated than her husband and more vilified than Ted Kennedy by the right. If it were to come out that in 1965, Hillary mailed a letter with $.01 postage due, than there will be unending stories about her " lack of integrity" and "un trustworthiness."

Ridiculous, Ridiculous, RIDICULOUS!!!

When it came time to answer questions by a moderator who did NOT allow him to get away with his usual shenanigans, on stage with an opponent whom not only had the audacity to be a WOMAN, but intelligent, accomplished and prepared, he had NO IDEA what to do and he folded faster than a cardboard outhouse in the middle of Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, Donald Rump is right. The media HAS been unfair this election cycle. Where he is, as usual, wrong, is in his likely cocaine addled pea brained belief, it is not Donald Rump to whom they've been unfair. The news media has been unfair to America and the world. In doing so they've risked installing into the White House a man so dangerously incompetent that he makes George Dubya Moron look like an elder statesman.

I didn't think that THAT was even REMOTELY possible. For that alone, the America news media has earned at least our scorn.

As my mother would have said, "screw'em!". WE have to be the media.

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


Our family just grew by 2!

Hi everybody. About 20 minutes ago, our family just welcomed 2 new members into our home. For the last three years we've been a family of six, with my wife, son, 2 kitties, 1 doggie and me. Just minutes ago, we welcomed two brand new six week old kittens. The human family members and the doggie are all very excited and welcoming. Our white Kitty is cautiously curious. Out black Kitty however, is crouched outside of the door to the room hissing like a Cat chorus, which he did when we brought our doggie home 3 years ago. Hopefully, he'll learn to accept his new little feline siblings, too. He'd better!

We think that the black one is female and the gray one is male, so we think their names will be Fred & Wilma. If they were 2 males they would have been Moe & Larry since our doggie is named Curly. If they'd been 2 females, they'd have been Laverne & Shirley.

We are VERY excited to welcome our new family members. Now, however, the animals outnumber the humans 5 to 3... YIKES!

Wish us luck!!!

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