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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 9,056

Journal Archives

I predict that Sanders will win EVERY primary & caucus from here on out IF...

...the networks hire Steve Harvey to announce the results!


NCIS fans poll!

Like the other polls, if only 1 team member were possible, which NCIS team member would you want to help you if you were in trouble?


Fringe fans poll!

Like the Criminal Minds poll, if only 1 were possible, which member of the Fringe team would you want to help you?


Criminal Minds fans poll

Just for the S&Gs, if you were in a jam and only 1 member of the Criminal Minds team could help you, who would it be?

I'm limiting this to long term cast members, but there is an "other, who?" option.


I predict that the Republican/teabagger party will FINALLY favor gun control, but...


And of course, there will be "thoughts and prayers" for the bullet riddled bodies that are held in such disdain by that horse's patoot Ben Carson!


I have a question for my LGBT friends.

My wife and I were watching the final episode of "Glee" last night. We haven't had cable or satellite for about the last 6 years and we watch our tv by streaming Netflix through our Wii system. Nobody in the family misses it, either.

Anyway, in the course of the show, 5 years in the future, Curt & Blaine, 2 of my favorites of the Glee kids who'd gotten married, are guest speakers in NYC at the Harvey Milk school and they're visiting a class of kids who look to be about 3rd or 4th grade kids. They're there as an example of LGBT happiness and success and the teacher tells the kids that they'd just done a gay version of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?". I believed there was an implication that the implication was that the kids were gay and that it was a school for gay kids.

My question is, at what age did you know that you were LGBT? I knew that I was straight at a pretty young and it was pretty much confirmed when I was 8 and my father, step mother and I frequently saw one of the men who worked for my father and his family socially. He had 2 daughters, 1 my age and another 2 years younger than us. When we went to their house, the 3 of us would go up to the girls' attic playroom and we played the usual kids' games, but the older girl and I would just play with no clothes on. None of us knew what sex even was, but we knew that we certainly enjoyed playing with our clothes off!

So, again, at what did you realize that you were LGBT? When did you come out and what was your reception when you did? When my son was in 5th grade a classmate came out to him and my son's response was that regardless of anything, the boy was his friend no matter what. In 2012 when he was 12, I was a delegate at the Maine state Democratic convention and my son was a very hard working page. One of the buttons he bought said "some people are gay...GET OVER IT!" My wife and I were (and are) very proud of him. This is purely for my own curiosity Thank you in advance for sharing!


Ted Cruz's father is a WHOPPING Moron!

I saw recently that Ted Cruz's father pronounced that if Gay people have equal rights, than football players will be FORCED to shower with girls. The shame!

Let me give you some background. I was never a football player myself, but in high school and in college I was acquainted with many. My cousin is married to a man who was the equipment manager of an NFL team for 20+ years. In that time, I had the opportunity to meet some of the team members.

I sincerely doubt that ANY of the football players I've ever met would consider showering with girls to be a punishment that they would be forced into. I can imagine the locker room conversation...

Coach: " Sorry guys, but because gay people have the same equal rights as straight people, You all MUST share the shower room with a whole lot of wet, soapy and naked girls"!

Players: " YAAAYYY!!! Hurray for gay people...More rights for EVERYBODY"!!!

This would, I'm sure, result in he mass doffing of uniforms and pads and a mad rush to the shower room that MIGHT result in some players being trampled. I'm fairly sure that they're have been more than a few X rated movies with exactly the same scenario involving football players and cheerleaders.

In Cruz's pea brain, I'm sure that he thought he was doing damage to the "hummasechel aginder". He MAY have succeeded in gaining the cause of LGBT equality legions of horny new allies!

Just my 2 cents, and quite possibly over priced at that!


What the Hell has happened to the Republican Party and "responsible" news coverage?

Yes, I know that the Republican party has been in a downward spiral transforming from the party of Lincoln, T.R. Roosevelt and Ike to the Republican/teabagger party of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Donald Rump of today for decades...at least since Ike left office. In other words, the Republican party has been totally full of shit since at least 1960when I was 5...Yikes!

However, at least as recently as 2008, when John McCain was forced to disavow the endorsements of some particularly odious fundie preachers, there was at least SOME trace of sense somewhere in the party.

I personally think it went into overdrive when they embraced the teabagger movement in 2009 and into hyper-overdrive when they allowed the teabaggers to completely take the party over for and since the 2010 election cycle.

I am genuinely distressed that Donald Rump, whom admittedly has NO sense of decency, has felt no need to disavow the endorsements of some openly racist white supremacist groups and of, worst of all, David friggin Duke!

Even worse, where is ANY coverage of this in the "librul" media? I know, they're too busy fixating on Hillary using email in a legal way. Clearly this is yet another example that news has become infotainment.

For myself, I tried to listen to the audio that someone posted here of "Dr." Duke's broadcast about the libruls at Fox "News" and the international Jewish conspiracy against Rump. I made almost a minute before I had to turn it off because I felt so damned dirty.

Once upon a time, a political party and a media with even the remotest degree of decency would have HOUNDED Mr. Rump until he'd have been forced to renounce the endorsements of such repellent people.

What's next? a headline informing us that the Donald is seeking a jail house backing from "Rev." Matthew Hale? SHIT!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


SO, the Donald told Chuckie Todd that he watches "shows".

Of course, it's OK with Chuckie that Trump says that kind of horse manure, like this is a president worthy answer. Remember Willard Romney's "binders" full of women/

Did Chuckie learn how to be a "journalist" by watching Clark Kent in the old Superman show? Maybe I could have become a lawyer by watching Judd for the Defense or Owen Marshall in my teens...or a doctor by watching Marcus Welby and Medical Center, or a detective by watching Mannix or The Rockford Files.

I can only pray that a president Trump wouldn't have just watched Patton or Top Gun right before an international crisis.

As I said in a response to an earlier thread, a Chuck Todd/Donald Trump interview has to be an example of a breathtaking LACK of any form of intellectual heft. I equate it with watching Married With Children's Kelly Bundy (Todd) interview MASH's Frank Burns (Trump).

I can only hope that eventually some in the Republican party fight to make it, once again, the party of Lincoln, T.R and Ike. America NEEDS 2 viable alternatives. It does NOT need a party that embraces lunacy as a valid governing philosophy. I know that one of those future Republican leaders will NOT be the backbone of oatmeal Susan Collins, our severely out of touch senior senator from up here in Maine...Yuck!!!

Boy, do I miss Walter Cronkite & John Chancellor!


A recent gun nut talking point.

I moved this over here after the same thread was locked in GD. Some nimrod there suggested that I was too emotional. I say horseshit. This is an issue that needs passion. I have no issue with responsible gun ownership. At one time I owned 3 revolvers. I sold them legally in 1997 when my then fiancÚ moved in with me. They scared her and, unlike some NRA whack jobs, My future wife meant more to me than the stupid damn guns!

As we all know, there has been a nauseating level of brazen behavior recently from the right wing gun nut ammosexuals who are determined to insure that nobody will ever interfere with their "God Given" right to have as many assault substitute penises as possible. These are people who are fully convinced that the solution to any gun violence is to throw more guns at the situation and whose apparent slogan for NRA Christianity is "WWJS" or, "Who Would Jesus Shoot"?

Lately I've seen this new talking point hanging on a sign in the window of a gun shop in Lewiston, Maine and it was used as an argument against me in a Facebook thread started by a gun nut who called on us to not politicize the military shootings as he went on to politicize the tragedy and rant about his sacred 2nd Amendment rights and how those damn liberals had better not try to take HIS guns!

When I pointed out that the NRA solution to gun violence is always more guns, a couple of people responded with a new (to me at least) response.

"I'll be happy to not use MY gun to protect YOUR family WHEN someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night"!

Statistically, I know that it is much more likely that a gun will wind up being used on it's owner when they lose their nerve, piss in their pants and have the gun taken from them. I also know that a gun owner is much more likely to shoot himself or an innocent person because they have NO IDEA of how to use a gun properly because the extent of their training consisted of watching Lethal Weapon movies while they masturbated.

SO, to any Rambo wannabe junior Yosemite Sams out there who want to deprive my family and I of your protection because I see no need to have a gun in my home, I say this...

...Please DON'T "protect" me and my family. given that in 60 years of my life, my house has never been broken into. I would feel MUCH better if your gun and YOU stayed FAR away from my home, family and me! I feel safer not being around the type of people who believe that they need an assault rifle to buy a cheeseburger or to pick up milk bread & the Enquirer at the supermarket.

if you're offended by this, I frankly don't give 3/10 of a rat's ass. To the thinking people out there, I say...

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