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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

Journal Archives

I saw something else today that nauseated me.

In a story in yesterday's Morning Sentinal, the newspaper in Waterville, Maine, our spine of oatmeal senior senator, Susan Collins, referenced a Boston Globe story that stated that she may be being vetted as a potential VP nominee for Hillary Clinton...Yikes!

Now, Hillary has done JUST FINE in the course of her campaign without any advice from me, but if I were to say anything to her about the possibility of taking Collins as her running mate, it would be "Hell F*** NO!"

Please Hillary, do NOT even give one nanosecond's thought to naming Susan Collins as your running mate. There are too damned many good Democrats out there!


I just threw up a little bit in my mouth a few minutes ago!

While I was dropping my son off at school, I heard on the radio that there is talk of a Donald Rump/Back Bench Bernie ticket!

Hopefully, Sanders has too much integrity for THAT...ooops, never mind!



After Back Bench Bernie's Indiana win last night,...

...which netted him about 5-7 net delegates and about a 40,000 vote gain on the 3+ million vote margin that Hillary has over him, I'm reminded a quote from Macbeth. To me, it not only symbolizes the Indiana win, but the more I think of it, the entire Sanders campaign!

"...a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

This is what Sanders has allowed his campaign to become. When he finally DOES face reality, I expect that his most rabid supporters will turn on him. He will get no sympathy from me, and the likely hood of my choosing to ever respect him again shrinks with each passing moment.

Wouldn't Howard Dean make a GREAT senator from Vermont?


I've reached a mini milestone!

On 2/11/16, I was hospitalized for a case of Cellulites. It was pretty bad and I was in the hospital until 2/27/16. While I wasn't in danger of dying, I think that my actual condition was "ScarethecrapoutofJackites!".

Would we all agree that 17 days in a hospital SUCKS 100% of the time? Although I have nothing but the most positive things to say about all of the doctors, nurses and CNAs that I worked with in that time.

I certainly learned that at just short of 61 years old, I can't screw around with my health anymore. I have a goal for 2016 to lose about 80 pounds...just like I did for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012... Do we see a pattern here?

However, as of today, I am down 30 pounds since entering the hospital. I've embraced the changes I needed to make and am determined to reach my goal and maybe then some!

I'm going to celebrate by eating a HUGE hot fudge sundae...just kidding!

Thanks for reading!


I predict that Sanders will win EVERY primary & caucus from here on out IF...

...the networks hire Steve Harvey to announce the results!


NCIS fans poll!

Like the other polls, if only 1 team member were possible, which NCIS team member would you want to help you if you were in trouble?


Fringe fans poll!

Like the Criminal Minds poll, if only 1 were possible, which member of the Fringe team would you want to help you?


Criminal Minds fans poll

Just for the S&Gs, if you were in a jam and only 1 member of the Criminal Minds team could help you, who would it be?

I'm limiting this to long term cast members, but there is an "other, who?" option.


I predict that the Republican/teabagger party will FINALLY favor gun control, but...


And of course, there will be "thoughts and prayers" for the bullet riddled bodies that are held in such disdain by that horse's patoot Ben Carson!


I have a question for my LGBT friends.

My wife and I were watching the final episode of "Glee" last night. We haven't had cable or satellite for about the last 6 years and we watch our tv by streaming Netflix through our Wii system. Nobody in the family misses it, either.

Anyway, in the course of the show, 5 years in the future, Curt & Blaine, 2 of my favorites of the Glee kids who'd gotten married, are guest speakers in NYC at the Harvey Milk school and they're visiting a class of kids who look to be about 3rd or 4th grade kids. They're there as an example of LGBT happiness and success and the teacher tells the kids that they'd just done a gay version of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?". I believed there was an implication that the implication was that the kids were gay and that it was a school for gay kids.

My question is, at what age did you know that you were LGBT? I knew that I was straight at a pretty young and it was pretty much confirmed when I was 8 and my father, step mother and I frequently saw one of the men who worked for my father and his family socially. He had 2 daughters, 1 my age and another 2 years younger than us. When we went to their house, the 3 of us would go up to the girls' attic playroom and we played the usual kids' games, but the older girl and I would just play with no clothes on. None of us knew what sex even was, but we knew that we certainly enjoyed playing with our clothes off!

So, again, at what did you realize that you were LGBT? When did you come out and what was your reception when you did? When my son was in 5th grade a classmate came out to him and my son's response was that regardless of anything, the boy was his friend no matter what. In 2012 when he was 12, I was a delegate at the Maine state Democratic convention and my son was a very hard working page. One of the buttons he bought said "some people are gay...GET OVER IT!" My wife and I were (and are) very proud of him. This is purely for my own curiosity Thank you in advance for sharing!

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