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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 04:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

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I NEVER thought I'd say ANYTHING like THIS!

When I look at bain romney and see that reptilian look of smug complaisance I have a reaction that I never expected to have.

I miss george w moron's smirk.

When I look at bain romney's smarmy affect of the smooth talking swindler I have a reaction that I never expected to have.

I believe that I'm looking at someone who makes richard m nixon look seem a man of integrity.

Now, before some of the more strident members of this community rear up in their indignity and start screaming that I'm a closet republican, let me establish some of my bona fides. The first political campaign I worked in was stuffing envelopes for Robert Kennedy's presidential run in 1968. I was 12 (almost 13) when Bobby was murdered. One of many painfully hard days in my life has been the day I went in to help shut down the office after the shooting. I campaigned for George McGovern in five primary state at 16/17 in 1972, busting my ass canvassing and calling during the general election in 1972 long after it was clearly a hopeless case. I campaigned for Mondale/Ferraro in 1984, Dukakis in 88, Clinton in 92 & 96, Gore in 00, Kerry in 04 and Obama in 08. Add to this several Senate, House and Gubernatorial candidates, the most recent bring Libby Mitchell here in Maine in 2010. the honor of that one was that my 10 year old son campaigned with me.

I am NOT a closet rightist.

The irony I see is that with passing time, each rethug candidate actually gets worse! Each rethug candidate reaches a low that I can't fathom being surpassed, and then 4 years (or in the unfortunate case of a rethug victory, 8 years) later it happens.

Look at a brief history of republican presidents in my lifetime. I won't count IKE because I was 5 when he left office and he was of an entirely different species than the more contemporary crop. Also Ford was simply a better person than most of his party.

nixon was a total thief who was surpassed by reagan's almost total senility. reagan's senility was surpassed by bush senior's efforts to erase the fact of his being a total cypher by starting 2 wars, one of which was during the transition period after getting his ass kicked out of office. I thought that the total slime and sleaze of the cheney/bush "administration" was the nadir, but how wrong I was.

We are now confronted with the likelyhood of a rethug nominee who has a manner about him that would have the fathers of the girls he dated as a teen on high alert. He acts like the used car salesman that makes you want to run to the next dealership with your hand on your wallet. He acts like the con artist who endears himself to your family and then disappears with the content of all your savings accounts. He's the shitty boss who knows that you know he's lying and feels entitled to your trust and loyalty anyway.

He acts like a job destroying venture capitalist who gets indignant after he's caught in his life long web of lies and deceit.

If he is their nominee, I want him to lose VERY BADLY! I want him to lose very badly partly because we have a president who heartily deserves re-election and partly because bain romney deserves a MASSIVE repudiation.

He deserves it for his horrid policies, but he also deserves it for his aforementioned smarmy look of smugness and self-entitlement.


For yet another Iowa opinion, here's my 2 cents...

...and quite possibly overpriced at that!

IMHO, last night little ricky santorum did to bain romney what George McGovern did to Ed Muskie in New Hampshire in 1972.

Back then, Muskie was the annointed front runner and definite establishment choice. In a matter of a few weeks, McGovern went from being an asterisk to a contender for a "strong finish" to a narrow defeat that stole all of the headlines from Muskie's victory. At one point Muskie was favored to win by 30+% and McGovern came within about 7%.

Now I don't expect that little ricky will be able to actually pull out the nomination (frothy or not), but after New Hampshire 1972, nobody expected that of McGovern either. The party establshment certainly did all it could do to prevent his nomination. They sure as hell didn't support him in the General Election either.

One thing that last night clearly shows is that bain romney is a very weak frontrunner.

If, by some miracle, little ricky IS their nominee, I only hope that he, who is one of the truest little shits I've ever seen in politics, gets the same beating that George McGovern (one of the most decent and honorable men I'v ever met in public life) took. McGovern didn't deserve to be electorally humiliated the way he was. little ricky destrves it to a "T".

Of course, one consolation to McGovern is that, given the aftermath for both he and tricky dickie, we learned that there are worse things that can happen in life than losing an election. Of the 2 men, whose post election life would YOU have rather had?


Here's yet another terriffic Christmas movie on Netflix streaming!


It's a BBC movie about a disillusioned teacher who fibs to his class about his ex coming from Hollywood to se their Nativity play and making stars of them all.

It is truly a family movie. We, as a family decided to give it a full 5 stars. You have to stay with this movie. At first it's just cute and before you know it, it comes up and draws you in HARD. It's funny and touching and the music is wonderful. Check it out.

BTW, kudos and thanks to Mac1949 for letting me know about this movie in another thread.

Mac1949, YOU ROCK!


We Just Watched Another Terriffic Christmas Movie on Netflix Streaming.

Check out a wonderful little Finnish movie simply entitled "Christmas Story".

It may not bequite exciting enough for little ones but my wife and I truly enjoyed it'ssimplicity and gentleness. The music was wonderful and the dubbing was done very well rather that the kind of kung fu movie cheesyness that we're used to.

If you're the type of movie viewer who likes a good, gentle, simple and well done little movie check it out. If you're very pumped off because Jean Claude Van Damme has never won an Oscar for Best Actor, you might want to take a pass.

We gave it a wholehearted 5 stars and would have given more if we could. Enjoy!


Holy Mackrel!

Are all of our journal posts lost or are they in the process of being transferred over?

I may have missed this in the new info. I'd hate to lose all of these posts. There are some good ones, some bad ones and some so-so ones, but there are some that I was very proud of.

Any info that I missed? Thanx!

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