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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,215

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I watched "Top Secret Rosies" on Netflix & compared it grand theft auto izza's "hearing" today. WOW

It is a very good documentary about a group of brilliant women mathematicians (spelling?) who worked in secret in the war effort and whose contributions GREATLY contributed to victory in the war.

While everybody knew about "Rosie the Riveter" (or in my mom's case, a "Marie the Meat Packer", nobody knew about these women who WERE the computers. In the days before "computer" was a machine, it was someone who was exceptionally skilled in figureing out all of the possibilities.

Most of these women went on to have remarkable lives. Some of them continued in business or government service. Twin sisters from Philadelphia eventually set up their own real estate agency and were instrumental in spreading integration and minority home ownership. Some, like the more traditional "Rosie the Riveters", simply became housewives and mothers. ALL of them contributed, secretly but greatly, to the defeat of the axis powers.

Now let's skip to today.

Today the republicans, led by grand theft auto izza, presented a group of stupid and pathetic old fart men to continue their campaign to insist that women in this country are possessions who deserve to have NO SAY about their bodies or their health. In republican land, women are so stupid that they need to follow the direction of these self-importand asses who apparently learned all that there is to know about women's health issues in divinity school several decades ago. The republicans are apparently so lacking in anything resembling an inkling of a clue that they believe that sarah palin(comparison)'s "mama grizzleys" are an actual force beyond the teabagger rallies and will get the women's vote in droves by disrespecting the entire gender.

Brilliant plan.

Something that infuriates me even more is that these old bastards are probably the sons of the women who kept this country going while the men were fighting.

The men who served in World War II and the "Rosie the Riveters" defeated one of the most evil forces in human history when many of them were teenagers. When I was the age of my parents at the time my father was serving and my mother was packing meat, I was concerned with 3 things; first was getting laid (usually not very successfully), second was getting beer and third was maybe getting good grades.

With that last sentence, I guess I got myself on the republicans' "santorum" list.

What happened to these dumb old turd heads that they hold women in such comtempt? Truthfully, I don't really give a damn what the answer to that question is. My most immediate concern is that these people not only be defeated electorally, but absolutely and resoundingly repudiated.

In the long run, my concern is to win back the ground that a teabagger dominated republican party and a compliant and lazy news media have lost for American women and ethnic minorities by their blatent sexism and racism. The republicans perpetrated it and the ass licking corporate rightist media unquestioningly advanced it.

Barring the idea of someone like rush limbooger possibly saying that anyone writing this doesn't exist and is a White House plant, I am a 56 year old white Irish Catholic (who is ashamed of his church right now for not the first time). I am a hopefully soon to be employed again husband and father who was born in Philadelphia and has made my home in Maine for the last ten year with a wonderful wife and a great soon to be 12 year old son.

And I practically tremble with fury at the way women were so comtemptfully treated today by a committee of the House of Representatives and their ineffectual, ignorant and quite possibly incontinent stooges.

Now that this is off my chest, I can probably go to bed. Good night, and as always...


BTW, I always end my posts and thread with "PEACE!" as a tribute to a DUer who passed away a few years ago. I don't remember this person's screen name, but I do remember something very important.

She was a woman.


Update on the quack bastard doctor. Spoiler alert: no good news.

This is a link to a thread that I posted last week:


First and foremost, I want to extend my most heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of the members of the DU community who were so positive and supportive in my previous thread on this issue. It has meant so much to me, my infrequently posting and lovely wife, ChicaAzul and my son.

While we may have our spats, arguments and downright donnybrooks, this is a community that knows how to support it's members. This isn't the first time you've supported me with such warmth and compassion. I hope that it's the last time it's necessary.

Yesterday, the potential employer withdrew their offer and will not offer any other position. They support the quack bastard doctor's findings, as wrong as they may be because they use this quack bastard a lot. They will not pay for a re-exam. They will not accept any re-exam that I pay for, even if THEY were to pick the doctor. They state that the quack bastard doctor would have to endorse the findings of any competent doctor.

I also spoke with the Medical Director who supervises the quack bastard. He wanted to emphasize that even though he personally felt that I am more than able to do the job, he is concerned with my safety and that he and the quack bastatrd doctor "truly respect me". I related that it's very easy for those who will be cashing paychecks this week to pour platitudes onto the head of someone who hasn't seen a paycheck in almost 9 months. I also relayed how good their alleged respect will feel if my family has to go to the homeless shelter.

The result is that I lose a job over 1/3 of a sit-up that was required when I was on a level where my head was below my feet and I had a huge cold and less stamina than usual. The lines of horseshit I got from the executive director of the agency and the medical director of the corporate hack practice were astounding. The bottom line is that there was discrimination here, possibly based on age, possibly on weight, possibly based on physical condition, possibly based on I don't care what the fuck else. All of these forms of discrimination are illegal in the state of Maine, but they covered their collective ass quite well.

So, the quack bastard wins, my family and I lose.

I do have contacts out there and I have interviews set up so hopefully something will happen soon. We certainly need for it to happen soon. The "consolation" that I have is that the agency knows that I know that they discriminated. I may not be able to sue them, but they sure as hell can't sue me for my word of mouth opinions about them.

Thank you all for reading, thank you all for caring and thank you all for your support.


I have a 2012 calandar called "Strange Brew" that is a teabagger...

...stupid quote or fact every day.

In and of itself, it's nothing special except for the fact that it reflects a pattern that has somewhat bothered me since the rise of the teabagger movement. A disproportionately large percentage of the quotes are from christine o'donnell and sharon angel. I found it somewhat disturbing that after the disaster of the 2010 election, there were liberal/progressive people who were whooping and hollaring in glory that these 2 numbskulls weren't elected. They were missing the point that this election was a horrible day for America.

While o'donnell and angel are certainly idiots who seem compelled to give Letterman and other late night comedians an endless supply of material, I'm concerned about a bigger picture.

I wonder if sometimes people like o'donnell are set up by the other side as the easy targets so that some of the other equally malignant teabagger candidates and office holders can fly a little lower on the radar. One obvious example is our loud mouthed teabagger governor, paul lepage, up here in Maine who is in office on the strength of his resounding 38% of the 2010 vote.

I certainly think that the baggers should be held up to as much ridicule and derision as possible. I believe that it was Mark Twain who said something to the effect that against a wave of laughter, no tyrany can stand. I think that the republicans under nixon and the ones who propped up geroge w moron understood this. I think it was one of the reasons that they equated any attempt to lampoon or satirize or make fun of these presidents with treason. I would like to see us spread the wealth of laughter at ALL of the teabagger candidates and office holders. After all, Aren't they really jokes that write themselves with their own stupidity?

We certainly have enough tubes in the internet to spread it around. We can "pick" on limbogger and his ilk all the time!

Just a thought that i'm putting out there. It's my 2 cents and possibly overpriced at that!


UPDATED. Some quack BASTARD of a "doctor" REALLY screwed my family and I today...

...and I'm not taking it sitting down for one f***ing second.

I'm going to do all I can to leave out the 4 letter aria of obscenity that I've been singing since just after noon to avoid a hidden thread by a 6-0 jury vote. Allow me to say that in spite of the trembling rage that I feel now, I have been nothing but courteous to this alleged professional of medicine.

I've been out of work for 8 months. Unemployment compensation is over. I was offered a job for the most I've ever been paid last Friday. My references came back glowing. My background checks came back glowing. All I had to do was get through a pre-employment physical, one of which I've never failed to do in my life. My family and I need a paychek or we may wind up homeless again. This bastard quack knows this.

The position that I was supposed to start tomorrow was working with a Mental Health Agency up here in Maine. I would be going into the homes of troubled families who've consented to in-home treatment. My job would be to TALK with these families to help them problem solve in the most effective manner possible for them. I would counsel, coach, model, empathasize (spelling?), and possibly firmly prompt them to make the changes to which they'd agreed in early sessions .

Of about 30 items listed on the job description, the ability to lift 35 pounds, the ability to push 100 pounds (like a person in a wheelchair) and the need to possibly restrain are the last things listed. This is because they are HIGHLY unlikely to happen. By highly unlikely I mean about a 1 in 10,000 chance. I know this from experience. In a similar position about 6 years ago I had 2 instances out of hundreds where I was dealing with highly agitated clients or families. In one of those circumsrances, I talked them down and back to the kitchen table. In the other, the young woman told me to go F*** myself and left the room. She apologized the next time I came to the home.

This self righteous son of a bitch bastard of a moronic quack ignored the fact that I passed EVERY physical request he made of me, ignored the fact that I explained that I've had a bad cold the last few days and that my strength and stamina are somewhat decreased because of this and he latched onto the fact that I said that if I've done something like move furniture ALL DAY my back would be sore and recommended that I be restricted from any physical activity.

This has quite possibly cost me the job.

I have spoken with this "sock-tucking mortar chucker" and explained to him the consequences of his half assed and arbitrary decision to my famiy and I. I informed him of the need for him to reconsider his findings, especially since the issue of my back would have NEVER come up if I hadn't said that my back would hurt in the same circumstances that Hercules' back would hurt. I also mentioned that the doctor who has been treating me for the last 6 years has never recommended any restriction on my activities.

At this point, I've signed a release for my records to be sent to the quack. I had to sign it twice because the first time they sent my real doctor's office a request for them to SEND and not RECEIVE my records. I've also asked my doctor to write the quack a note explaining that she may actually know my health after 6+ years than he does after 20 minutes. Hopefully he'll pull his headout of his crusty boney ass and reverse his "decision". He is also reviewing with his "Medical Director".

I will say this. If this incompetent bastard of a quack moron, who apparently doesn't believe in actually listening to the patient, doesn't reverse his decision, I will contact an attorney and go after his ass, his medical director's ass and the practice's collective ass with everything I possibly can.

The position that he screwed me out of yesterday paid $16 per hour. I was supposed to start this morning at 8:30 AM, so he has now cost me $128 (8 X $16).

I believe that he is shocked to have a victim who actually fights back, but I'm not about to let this f***er "romney" me out of a job that I want, I need and I will do very well in because he's to damn lazy to pay any attention to his temporary patient.

I'll let you know what happens. Thank you for letting me rant!


UPDATE as of 11:53 AM. See response # 17. Thanks.


I read a Playboy interview with Saul Alinsky around 1971 or 72.

I was around 16 or 17 qnd he impressed me as one hell of a good guy.

He spoke extensively of the "shit-in" and the "fart-in". His point was that the threat of an action was frequently all that was needed to get the other side to cave.

For the "shit in, he was going to send about 5,000 people to O'Hare airport in Chicago. He knew that 5,000 people marching there would barely be noticed. What he did was get 1 woman for each stall in the ladies' rooms and 1 man for each stall in the mens's rooms and about 6 guys for each urinal. The people in the stalls would bring books and magazines and just stay there. Each man would stand at the urinal for 15 to 20 minutes and go to another rest room and get in line there. According to him, Mayor Daley started negotiating after just hearing of this.

For the "fart-in", it was to get Eastman Kodak to the negotiating table. The mere threat of the "fart-in" did so.

The interviewer related how Saul ended every evening by saying "We're really gonna fuck 'em tomorrow" as a way of getting people to stay psyched up.

One of the stories was how a city council, upon hearing that he may come to town, passed a resolution and sent him a length of rope suggesting that he hang himself. He sent them a box of diapers.

It IS typical of the rethugs to make a dead person their target. Saul Alinsky has been gone for nearly 40 years. Of course, someone that very few people are aware of is MUCH easier to demonize!

Of course, the rightists indignation fits perfectly into my general rule of thumb stateing that if someone pisses off all of the right people, they've got to be good!

I hope that this gives a little bit of info. I'm sorry that I have so little to share.


I have a theory about a republican evolution of thought regarding a possible newtie nomination.

Apparently some of those "expert" pundits are relaying that many in the republican establishment are now considering President Obama as very hard to beat after the SOTU last night.

I'm so glad that they are giving us the benefit of their 2.1 broadcast school GPA experience to state the obvious.

I believe that the republican establishment may soon start seeing advantages to gingrich taking a whalloping over bain romney getting HIS ass handed to him.

1. It isn't unusual for a party that knows that losing an election is inevitable to let an older person with no political future take the loss and save someone WITH a future FOR the future. Think bob dole in 1996.

2. It would be very satisfying personally for the many republicans who detest gingrich to see him get clobbered by the black guy they hate. It would also certainly prove to the racist base that he can't "keep them in their place".

3. They could purge the teabaggers. Certainly the establishment is starting to see that this was a marriage made in hell that they're starting to sincerely regret. Since it's well known that bain romney doesn't like the baggers, his loss wouldn't accomplish that. There is precedent for this. It happened with the republicans after the 1964 election and to us after the 1972 election. Party establishment will frequently use a humiliating loss to clean house of the perceived extremists. The republican establishment knows that they MUST move closer to the center if they want to see the inside of the White House again from any angle other waiting to shake the President's hand in a reception line.

Let me add here that I was a McGovernite in 1972. On the one hand, The centrist/moderate Democratic leaders were very unfair in their judgements of George McGovern. On the other hand we WERE obnoxious.

Anyway, that's my perspective. I've run it up the flagpole. Maybe some of you will salute, maybe some of you will pee on the pole.


I think that "tiffany's" gingrich will quite possibly emerge as the republinominee for THIS reason!

Let's review. bain romney has never been able to catch fire with the republican teabagger base. Every 4 minutes it seems, there emerges another "non-romney" alternative. While that alternative usually flames out fairly quickly (or in the case of little ricky santorum, leaks out), they always seem to be there. Certainly this would indicate a desire for someone other than willard to take up the bagger banner and get his ass resoundingly thumped in November.

If we take a look at the most politically successful or popular with the far right base republicans in recent elections, you see a pattern. They were freaking mean.

Remember the constant smear campaign against Michael Dukakis in 1988? Remember all of the george w moron crap pulled against both Al Gore and John Kerry? Remember the mcsame/palin(comparison) rallies?

bain romney, who is saturated with smarm and complacency, does attempt to affect an air of sincerity and attempts (badly) to come off as a regular guy. little ricky santorum always acts like the jack off kid in high school who instigates fights and them stands on the sidelines giggling while the other kids punch the daylights out of each other.

"tiffany's" gingrich is just one plain old MEAN AND NASTY CRACKER JERK.

He not only accepts this about himself, he REVELS in it with glory, and the republican/bagger base loves him for it.

This is the man who served his first wife divorce papers while she was in the ICU recovering from cancer. This is the man who served his first mistress/second wife with divorce papers after she was diagnosed with MS. This is the man who started his fortunately brief tenure as Speaker of the House with 2 separate Government shut downs due to his sheer petulance over being required to exit Air Force One from the back exit when he rode to a state funeral with President Clinton. He believed it was his right to leave the President's plane side by side as an equal. This is the man who was all for the impeachment of President Clinton over lying about a BJ as he was lying about geting BJs from the second mistress/third wife/unlikely first lady and GOD knows who else.

Can ANYBODY here remember ANY sincerely nice thing to come out of "tiffany's" gingrich's mouth in the last 30 years that didn't have at least the underlying meanness to it? I certainly can't!

The far right republican/bagger base not only doesn't care about him being a mean bastard and a lying hypocrite, they LOVE him for it.

Why not?

These are the same people who screamed "kill him" about President Obama at the mcsame/palin(comparison) rallies in 2008. They screamed "they should die" about women who got pregnant from a rape as an alternative to abortion. They cheered the execution of a likely innocent man in Texas. They cheered the notion of allowing an uninsured American to die. They boo'd a gay soldier who was serving in a war that THEY fully supported but considered their lives too valuable to serve in that war themselves.

These are the same people who've called people like me, who opposed the Vietnam war, communists, traitors, "long haired hippies" and too many names to mention since (in my personsl experience) 1967 when I was just short of 12. Of course, let's remember that they considered their lives to be too valuable for that war, too. These are the children and grandchildren of the far rightits who hated Charlie Chaplin for being too hard on HITLER in "The Great Dictator".

These are the same people who, after the 1992, 1996 and 2008 elections, believed that they lost because their candidates weren't far enough to the right.

They are clueless and they are stupid and they are racist homophobes and THEY ARE MEAN! They will be only too happy to back a clueless, stupid, racist homophobic and mean candidate. gingrich IS that man. I don't think that they can conceive of the notion that their clueless, stupid, racist homophobic and mean candidate losing because their views are so completely out of touch with mainstream American values to be electable.

That's what happens when you get all of your information from faux news, hannity, coulter, limbaugh, beck and their odious ilk.

Bastard that he is, bain romney is simply not mean enough. little ricky santorum will stick to romney's and gingrich's butts until he gets wiped out (or, more likely, wiped off). Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think I am.

THAT is scary.


I, for one, don't think that John King made a "blunder" last night at all.

I think that he knew EXACTLY what he was going to get by opening the debate with that question. I think that he fully intended to throw that soft ball SPECIFICALLY to get the bagger base on their feet.

I don't care about the line of crap that the political "experts" on cable tv dispense to us based on their stellar 2.1 broadcast school GPAs and their almost total lack of knowledge of political/electoral history. They know that this is shaping up to be a very one sided general election. They want this republican circus to go on as long as possible. Now that bain romney is starting to make rick perry look like a silver toned orator and President Obama is showing signs that he is going to be fully in his stride, the last thing the media wants is a general election campaign that begins in January.

John King, IMHO, fully intended for newtie to launch his verbal missles. He, as well as the rest of the media, wants this to go on. They were given a gift by Iowa. They are starting to downplay bain romney's NH win ("after all, it WAS in his backyard". A gingrich win in SC would be the gravy they crave. They'll be only too happy to say that it's "historic", having 3 winners of the first 3 contests.

As we've seen with the media in recent years, they don't want to report the story, they want to either make the story or be the story.

King's question last night reminded me of the 1988 debate where Michael Dukakis was asked about his opinion of the death penalty if Kitty were raped and murdered. THAT question was designed to humiliate. King's question was designed to give the open marriage/family values candidate the wide opening that it apparently did.

How do I, as a Democrat, feel about this prolonged death march of republican candidates? I say BRAVO! The old axiom is that when your opponent is trying to hang himself, let him have as mush rope as possible and make sure that the springs on the trap door are well oiled!

I'll be happy to supply as much help as needed for these teabagger party candidates and their followers to do all the self hanging they can.

Nooses anyone?


Call me nuts, but I'm starting to get a sense...

...that willard's coronation will never hapen and we'll be able to contribute to newt "open marriage" gingrich taking the thumping that he so richly deserves.

bain romney has never been a darling to the rethug base. He has also been going out of his way to figuratively shoot himself in the foot with every stupid statement that comes out of his mouth. He simply has an air of smarm that simply can't be washed off because it is just TOO ingrained.

I know that the "experts" keep singing the "bain romney is inevitable" song. The "experts" don't know their collective ass from a whole in the ground.

"Experts" told us that Nelson Rockefeller was inevitable in 1964. They said that Ed Muskie was inevitable in 1972. They forecast a tight battle between Scoop Jackson {Ugh} and Birch Bayh in 1976. John Glenn was the heavy early favorite in 1984. bush senior was heavily favored to win a second term in 1992.

Remember when Bill Bradley was going to give Al Gore a hard way to go in 2000? Remember how the Hillary vs. rudy was the predetermined matchup {with rudy's inevitable victory} in 2007?

I was a volunteer in George McGovern's campaign in 1972. I am sensing the same mood in the air as then. The only difference is that Ed Muskie was at least 10,000 times the man that bain romney is or ever will be.

I may be wrong. I probably am wrong. It won't be the "experts" that convince me that I am, though.

This election is going to be a masive self-inflicted disaster for the republican party. If there were any such creatures as republican moderates, I'd believe that they want the baggers to get a thumping so they can purge them from the party. However, since they've so fully embraced the bagger movement (which, IMHO, is just an extension of the mcsame/palin{comparison} rallies but on steroids), I don't really know where they'll go from here.

I don't really care. For the time from here to Election day my focus is to get President Obama a second term. Hopefully with the Congressional majorities that the "experts" now say is impossible.


Today is a GREAT anniversary for my wife and I!

Today, January 14, 2012 is 22 years that I've been in recovery from the disease of alcoholism.

Today, January 14, 2012 is 14 years since my wonderful and beautiful wife last smoked a cigarette. She timed it deliberately to coincide with the anniversary of my sobriety.

When we were married on August 15, 1998, we were both alcohol and tobacco free. My wife has the occasional beer, wine or mixed drink but that's ok. She isn't an alcoholic. I am. I've always considered it my responsibility to not drink, not others' responsibility to refrain in front of me.

My joke to others is that I stopped because I got tired of trying to take my pants off over my head. The reality is that I had friends who would occasionally tell me that my drinking was a severe problem. I would tell them to perform anatomically impossible acts of procreation on themselves. My hit bottom was that one night, while passed out on my living room floor, I woke up momentarily to the sight of a rat about a foot away from my nose munching on a Burger King wrapper that I'd just dropped at my ass.

My house was a total mess. My life was a total mess. Professionally I was OK, because I was what I refer to as a Daryl Porter alcoholic. Porter was a very good catcher for the Kansas City Royals and the Saint Louis Cardinals who was an alcoholic . His teammates supposedly had NO IDEA he was an addict. I worked with Drug and Alcohol counselors who had NO IDEA that I was a drunk.

The scary thing was that I had NO IDEA that the life I was leading was ANY DIFFERENT than anyone else's. A rat chewing on a Burger King wrapper a foot away from your nose can change you perspective REALLY FAST.

Sometimes, but not very often, I think that a beer would be nice. I won't gamble my sobriety and recovery on it though. I believe that my wife would forgive ONE setback. She has confirmed that much. My goal is to not put that to the test. One secret to an active addiction (at least mine) is that it leads to a lot of other negative behaviors. In my case the primary consequences were massive overeating and very excessive pornography.

I met the woman who became my wife when I was sober for 7+ years. At one time the primary thing keeping me from picking up again was my fear (not fear, TERROR) of going back to that life style again. Now my primary reason for not picking up again is the woman who loves me so much that she , unbeknownst to me, decided to stop smoking on my recovery's anniversary. My primary reason for not picking up again is a young man who will be 12 in March who looks up to me as an example of what a man should be. A few beers or shots would NEVER make the loss of my wonderful family even remotely worth it.

Thank you for letting me share. Thank you for reading. Hosts, if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move. I won't be upset or angry. I'm simply grateful for the opportunity to share in a forum of like minded people.

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