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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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The mystics of all religions teach the same truth - "All is one".

The fundamentalists of all religions teach the same falsehood - "Ours is the only true teaching and it's contained in our scripture which is divinely authored and literally true in every detail."

Practical applications of Sturgeon's Laws

Sturgeon's revelation, commonly referred to as Sturgeon's law, is an adage commonly cited as "ninety percent of everything is crap." It is derived from quotations by Theodore Sturgeon, an American science fiction author: while Sturgeon coined another adage that he termed "Sturgeon's law", it is his "revelation" that is usually referred to by that term.

The phrase was derived from Sturgeon's observation that while science fiction was often derided for its low quality by critics, it could be noted that the majority of examples of works in other fields could equally be seen to be of low quality and that science fiction was thus no different in that regard to other art.


According to some undocumented and highly dubious accounts, as Mr. Sturgeon became older and more cynical he gave more thought to the matter and eventually formulated an extension called Sturgeon's Second Law, which states that "ninety-nine percent of everything is shit!" It has been further alleged that as he continued to consider his findings he finally developed an ultimate summation known as Sturgeon's Third Law. Unfortunately is contents are unknown since immediately after concluding it he committed suicide.
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