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Say It Out Loud: Vendepatria

I am a Texas-born-and-raised non-Floridian Anglo. Like many Democrats, I am disturbed by the lack of voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

Despite my unease, I think at least some folks at Bidenís campaign headquarters are trying. Comparing Donnie to the long, Sorry line of Latin-American strongmen was a clever move that I doubt previous campaigns ever thought of (itís also a valid comparison, BTW).

Still, I think there is one more issue that Democrats and progressives ought to use when appealing to Latino voters: Donnie is a Vendepatria.

I donít doubt that most American-born Latinos are as fiercely patriotic as Bubba and Becky Lou. So are naturalized Latino immigrants. All of us put love of country first and ferociously oppose handing it over to greed heads and foreign interests. We all agree on country first.

Does Donald Trump. I donít think he does, and itís a point we should also hammer home. They might not understand it at Mer a Lago, but the rest of us do.

Letís not pull our punches.

Edit: Vendepatria means seller (out) of the homeland.
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