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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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I'd say Donnie's party is closer to Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist Party

than it is to the old Soviet Unionís Communist Party. But itís not a fashionable thing for an American observer to say anywhere on the American political spectrum.

Still A Shining City On A Hill? Is A Powerful Ad

One that ought to give a hard jolt to at least some of the Republicans and Independents whoíve reflexively voted Republican over the years.

Yeah, yeah, Iíve heard progressives stand up and growl when they see or hear video of Ronald Wilson Whatís-his-name (You know, the guy who narrated Death Valley Days) appears on the screen. This is all well and good, it shows your progressive principles and all, BUT

For gosh sakes, people, that ad isnít written to target us. That ad is written for right-wingers who are still capable of partially overcoming cognitive dissonance and who still try to practice at least some compassion.

That ad probably wonít click with the majority of Trumpies. OTOH, it can very well peel away enough Republican voters for decency to win in November.
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