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The early '90's. I think it was Bush-the-Elder.

and his faction. That effort went down the crapper when the talk show hosts started using Wen Ho Lee as a scapegoat for nefarious East Asian foreigners during the Clinton years.

This is not to say that todayís Republican Party still welcomes Amer-Asians the way some parts of it did a quarter-century ago. Iím not saying that. As the saying goes: ďThat was then. This is now.Ē

Would I consider dating a Trump voter? No

Different times, different parties, different mindsets.

My political thought processes were strongly influenced by my Dad (long since deceased), who was the sort of Republican still common over half a century ago: the sort of Republican who was fiscally responsible, leery of creating new bureaucracies, cynical about the motives of large corporations, but tried to let his views be formed by facts and also was willing to change his mind based on evidence. Elizabeth Warren was once that sort of Republican before she left the herd of Pachyderms; Iím sure there were others, but since the mid-1970ís theyíve either been sidelined, sold out or been decimated in right-wing RINO hunts. Many have since died or changed parties (I remember working at an Obama telephone bank with a couple of former Nixon Republicans).

I would not consider dating the sort of Republican prevalent today. Most of them seem to lack empathy or critical thinking skills, ethics, or the ability to distinguish between truth and lying propaganda.
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