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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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My concern this cycle had far less to do with

my opposition to Senator Sanders or any imaginary desire to defend the pillars of capitalism than it did to a strong and heartfelt desire to not only see Donald Trump out of office and as many Republican senatorial and congressional candidates defeated as possible.

Iím sorry, but I did not see Senator Sanders as the man to do that job. In fact, I feared that heíd lose to Trump and that the US would be cursed with another four years of Donald Trump in the White House with damage reverberating for decades. In fact, I went into a depression after New Hampshire and the Iowa caucuses anticipating Trumpís re-election.

Despite this, I wasnít willing to concede defeat. I sent money to the Biden campaign and started posting my polemics. It now appear that that wretch in the White House may have to clear out of his digs in January 2021.

To the Sanders folks reading this, I hope youíre willing to do what Bernieís forebears did to fight fascism in the 1930ís and join the rest of us in forming a united front to fight Trump and racist oligarchical Republicans.

A Message To The --Or Bust Voters

This election isn't a beauty pageant, it isn't just about whether we like Joe Biden, it's about the future of the country. It's a decision point as to whether we want to continue as a democratic republic or if we are willing to sit on our backsides and either let the Republicans gum up the works like they did during the latter years of the Obama administration or, worse, let the US become another oligarchical autocracy of the sort spread around much of Latin America and present-day eastern Europe.

Successful politics is about facing unpleasant facts. The fact is that however much some of us may desire radical change from post-Reagan governance, the fact is that most Democrats, and most Americans, aren't yet willing to vote for a left-liberal agenda.

I admit that Bernie has done fairly well in the primaries. But even where he's done well, the numbers show that not enough Democratic voters turned out to push him into the sixty-percentile range of victory.

We also need to acknowledge that Bernie has antagonized a large chunk of the Hispanic voting block. Whether you think it's fair or not, it's a done deal. Those folks are not only going to not vote for Bernie, they won't turn out in the numbers needed to defeat the Trump voters in the Sunshine State to make a Democratic victory certain.

This is a point where people have a chance to effect a real change--stopping Trumpism dead in its tracks--or spending the next four years and beyond grieving over what was lost between 2021 and afterwards and playing blame games while the racists and the reactionaries run rampant.

Citizens, the choice is yours.
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