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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,877

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If it's a choice between President Bernie and another Republican-controlled Senate

or President Joe and Democrats regaining control of the US Senate, I’ll choose Joe as my candidate.*

Bernie lacks coat-tails and can cost us seats in Congress and the Senate


* I have already voted for Joe in my state’s primary.

It's time to start early voting here in Texas

For those of you all who haven’t noticed, early voting for the Texas edition of Super Tuesday 2020 has already started.

Leaving aside our heart-felt and occasionally rancorous discussion as to who would be the best presidential candidate, it is time to make our preferences known not only for the presidential race, but the down-ballot races as well.

I went down to a North-Central Austin location and voted early. Many of you all can vote early too at a poll not too far from where you live.

Speculating about Orange Julius' health seems a waste of time

in my more pessimistic moments. At those times I feel that God has brought Donnie on us not as a savior but a scourge for our sins (Howbeit one we—might—deliver ourselves from if enough voters in the right places turn out to vote for Team Donkey).

Still, it might be interesting to see the numbers as to how Democratic candidates (even Bernie) would fare against Father Pence.
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