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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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After swallowing Trump's camels for 4 years, the

Right’s propaganda organs and the lazy, credulous reporters and editors of the lame-stream corporate news media are going to find some Biden gnats to choke on.

“Liberal media,” my @$$!

How cute! The little mousies are finally finding their courage

Isn’t that sweet? The breathless widdle stenographer-cheerleaders who call themselves reporters and the eunuchs and cowards who call themselves editors and producers have finally screwed up their nerve and decided to put down their whiffle-balls and actually ask a few probing questions about Donald Trump and the way he behaved on the campaign trail and in office the last four years.

And of course, some of the gutless wonders are quaking in their shoes and risk breaking potty-training by worrying that they might be “too tough” on Donald and his passle of thieves, liars, and crooks.

We won’t forget the corruption, cruelty, and non-stop lying of the Trump administration. Nor will we forget the epic cowardice of those individuals who dare call themselves journalists. The latter have failed their duty to the US and their citizenry.
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