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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,877

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After swallowing Trump's camels for 4 years, the

Rightís propaganda organs and the lazy, credulous reporters and editors of the lame-stream corporate news media are going to find some Biden gnats to choke on.

ďLiberal media,Ē my @$$!

How cute! The little mousies are finally finding their courage

Isnít that sweet? The breathless widdle stenographer-cheerleaders who call themselves reporters and the eunuchs and cowards who call themselves editors and producers have finally screwed up their nerve and decided to put down their whiffle-balls and actually ask a few probing questions about Donald Trump and the way he behaved on the campaign trail and in office the last four years.

And of course, some of the gutless wonders are quaking in their shoes and risk breaking potty-training by worrying that they might be ďtoo toughĒ on Donald and his passle of thieves, liars, and crooks.

We wonít forget the corruption, cruelty, and non-stop lying of the Trump administration. Nor will we forget the epic cowardice of those individuals who dare call themselves journalists. The latter have failed their duty to the US and their citizenry.

The MAGA Magoos are in denial about the COVID virus' contagion

(Sorry, I donít use the term MAGAt). The Corona virus has no politics and doesnít care what QAnon says or if Donnie is still in the White House.

I fear that some people are going to learn hard lessons the same way their lateral ancestors learned about Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Smallpox. Unfortunately they can spread it to the rest of us.

And their ailing friends and loved ones can say: ďOh, Magoo! Youíve done it again!ď

Some people vote for the guy they think is the most popular

Itís a habit that all too many people form in primary school: theyíll vote for the guy they think is the most popular because heís popular and they think it will make them popular too, whether or not Mr. Popularity will be good to them or not. Iím afraid that itís a trait all too deeply ingrained into our primate psychology, and that too many people resort to the idea first rather than doing a little cogitation before they vote.

When a man shows you who he really is, believe him

This life lesson remains true even if right-wingers donít like Maya Angelou.

One of the things I'm looking forward to discovering after this election is just how "fired up"

the Republican voters were in Texas this year. Were they all really ready to come out and strike a blow against us Devil-horned and cloven-hoofed ďLibrulsĒ or did they decide that they wouldnít have to work that hard this go-round?

I think itís likely that the long-foreseen but never actualized Blue Wave may finally have happened, but we wonít know until the Lone Star Stateís votes are counted.

I voted yesterday. A lot of people in line.

Early voting had started Tuesday morning here in Travis County, Texas and I decided to risk it on Wednesday. Voter turnout was high enough in my part of Austin that I had to wait about an hour or so before I could cast my ballot. Most of my wait was outdoors, often under shade trees and the breeze reducing the chances for catching the bug. I only spent the last 7 to 20 minutes indoors and I was masked up and gloved.

I havenít checked figures for todayís turnout, but if this trend continues, I believe that Texas branch of Club Pachyderm may have The rudest surprise theyíve had in years.

That couldnít happen to a more deserving bunch.

Say It Out Loud: Vendepatria

I am a Texas-born-and-raised non-Floridian Anglo. Like many Democrats, I am disturbed by the lack of voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

Despite my unease, I think at least some folks at Bidenís campaign headquarters are trying. Comparing Donnie to the long, Sorry line of Latin-American strongmen was a clever move that I doubt previous campaigns ever thought of (itís also a valid comparison, BTW).

Still, I think there is one more issue that Democrats and progressives ought to use when appealing to Latino voters: Donnie is a Vendepatria.

I donít doubt that most American-born Latinos are as fiercely patriotic as Bubba and Becky Lou. So are naturalized Latino immigrants. All of us put love of country first and ferociously oppose handing it over to greed heads and foreign interests. We all agree on country first.

Does Donald Trump. I donít think he does, and itís a point we should also hammer home. They might not understand it at Mer a Lago, but the rest of us do.

Letís not pull our punches.

Edit: Vendepatria means seller (out) of the homeland.

I'd say Donnie's party is closer to Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist Party

than it is to the old Soviet Unionís Communist Party. But itís not a fashionable thing for an American observer to say anywhere on the American political spectrum.

Still A Shining City On A Hill? Is A Powerful Ad

One that ought to give a hard jolt to at least some of the Republicans and Independents whoíve reflexively voted Republican over the years.

Yeah, yeah, Iíve heard progressives stand up and growl when they see or hear video of Ronald Wilson Whatís-his-name (You know, the guy who narrated Death Valley Days) appears on the screen. This is all well and good, it shows your progressive principles and all, BUT

For gosh sakes, people, that ad isnít written to target us. That ad is written for right-wingers who are still capable of partially overcoming cognitive dissonance and who still try to practice at least some compassion.

That ad probably wonít click with the majority of Trumpies. OTOH, it can very well peel away enough Republican voters for decency to win in November.
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