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Donnie, Meet Fala

Many of us older DUers remember hearing of a scurrilous story told about then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt allegedly sending a US Navy destroyer to the Aleutians to retrieve his Scottish Terrier Fala, who had somehow been separated from the presidential party. Mny right-wing polemics were bloviated and much ink spilled about this alleged incident, which FDR refuted with wit and humor, saying that Fala was outraged at the fiscal extravagance.

More recently we’ve been treated to the news that the US Navy repoisitioned the USS John McCain to salve Donnie’s ego. The alleged cost for sending the destroyer for Fala in that long-ago alleged incident was $20 million. The USS John McCain was re-positioned to prop up our “extremely stable genius”’ ego. How much did THAT set back us taxpayers?

And how do you think Fala would feel about THAT? I think he'd be outraged.

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