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Trump The Great Businessman?

Donald Trump, the great businessman? I’m not surprised that his fortunes took a licking when his airline went bust, but how in Sheol and Gehenna can anyone think this guy is a competent businessman and administrator?

Trump the great businessman ought to be placed alongside other right-Wing BS memes like Trump the great negotiator and Trump the great Christian, and pulled out as triggers for mockery when some right-Wing doofus or other starts yakking about how great their boy is.

EDIT: Seriously, canyou imagine the howls of laughter and derision from corporate mainstream pundits as well as right-Wing propaganda organs if one of our guys made business decisions this reckless and disastrous?

Of course Donnie is a Republican so it’s IOKALAYAAR from the right-Wing propaganda organs and “both sides” from the arrogant, lazy-a$$ “lame-stream” pundits.
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