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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,877

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Christianity Today's change of heart should not be ignored

No, they’re not our friends. No, we often (and occasionally vehemently) disagree with them on many issues. But if even THEY have FINALLY had an Epiphany about the character of Donald Trump and the nature of his administration, I think it’s heartening and worth noting.

And who knows? Their editorial change-of-heart might inspire several thousand Evangelicals to either consider voting Democratic or simply stay home, something not to be dismissed considering how narrowly the Good Guys narrowly lost several swing states in 2016.

A rising tide lifts all yachts

Bass-boaters, canoeists, and inner-tubers are left in shoal water.

Tucker and Russia: An Old Republican Selling-Point Dies

The Republicans used to have a claim to superior foreign policy expertise as a major selling point before Dubya and Donnie and Tucker have blown that old trope to smithereens.

We should collect Tucker’s quotes and others likevit from wingnut punditry and whack voters over the head to remind them that those days are dead and gone.

Republicans for the Rule Of Law: a Republican organization of too little, too late

To convince most thinking people that the current Republican Party hasn’t had corruption woven into the warp and woof of its very fabric.

I don’t believe that the Republican Party can be freed from this level of corruption even if certain Fundies’ pipe dreams came true (if perhaps too early for their liking) and God’s holy angels descended from Heaven early next year and carried Donnie away to one place and Father Pence away to someplace else. Let the GOP go the way of the Whig Party.

I fear Wisconsin might be as hopeless as Wyoming next year

We should try to win North Carolina and Arizona next year. While there are a lot of right-wingers in both states, a lot of them, particularly ex-military and those from military families, take a dim view of American presidents acting like Russian intelligence assets.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world

and forfeit his soul?

Evangelicals are FOOLS for supporting Donald Trump. They’ve forfeited their religious and moral credibility and Christianity in the US and abroad has been given a black eye it will take DECADES to recover from.

If the politicized Born-Agains hadn’t been so bedazzled by their lust for power, they might have been just clever enough to bail on Donnie in 2018.

Today's Republican Party is becoming as corrupt and rotten as Mexico's PRI party

during its latter decades of rule, if they haven’t managed to reach that point already.

Trump: "A Corrupt Human Tornado"

Former Secretary Clinton nails it!

IMO, one of Donnie and Mitch's greatest unintended legacies will be

making the idea of socialism respectable again. “Socialism” might be a toxic term within the billionaires’ clubs and among the Republican apparat, but I think the Hoover-McCarthy-Reagan tabu is wearing out as more and more Americans realize that “running government like a business” and privatization here in the USA is as often as not an open invitation to corruption and theft.

Sorry, Farmers, My Sympathy For You As collateral Damage In Donnie's Trade Wars Only Goes So Far

Many of us Democrats thought better of you prior to 2016. We saw you as American bedrock with strong judgment and character and we were certain you knew better than to vote for the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. We were proved horribly wrong. All too many of you ignored the reports about Donnie’s inexperience, Donnie’s temprament, Donnie’s character, and Donnie’s character and voted for him.

Does the phrase “you got what you voted for” ring any bells?
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