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Trump voters don't get it. Suckers were always disrespected

Trump voters don’t get it. Even back in what they believed were the “Good Old Days” when the American populace was overwhelmingly white, almost every respectable person went to church on Sunday, Father knew best, and the women stayed home to mind the kiddies, suckers and other gullibles were disrespected not only for acting on their bad impulses but for the poor judgment they’d showed prior to acting on them.

One of the core beliefs of that bygone time was that the rural farmer was shrewd and wise enough to resist the blather of fast-talking Bull-slinging city slickers and that age and experience conferred wisdom.

In 2016 millions of anxious and often hurting country folk and the elderly went to the polls and voted for a BS artist and politicians who work to enrich the wealthiest few, not the average Joe or Jane. They made a sucker’s choice using suckers’ thinking and now they’re demanding respect. By dint of both our so-called “elitist” thinking and by the standards of that older time they profess to believe in, just why in Sheol and Gehenna do they believe they deserve it?

Mitt Calling Out Jeffress? How unusual for a Mormon!

Mitt Romney calling out Preacher Jeffress as a bigot? I’m amazed by his behavior. Most LDS’ers seem to have a habit of remaining as silent and inert as bean-bag chairs whenever Baptists and other Evangelicals trash them. The Evangelicals whack them, they shift a little, but otherwise remain stationary.

I’m surprised that it has taken this long for any prominent Mormon to denounce the Christian Right’s bigotry towards them. Many Evangelical sects have been hurling abuse at the Saints FOR YEARS, and some Evangelical big-mouths have hinted at plans to crack down on non-Christians if they ever got control of the government. Many Evangelicals have been explicit about their views that they don’t consider Mormons to be Christians. Considering the Mormons’ persecutions in the 19th century, I used to wonder how many times they had to be whacked over the head with a stick before they wised up.

I’d say that it looks like either Mittens has either woken up and smelled the hot water (I believe that good Mormons aren’t supposed to drink coffee) or he’s running for Senate, or both.

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