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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,877

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I'm not that worried about Democratic chances in 2020. Trump has soiled the Republican brand

Iím not that worried about Republican chances in 2020 even if Donnie resigns, gets dumped, or flat-lines before Primary Season. Iím old enough to remember the 1976 elections and remember just how tainted the Republican brand still was after Watergate and the Nixon pardon.

Letís do some deep-breathing and relax. Trump has been in office far longer into his term than Tricky Dick was into his second term when he resigned, and the ordure from Trumpís dealings is still flowing and getting into the news. Todayís Republican Party is in worse shape than it was back then. Father Pence is far more involved with this administrationís grubby dealings than Ford was in Nixonís. The Republicans are far more racist than they were back then (Remember SenatorEdward Brooke?), and I doubt the MAGA Magoos would turn out enough to vote for someone of Haleyís complexion into the White House.

I Bet Tucker's Too Clueless To See Why Pacific Life Yanked

their advertising. It isnít just nebulous good public relations, itís because Tucker's comments are a threat to their bottom line.

I wonder if Tucker has a clue that people of other races and other ethnicities buy insurance and other financial products? Or if Pacific Life has glommed onto the fact that they need a wider customer base than bigoted white folks? Or that Pacific Life has noted that regardless of skin color, gender, or ethnicity, money is green? Judging by his response, Iíd say he hasnít.

I can think of yet another reason not to advertise with people purveying racism. They look stupid. And looking stupid is definitely bad for business.

I'm Trying To Think Like A Chest-Thumping Rugged Individualist

of the sort te Extreme Right professes to admire so I can see if I can sympathize.


(Time passes)

Nope, I donít have any sympathy. Caveat emptor, yíall. Let the buyer beware.

Putin's Favorite Congressman Deserves An Appropriate Send-Off

after his electoral defeat. The Red Army Choir singing ďFarewell SlaviankaĒ maybe?

At the risk of being labeled a nut-case

I think I have a touch of the Second Sight, even though I consider mine to be sketchy and often unreliable.

Nevertheless, I do have advice for the Kat Kerrís of this world: donít confuse what your brain constructs with your subconscious with input about whatís really going to go down. And when youíre unsure as to which is which, keep your mouth shut.

And no, I donít make Second-Sight predictions for either fame or fortune.

At times I think Marco Rubio wants to set the clock back

To pre-1958 Cuba. Contrary to present-day Floridiansí assumptions, Cuba was NOT a true democracy. In fact it was a dictatorship with sham elections and political repression. The last free Cuba election had been held some years BEFORE Fidel Castro took over, and vote-rigging was common practice.

If Floridians want genuinely free and fair elections they should blow off little Marcoís whiny comments and demonstrating their outrage.

A Note To Lurking Greens And Bernie-Or-Bust Tupes

Justice Ginsbergís fall is yet another example of the consequences of your exceedingly poor decision to either vote Green or not at all. Most of the remaining liberal-leaning or swing-vote justices are aged and far more frail than their right-wing peers. That was more than apparent while you were making your decision to act out your pique. Your bad judgement in the 2016 election put Gorsuch on the court. Your poor judgement put Kavenaugh on the bench. Pray to whatever that Justice Ginsberg recovers or isnít forced to retire.

Floridians Have Four Years To Find Out

Whether they dislike colored people more than they care about their Gulf Coast beaches and waterways. I have ZERO sympathy for any Florida Gulf Coast bigots stupid enough to vote Republican after what Rick Scott and his accomlicrs In the Florida legislature did to their water quality.

If 250,000 or so Texas R's become disenchanted with Donnie by 2020

The Great Red Capstone that seals Republican presidential candidatesí elections to the White House wonít be available either. Beto OíRourke lost to the Calgary Kid by less than 250,000 votes, which may not seem a narrow loss in smaller states, but itís narrow by Texas standards. Enough Republican voters falling out of love with Gog and Magog might make the crucial difference.

Sean Hannity Going Down? I want To Believe, BUT

I feel like the kid whoís been told that Santaís going to bring him a bicycle for three years running and has been disappointed every Christmas morning when he comes down to open his presents.

Iíll believe it when the jury comes back in and pronounced him guilty.
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