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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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One of the purposes of government is to promote general prosperity

One of my beefs with the Chavez-ista regime in Venezuela is that it has failed what I strongly believe is one of the major roles of government: to promote general prosperity. The Chavez regime failed to create a healthy private sector or run its state-owned businesses properly, triggering inflation, capital flight, uncertainty, unemployment and poverty.

This is not to trash socialism as an ideal or as practice. There are some government-run enterprises here and there around the planet, some of which generate positive returns for their citizens. But economically healthy socialist states also have healthy private economic sectors, too. Sadly, Venezuela lacks both and is unlikely to acquire either as long as the current party continues to run it.

That won't stop the Bernie fan-boys and fan-girls

That won't stop some of Bernie's fan-boys and fan-girls from making T O S complaints. I had a couple of my post hidden because some indignant little dear thought my swipes at the Republicans actually referred to them.

For the benefit of Bernie's fan-base, when I call a certain political faction a Gathering Of Psychotics, I am making a word-play mocking the Republican Party calling themselves the Grand Old Party. GOP. Gathering Of Psychotics. There isn't ANYTHING about Senator Sanders and his followers UNLESS YOU PUT IT THERE WITH YOUR OWN MINDS. I was referring to the REPUBLICANS.

Get it?

Geez, I hope so.
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