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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,829

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A Note To Lurking Greens And Bernie-Or-Bust Tupes

Justice Ginsberg’s fall is yet another example of the consequences of your exceedingly poor decision to either vote Green or not at all. Most of the remaining liberal-leaning or swing-vote justices are aged and far more frail than their right-wing peers. That was more than apparent while you were making your decision to act out your pique. Your bad judgement in the 2016 election put Gorsuch on the court. Your poor judgement put Kavenaugh on the bench. Pray to whatever that Justice Ginsberg recovers or isn’t forced to retire.

Floridians Have Four Years To Find Out

Whether they dislike colored people more than they care about their Gulf Coast beaches and waterways. I have ZERO sympathy for any Florida Gulf Coast bigots stupid enough to vote Republican after what Rick Scott and his accomlicrs In the Florida legislature did to their water quality.

If 250,000 or so Texas R's become disenchanted with Donnie by 2020

The Great Red Capstone that seals Republican presidential candidates’ elections to the White House won’t be available either. Beto O’Rourke lost to the Calgary Kid by less than 250,000 votes, which may not seem a narrow loss in smaller states, but it’s narrow by Texas standards. Enough Republican voters falling out of love with Gog and Magog might make the crucial difference.

Sean Hannity Going Down? I want To Believe, BUT

I feel like the kid who’s been told that Santa’s going to bring him a bicycle for three years running and has been disappointed every Christmas morning when he comes down to open his presents.

I’ll believe it when the jury comes back in and pronounced him guilty.

And the nice thing about such a parade today

Is thanks to positive multi-cultural influences, OUR percussion section would be louder and more varied than those used by whitebread Americans of the early 19th century

Within Ten To Fifteen Years, There'll Be A Wave

of Evangelical Protestant preachers wringing their hands because nobody respects their moral authority. They’ll blame Liberals, they’ll blame the media, they’ll blame the Devil, but they won’t stop to think what the example of Brother Lance Wallnau and his ilk are already costing them and their reputations right now.

Can you say “Pants on Fire!” ?

Sure you can, kids!

Compared to most western towns, Santa Fe is the City Different

Santa Fe’s different from most smaller western cities when it comes to regional transportation. They’ve got rail commuter service to Albuquerque and relatively frequent bus service to Albuquerque’s airport.

Now compare this to places like La Junta, Trinidad, Raton, Winslow, Gallup, not to mention the plight of places that lost their passenger rail earlier like Tucumcari, Clovis, etc. I don’t see the Fibber-Tarian Tooth Fairy jumping in to fill the transportation gap.

That’s just New Mexico. Republican voters in small cities in Idaho and Montana did themselves worse.

No. We Democrats have moved far enough right already

No, those recent former Republicans are giving bad advice. We moved far enough right already. In fact, I’d say that much of the Democratic Party’s agenda is what used to be called moderate-conservative forty, fifty years ago. I see no reason whatsoever why we should move over into the irresponsible anti-welfare state, anti-Great Society, anti-New Deal psychotic mindset that has taken over the Republican Party.

I know this to be true. I used to be a Nixon—Ford era moderate conservative and bailed when I realized that the Raygun Zanies were firmly in control of the GOP and would continue to be so.

I admit I’m more to the right than many DU voters, and that I don’t like the thought of writing off potential voters. But after the 2016 election, I’ve been convinced that all the reachable Republican moderates have already crossed over the River Jordan and joined Team Donkey. There’s little left among the pachyderms except diminishing returns. We’d do better to start registering and recruiting within traditional Democratic blocs.

We All Do It??? Senator Rand, Not So Fast

Sure the US covertly and not so covertly poured campaign assistance and propaganda assistance in foreign countries during the Cold War and afterwards. So do other countries.

But here’s the thing, Aqua Buddha. This is foreign money and foreign interference from an unfriendly foreign power flowing into our country and interference in our elections.

And guys like you are derelict in your duty to the people and the Republic of the United States Of America by failing to recognize it, failing to investigate it, failing to condemn it, and failing to work on ways to prevent it from happening again. Your party’s and your fellow Republican solon’s actions are disgraceful and utterly unpatriotic.

My sympathy is limited for Trump apparatchiks

My sympathy is limited for Trump administration apparatchiks. On the one hand, I do believe in civility, and hope to see it restored in my lifetime. On the other hand, this Administration has been practicing the politics of cruelty almost since Inauguration Day, and anyone who works for it ought to have the good sense to realize it.

EDIT: As the old saying goes: “Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.”
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