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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,830

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Today's Republican Party is becoming as corrupt and rotten as Mexico's PRI party

during its latter decades of rule, if they haven’t managed to reach that point already.

Trump: "A Corrupt Human Tornado"

Former Secretary Clinton nails it!

IMO, one of Donnie and Mitch's greatest unintended legacies will be

making the idea of socialism respectable again. “Socialism” might be a toxic term within the billionaires’ clubs and among the Republican apparat, but I think the Hoover-McCarthy-Reagan tabu is wearing out as more and more Americans realize that “running government like a business” and privatization here in the USA is as often as not an open invitation to corruption and theft.

Sorry, Farmers, My Sympathy For You As collateral Damage In Donnie's Trade Wars Only Goes So Far

Many of us Democrats thought better of you prior to 2016. We saw you as American bedrock with strong judgment and character and we were certain you knew better than to vote for the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. We were proved horribly wrong. All too many of you ignored the reports about Donnie’s inexperience, Donnie’s temprament, Donnie’s character, and Donnie’s character and voted for him.

Does the phrase “you got what you voted for” ring any bells?

Donnie, Meet Fala

Many of us older DUers remember hearing of a scurrilous story told about then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt allegedly sending a US Navy destroyer to the Aleutians to retrieve his Scottish Terrier Fala, who had somehow been separated from the presidential party. Mny right-wing polemics were bloviated and much ink spilled about this alleged incident, which FDR refuted with wit and humor, saying that Fala was outraged at the fiscal extravagance.

More recently we’ve been treated to the news that the US Navy repoisitioned the USS John McCain to salve Donnie’s ego. The alleged cost for sending the destroyer for Fala in that long-ago alleged incident was $20 million. The USS John McCain was re-positioned to prop up our “extremely stable genius”’ ego. How much did THAT set back us taxpayers?

And how do you think Fala would feel about THAT? I think he'd be outraged.

Trump The Great Businessman?

Donald Trump, the great businessman? I’m not surprised that his fortunes took a licking when his airline went bust, but how in Sheol and Gehenna can anyone think this guy is a competent businessman and administrator?

Trump the great businessman ought to be placed alongside other right-Wing BS memes like Trump the great negotiator and Trump the great Christian, and pulled out as triggers for mockery when some right-Wing doofus or other starts yakking about how great their boy is.

EDIT: Seriously, canyou imagine the howls of laughter and derision from corporate mainstream pundits as well as right-Wing propaganda organs if one of our guys made business decisions this reckless and disastrous?

Of course Donnie is a Republican so it’s IOKALAYAAR from the right-Wing propaganda organs and “both sides” from the arrogant, lazy-a$$ “lame-stream” pundits.

Is He Indeed Barrelling Towards Re-Election?

I don’t think so.

Donnie got into the White House in large part due to an apathetic electorate and poorly mobilized Democratic voting block.

Donnie crested over the Blue Wall in part due to both the bigots coming out of the woodwork and the hopeful marks believing that he’d bring jobs and good times back to the Rust Belt. Donnie’s still got the bigots and the Holy Joes but a lot of the people who believed his economic BS have been wised up—the same way the folks at Lordstown and Carrier have been.

Granted, his victories in places like Michigan and Wisconsin were by slivers, but he’s been losing backers by slivers since Inauguration Day 2017. There may be suckers who can be scammed multiple times, but there are other suckers who can only get conned once because they learn from experience. The death by a thousand cuts might not be as spectacular as a curb-stomp or a decapitation, but it is nevertheless fatal.

This nay-sayer might have half a point: beating Orange Julius won’t be a cake walk. But long hard slogs can bring victory too.

A Bible Passage Televangelists Don't Want You To Remember

Deuteronomy Chapter 18, verse 22:

“When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.”

Reason, Logic, Appeals To Their Higher Nature., And Common Sense

Failed to get through to to these Trump people back in 2016. It looks like pain is one of the few ways they’ll learn to wise up.

It wssn’t Wicked Hillary, it wasn’t George Soros, it wasn’t the (so-called) “liberal media,” it wasn’t the Pizza guys, it was their willful, deliberate bad choice at the polls.

Here then MAY be the getting of wisdom.

Or maybe not.


Great-Grandpa told you not to buy a pig in the poke. Maybe you should have listened.

Great-Grandpa also said that if he lied to you once, he’ll lie to you again.

Howard Schultz is seeking centrists? They're Already There At The National Level

With the exception of certain issues like gay rights and environmental protection, the national Democratic Party has been pretty centrist for decades. Even those of us who thought that many of Tricky Dick Nixon’s social and economic policies weren’t all that bad have spurned Club Pachyderm and have joined Team Donkey. The “centrists” Schultz is looking for are Reaganite-lite, a crowd that was proved to be few on the ground in the 2016 elections.
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