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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,877

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What, All The Republican Voters Are Going To Vote For Trump?

What, all the Republicans who have ( and ought to) reservations about Trump's economic and foreign policy proposals are going to dutifully line up and vote for him?

And The majority of AA and Latino voters are going to become Trimpsters too, especially as the racist dog whistles go audible?

Sorry, I don't buy that.

The right-wing hate machine was already active before the fall 2008 campaign started. I doubt anything close to a plurality of the folks who listen to RW talk radio or read Breibart would vote for Team Donkey even if Bernie Sanders got annointed in public by G*d's holy angels and Old Testament prophets.

I think Hillary has a shot of capturing a lot of the Republican vote, that portion that is eclipsed in GOP primaries by the nutcases but still has tangential connections with sanity.

For Once I Concurr With The Donald

For once I concur with the Donald. The WSJ probably DOES hate him.

My personal politics are probably far enough right to incite Bernistas to label me a Jesse Helms Republican (And I admit I like Hillary and think her proposals are more achievable than the honorable senator from Vermont's), but nevertheless I came to the conclusion decades ago that the Wall Street Journal's editorial page was rank propaganda, and not even informed opinion. Even BEFORE the WSJ was taken over by Rupert Murdoch, I had come to believe that the whacko-bird mindset of the editorial pages was seeping onto the accuracy and reliability of what was printed on the WSJ's news pages like what flows from a bank of plugged toilets at sold-out football stadium.

Marco Rubio Reminds Me Of A Bible Misquote

Marco Rubio reminds me of a Bible Mis-quote: "Old wine in new skins."


And not the good stuff either!

Guns On Airplanes

Whenever I read about some gunhugger making noises about his/her right to carry, or even worse, use his/her piece to play Matt Dillon and uphold law & order on a commercial airliner, I remember the time I mentioned the idea to an acquaintance of mine.

The guy was and still is far right, ex-military, probably thinks Marco Rubio is a liberal pussyfooter, but he'd spent years as a military test pilot and he knew airplanes.

Despite the fact that I tried as hard as I could to say the idea of the "good gun" on an aircraft certainly wasn't MY idea and that I knew better, I won't soon forget the look on his face as he lowered his estimate of my IQ eighty points for thinking something that stupid.

Unlike little pols like Rubio, I remember when

Unlike little pols like Marco Rubio, I remember when supporting women's reproductive health was a non-partisan matter, and support came from BOTH parties.

It makes me angry that religious zealots and opportunistic, mendacious little pandering politicians have decided that women should be deprived of access to reproductive and pre-natal care because a coterie of fanatics wishes to punish women for being poor or for having sex for pleasure.

Supporting public health should be a bi-partisan no-brainer, and sacking politicians and hacks who put public health at risk is the civic duty of every American of voting age.
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