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No, it isn't as valid as the WCR, for the simple reason that the ENTIRE case

for there being a second gunman rests on the "evidence" supposedly contained on a dictabelt recording. That evidence - which was highly suspect at the time of the HSCA - has been definitively debunked in the intervening years.

It's simple: either Motorcycle Officer HB McClain's motor cycle was at the intersection of Elm and Houston to record the sound of a gunshot, or it wasn't. Synchronization of the existing still and video footage of the motorcade proves beyond any doubt that McClain'smotorcycle was NOT in position to record the shot it supposedly recorded. In fact, he was about 250 feet behind the motorcade, not the 120 feet that Mark Weiss insisted the motorcycle would have had to been at to record the sound of the shot. Weiss was one of the two people who presented this "evidence" to the HSCA. He said it was "essential" that the motorcycle be traveling 120 feet behind the motorcade, otherwise it could not have recorded the shot.*

Well, it wasn't and it didn't, based on the very standard of evidence that was insisted upon by the two men who presented the dictabelt evidence to the HSCA.

There are other obvious problems with the dictabelt recording, but the fact - and it is a fact - that McLain's motorcycle was NOT in the position required by the "evidence" to record the shot entirely falsifies the claims made that were based on the dictabelt recording.

BTW - were the dictabelt "evidence" being put forth to support the idea of Oswald as the lone gunman, the JFK CTists would be all over it. They would cite the falsification of the evidence that I have provided here. They would ask how such a recording could capture the sound of a bullet being fired while recording nothing of the crowd noise rising from the streets. But they cling to this non-evidence in desperation because they believe it supports their multiple gunman CTs.

Further BTW - at the time, Officer McClain insisted to investigators that his motorcycle was NOT anywhere near the corner of Elm and Houston at the time the shot was supposedly recorded. The HSCA elected to ignore the expert, eyewitness account of the ONLY officer whose motorcycle was said to be the source of the dictabelt recording. So, imagine once more if you will, what the CTists would be screaming about McClain's sworn testimony were the dictabelt recording being used to support the Oswald-as-lone-gunman theory. They would be rightfully saying that testimony contradicting the dictabelt theory was being ignored and dismissed. And they would be right, because that is exactly what the HSCA did in regards to McClain's sworn, eyewitness testimony - they ignored it.

NB: feel free to point out any and all factual inaccuracies in the above.

*"When the HSCA asked Weiss about the location of the motorcycle with the open microphone—"Would you consider that to be an essential ingredient in the ultimate conclusion of your analysis?"—Weiss answered, "It is an essential component of it, because, if you do not put the motorcycle in the place that it is —the initial point of where it was receiving the [sound of the gunfire]—, and if you do not move it at the velocity at which it is being moved on paper in this re-creation, you do not get a good, tight pattern that compares very well with the observed impulses on the police tape recording." - Source HSCA documents
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