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Sibelius Fan

Sibelius Fan's Journal
Sibelius Fan's Journal
December 27, 2016

No, it isn't as valid as the WCR, for the simple reason that the ENTIRE case

for there being a second gunman rests on the "evidence" supposedly contained on a dictabelt recording. That evidence - which was highly suspect at the time of the HSCA - has been definitively debunked in the intervening years.

It's simple: either Motorcycle Officer HB McClain's motor cycle was at the intersection of Elm and Houston to record the sound of a gunshot, or it wasn't. Synchronization of the existing still and video footage of the motorcade proves beyond any doubt that McClain'smotorcycle was NOT in position to record the shot it supposedly recorded. In fact, he was about 250 feet behind the motorcade, not the 120 feet that Mark Weiss insisted the motorcycle would have had to been at to record the sound of the shot. Weiss was one of the two people who presented this "evidence" to the HSCA. He said it was "essential" that the motorcycle be traveling 120 feet behind the motorcade, otherwise it could not have recorded the shot.*

Well, it wasn't and it didn't, based on the very standard of evidence that was insisted upon by the two men who presented the dictabelt evidence to the HSCA.

There are other obvious problems with the dictabelt recording, but the fact - and it is a fact - that McLain's motorcycle was NOT in the position required by the "evidence" to record the shot entirely falsifies the claims made that were based on the dictabelt recording.

BTW - were the dictabelt "evidence" being put forth to support the idea of Oswald as the lone gunman, the JFK CTists would be all over it. They would cite the falsification of the evidence that I have provided here. They would ask how such a recording could capture the sound of a bullet being fired while recording nothing of the crowd noise rising from the streets. But they cling to this non-evidence in desperation because they believe it supports their multiple gunman CTs.

Further BTW - at the time, Officer McClain insisted to investigators that his motorcycle was NOT anywhere near the corner of Elm and Houston at the time the shot was supposedly recorded. The HSCA elected to ignore the expert, eyewitness account of the ONLY officer whose motorcycle was said to be the source of the dictabelt recording. So, imagine once more if you will, what the CTists would be screaming about McClain's sworn testimony were the dictabelt recording being used to support the Oswald-as-lone-gunman theory. They would be rightfully saying that testimony contradicting the dictabelt theory was being ignored and dismissed. And they would be right, because that is exactly what the HSCA did in regards to McClain's sworn, eyewitness testimony - they ignored it.

NB: feel free to point out any and all factual inaccuracies in the above.

*"When the HSCA asked Weiss about the location of the motorcycle with the open microphone—"Would you consider that to be an essential ingredient in the ultimate conclusion of your analysis?"—Weiss answered, "It is an essential component of it, because, if you do not put the motorcycle in the place that it is —the initial point of where it was receiving the [sound of the gunfire]—, and if you do not move it at the velocity at which it is being moved on paper in this re-creation, you do not get a good, tight pattern that compares very well with the observed impulses on the police tape recording." - Source HSCA documents

October 13, 2016

David French on CNN: "Not a matter of he said/she said. It's a matter of he bragged, she confirmed."

Excellent soundbite.

French is a conservative writer for National Review.

June 8, 2016

Sorry Sen. Sanders, But Most Ds Are Quite Happy With the D Party As Is

And it's not because we necessarily reject all of the things you say about the D Party. It's because a lot of the things you say that the D Party needs to do IT IS ALREADY DOING.

The modern D Party has always stood up for the middle class. Always stood up for the disadvantaged. Always stood up for minorities, women and for economic equality. Do not deceive yourself into believing for a second that these issues were not known of and championed by the Democratic Party long before you decided to register as a D last April.

Frankly, you insult ALL Democrats when you say the the party "has to start" doing this, that or the other thing, when we have been doing this, that or the other thing for decades (that would have been during those decades when you were NOT a Democrat).

Maybe you missed what we've been doing because, well, you weren't a Democrat. Maybe caucusing with the Democrats isn't the same as actually BEING a Democrat. Maybe sitting on the back benches of the Senate as an Indy, never having to take a principled Party stand that might hurt you politically is not the way to stay on top of what the Ds are doing at any given moment.

When you talk about changing the Party, or about the need for a political revolution, you ignore what the Party actually stands for. You ignore the Democratic revolution that has happened over the past eight years in the form of Barack Obama. Rescuing the economy, getting us out of wars, killing OBL, saving the auto industry, getting unemployment to historic lows, passing the ACA and expanding Medicaid, making LGBT rights the law of the land, restoring our standing on the world stage - all while the stock market soared to new heights - is pretty effing revolutionary stuff after decades of RW disaster.

And guess what? It didn't take a "political revolution" for all that revolutionary stuff to happen. All it took was good old establishment Ds elected to office by the good old established rank-n-file Ds so they could do the good work that benefits the majority of the populace.

We've heard for 8 years that the country is "angry," and you have picked up on that mantra. Well, that mantra is code for saying "I'm pissed that a black man got elected president." It started with the Tea Party and the corporatists that funded them, it was spread through the conservative population and repeated by the media to the point where even Democrats began to feel angry. Angry about what? About all the things President Obama has accomplished in 8 years? Angry that gay people can get married? Angry that more Americans have jobs and healthcare, and that gas is cheap? Angry that we're not involved in major wars? Angry that bin Laden was finally taken out? Angry that states are starting to raise the minimum wage? Angry that the stock market has tripled in value? Angry that racism is being exposed in this country and called out for being anti-American? Angry that the Republican Party is imploding before our eyes?

Just what do you think Democrats are angry about, Sen Sanders?

We're not angry. We're elated. Elated that Hillary Clinton has won the nomination. Elated that Hillary Clinton will be our first female president. Elated that the good work done by President Obama will continue. Elated that for the first time in years, a lot of us are feeling that America's best days are still to come.

THAT is the reality of the Democratic Party that you have failed to recognize. And that's why you are not our nominee for the office of President of the United States.

Rant over.

May 1, 2016

Have you ever read the Warren Commission Report?

Apparently not, because all of the evidence - and there is a mountain of evidence - presented in that report answers these oft-asked questions. You'd think that after 60 years, people would consult that report, rather than dismissing it out of hand.

To answer your question:

1. Oswald practiced with the rifle he used to kill JFK, as testified by his wife, who was the one who took the pictures of him holding the rifle

2. Oswald achieved the rank of sharpshooter in the USMC, higher than a Marksman but not an expert. The kill shot at 80 yards would have been easy for a shooter of his skill. He was able to score a 48 out of 50 on shots fired at targets at 200 yards while in the USMC. The USMC testified to the WC that he was an above-average shooter when compared to USMC norms and an expert shooter when compared to Joe Public.

3. Expert shooters employed by the Warren Commission were able to duplicate Oswald's three shots with accuracy in as little as 4.6 seconds, using Oswald's own rifle, misaligned scope and all

4. Balistics tests to the recovered bullet and fragments matched Oswald's rifle to the exclusion of every other firearm in the world.

5. The so-called pristine bullet that was found on the stretcher at Parkland hospital matched Oswald's rifle through ballistics tests and came from a lot of bullets manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company that Oswald had purchased through mail order.

6. The rifle Oswald purchased from a firm in Chicago was traced to him via sales records within 24 hours of the shootings.

7. The so-called magic bullet wasn't magic at all. It performed as any fully jacketed round would behave. Its trajectory was a relatively straight line that went through JFK and Connelly. It did not stop and turn midair as asserted in Oliver Stone's ridiculous fiction.

There's so much evidence to support Oswald as the lone gunman. Read Bugliosi's *Reclaiming History.*

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