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Hometown: Maryland
Home country: United States
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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I broke my freakin' arm saying happy valentines day to a republican.

Yesterday I was talking politics outside the 7-11with a very republican looking guy .He told me he didn't like Obama but was vague as to why. His thinking was liberal but he feared communism and all the sort of shit republicans are told to fear, he bemoaned the taxes,yadda yadda,but he also supported universal health care,gun control and the rich paying their fair share,though he was cynical gun control would help gun violence. He was not rude or defensive about my questions,but he also was jaded about the public.He said he used to be more idealistic in his youth, but believed idealistic people were too few in number to change things in this country in a meaningful way.I explained why he might be very wrong about that,explained a conservative county like this one isn't the best model for the rest of the country and fox news isn't news,and he begrudgingly agreed with me,that the news is skewed and this county is a limited example. We had a good 20 minute conversation,me in my turquoise Mohawk and he in his khakis and short graying hair.He seemed to have given up on many of his old beliefs,and that made me happy inside. I wished him a happy valentine's day. .I turned to head home and tripped in the parking lot over a small raised part of the cement,and bang I hit the ground and my arm got it. I laid there a minute waiting for the pain to subside before I got up,and the republican guy I was talking to and another guy in the parking lot helped me get up and they got me ice and were very kind about helping me up.I walked home and by time I hit the door it was definite I had broken my arm.It fucking' huuurrt.
I went to a patient first type urgent care place,xrays showed the radius was a clean break right through it and they splinted my arm sent me home. Today I go to the doc,probably will be in a cast for who knows how long. I am very thankful for medicaid,and I fear for people who in my situation would not be able to get their arm fixed,and would just muddle through.We really need universal health care. And yesterday a Republican agreed with me on that!
Posted by undergroundpanther | Fri Feb 15, 2013, 10:28 AM (30 replies)

If indeed this reality is alive

Maybe our culture is too narcissistic,i.e. cancer like.So when human culture behaves like cancer it creates trauma, so it kills off people by stressing them out and in turn this stresses the "reality being".So bad people has effects far beyond us, but it effects us,like the suicide rate is that equivalent of cell apoptosis due to the stress of a cancerous consciousness,that behaves like a cancer tumor(walled off communities of parasitic rich people?(narcissism sociopaths increasing)?



Maybe the homicide rate is due to this "reality creature's " immune response,that is so deeply unconscious we cannot see it clearly? I mean look at earth it is sick and dying,it grows a fever it is dying of consumption(old name for cancer)and our dna has a viral Dna in it...


Cancer can be viral caused

and maybe the rise in people coming out and people deciding not to have kids is an attempt at homeostasis? To stop the cancer that this 'reality being' may be fighting against which is in us?

Maybe this is why fundamentalists with 10 kids ,and billionaires who live in mansions and gated communities and the closed communities their clubs, ways of thinking and churches create... hate the gay and transgender community? Maybe some have the mentality of cancer and it is causing an immune response from a 'reality being' we are mostly unconscious of?


I wonder why some refuse to stop being selfish greedy sociopaths narcissistic assholes and why we let them get away with their cancerous mentality being imposed on the rest of us? Why should we keep giving our resources(the many) to the rich(tumors) for? I must admit it appears very cancer like in behavior.
And then we have people who can afford it metastasizing to mars.


I know, silly thought.
Posted by undergroundpanther | Mon Feb 11, 2013, 10:44 PM (0 replies)
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