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Hometown: Maryland
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I wonder if this is a contributor to violence in this country...

There are places that house people with mental illness... since section 8 is near impossible to get nowadays... It's religious based housing that forces mentally ill people in their care off their meds because they think jesus will heal them. This kind of thing isn't an anomaly. Some of these facilities are run by churches indirectly as money makers and religion pushing.Some take in minors and force them off medications doctors order for them. It's all done "cold turkey" Often including pain meds.

This crap is going on under the radar all over this country. Thanks to Bush-hole letting the fucking asshole churches "help"the mentally ill. There was a place near me that got shut down.The clients suffered,and it wasn't their fault they were not allowed to take meds that worked for them.I know some of the people that lived there.




Posted by undergroundpanther | Mon Jan 7, 2013, 12:06 AM (8 replies)
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