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Hometown: Maryland
Home country: United States
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,925

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Medical assistance Question..

Has anyone on medical assistance have to sign a 'contract' with a middleman insurance company(mine was united health care MA version)I went to the doctors last thursday,I found out I have a bacterial infection,pinkeye and a UTI.I had to get antibiotics,and I was told to sign for it like on an electronic signature pad like people do for credit cards.I was told it was Walgreen's it is new protocol, don't worry about it, it's what MA wants you to sign..So I signed it because I was sick,after signing it .I felt uneasy, feeling bad about just signing it. So I went back to read what I just signed,it stated that they may or may not pay for my medication.

I am pissed,I had to get the antibiotic and the floconazole propianate to keep the snot from swelling my throat or I won't be able to swallow. They gave me the meds charged me a few bucks yet every one of my meds had pre-authorizations required on it. Never had ALL my meds require a pre-authorization before. Especially antibiotics. WTF.

I called my doc and told her about it.They sent the authorization.I won't know until monday if they will pay it or not...It is very strange. what if they don't pay? I'm broke I can't pay.I am on disability. If anyone else here is a pharmacist who's required clients to sign the 'contract' or finds out what's going on or why,please tell me.

And if anyone here had something like this happen to them please post it here.

This bugs me it feels like the pig 1 percent are going to fuck over the disabled.
Posted by undergroundpanther | Sat Sep 29, 2012, 06:29 AM (0 replies)

Abusing freedom of expression...

Freedom to abuse and manipulate
by Underground Panther in the Sky June 12, 2003

Some people are more emotionally equipped to handle freedom than others are. People emotionally equipped to handle freedom don't have a compulsion to lie, they don't get off on physically or verbally abusing people, they don't abuse people 's trust either. They don't intimidate, humiliate or belittle other people to force them to be silent. They don't act like greedy pigs at other's expense.

They police themselves from within. They have self control and confidence that comes with self awareness and empathy and the desire to improve the well being of others.

Some people don't desire to dominate relationships they are involved in. Some people are not afraid of losing, being wrong, looking 'weak' or having their own integrity doubted by others. Their personalities and personal flaws are less defended because the person accepts them and is aware of their own limits.
They are well aware of their own autonomy and power to choose right and wrong. They are self aware, self responsible, compassionate and secure. Some people know how to share what they have and are oriented toward cultivating right relationships with others. They know how to be assertive without being aggressive. Some people have enough self control to handle freedom of speech and free association.

Other people can't cope with freedom, and beg by their actions and abusive speech to be limited in their freedoms. They readily use the noble idea of freedom as a rallying cry for the right to abuse, use,con,lie, torment or humiliate or mutilate others. They use freedom of speech as a cry for their own alleged right to verbally abuse others. They use freedom of association as a cry for the rights to use others to look "powerful" and con them with religion, promises they intend not to keep,scams or false hopes.

People with conduct disorders want the freedom to be intimidating, pushy, deceptive and cruel, and disrupt others' freedoms and relationships. They need to dominate and control social situations. These people can't handle freedom well. They are emotionally and socially screwed up.

They want to be free to abuse and manipulate other people around themselves and reduce other people's freedoms in the name of the bullies' sought-after authoritarian "freedom."

Tyrants, abusers, and bullies have problems with their own conduct in relationships of any kind. They are freedom killing, disruptive authoritarians, aggressive greedy and deceptive.
A person who is behaving like a totalitarian, a bully, a dominator, a user or abuser is INCOMPATIBLE with a society that values freedom and democracy.

Yet taking an absolutist stance on 'freedom' ... preserves the bully's "rights" to abuse, as well as our own rights to relate to whom we wish to, and to speak our minds.

It was said by the anthropologist who studied a very aggressive and abusive patriarchal tribe, the Yanomano, that in order for one segment of the population to dominate and know power over the "lessors," the other segment or "lessors" must be indoctrinated in cowardice.

It has always been this struggle in society ... what do we do with the bullies, exploiters and liars? Do we give them, rights and let them abuse our freedom ... so they can lie disrupt, foment hatred and abuse people? Or do we limit their damage? Restrict their freedoms?

In a small, close knit tribe where "leaders" have less power over the members and are held accountable by the force of close proximity to the populace, it might be possible to recognize problem people just by watching their habits. Then a population can purge its sociopaths and bullies by exile or by restriction, and maintain sociological health (that is, if bullies are not dominating the tribal government).

But in America, in this civilization gone insane, you can't just limit a bullies freedom without limiting your own freedoms. We are caught in a double bind here. And can we get ourselves out of it and still be free? If so, HOW?

How can a distant uninvolved entity like the government recognize a conduct-disordered bully from someone who is just colorful and outspoken? The law is so easily made corrupted or too busy to give true justice..The government we allow is currently run by authoritarians, bullies liars and abusers. The people in the government have various conduct disorders; that is why we expect them to lie, expect them to exploit us and expect them to abuse our freedoms. This is why we do not trust the government to do much in the interests of maintaining civil freedoms from bullies. Better use those absolutist principles to restrict power-made authoritarians who are equipped with homeland security, FBI and CIA, and huge nuclear arsenals built with our tax money to restrict our freedoms and the freedoms of other nations.

You can risk your own comfy position and turn on the bullies around you with teeth and expose them, call them on their lies publicly, and denounce their sick disordered social control tactics, their greed and destroy their stranglehold over others. So that they know they are no lord or master over others ... It would be a constant fight to get conduct-disordered people to restrict themselves from within. But this is one way out of this "double bind" about freedom.

The other way out is slowly strangling and silencing your own humanity within, by betraying yourself from within. For America's top 1%, the most wealthy to be in the powerful position they are in today, the other 99% of the population of America has to have learned the lessons of cowardice.

A lot of sad, alienated, tired, insecure, overworked, guilty, confused, emotionally unstable, intellectually lazy, and fearful people who are emotionally unequipped for confronting an asshole boss, or an asshole kid, or an asshole spouse have given up freedoms. Especially if they are dependent upon the bully for a paycheck, a relationship, or if they are afraid of confrontation or deep down believe they can't change the situation.

When 1 in 4 Americans have some form of mental illness, it's a warning that our way of relating to each other socially is becoming very sick. I think it's a call from within to stand up and confront the bullies around us, the bullies we let be in power, the bullies who are making us all sick. I am referring to the corporate polluters, liars, con men, the advertisers, politicians, lobbyists, spin doctors, media whores, and all the other public abusers of trust, as well as the domestic bullies like spouse beaters, con men, the TV, school bullies, religious bullies, work bullies, parent bullies and social bullies.
Authoritarians can't self-police their own actions in society. They see no wrong in harming or using others or destroying the Earth for profit. Other people have to step up to control them and contain them or they will not stop.

A person's conscience (if they have one) can torment them emotionally from within, until they make things right with themselves. If you ignore your own conscience's convictions of your wrong actions and words long enough, you can condition yourself to become numbed to it. The cost of ignoring your own conscience is to become neurotic, dishonest, addicted, impulsive, passive aggressive, manipulating, secretive and insecure.

If you let bullies dictate how you live, if you let bullies lie and steal unchallenged, then you are setting yourself up for a big explosion someday or for a free fall to the bottom. Or you just might lose your conscience, either momentarily or forever, when you choose to betray yourself in a fit of rage, frustration or despair. When you are down or shattered to bits inside, a bully does not care about your pain at all. He sees you as an all day sucker to exploit, or as a weak, pathetic loser. He thinks this way because he has no empathy for you.

Authoritarians, bullies, liars, users, abusers, con men, and control freaks are incompatible with notions of freedom and democracy in any civil society.

Yet there is another half of this sick equation: the enabling, passive cowardice of a population who accepts being exploited, and abused who are in the name of security,fear or just not wanting to get involved who are willing to throw away their consciences,empathy with others,determined to destroy mental health and civil society for a pittance and cling to absolutist principles because they don't want to risk doing anything others especially the bullies in this world might disapprove of. They don't want to risk more corrupting influences, to remove to corruption that is already there. This sad dynamic in passive people makes "the natural domination of sociopaths" in society possible.

Get honest and right with yourselves, people. Freedom for the World begins within YOU.

Fuck what others might think of you and those absolutist principals, and do what is right. Authoritarians, con men and bullies are by their nature incompatible with freedom and democracy in a civil society. They are the ones after power simply to abuse power and 'get away with it' who are stirring up free people to consider insane reactions.
Do not lose your freedom or your humanity for other bully people by letting them 'get away with it.'

Confront those who would warp and destroy freedom in the name of freedom.I don't care who they are or how 'powerful' you or they think they are . Do the right thing fearlessly. To not listen to your own conscience and to choose to not have self control, to avoid confrontation of a bully at all costs is what it takes to truly lose your freedom.

Just thought I'd remind everyone.

(slight edit from 2003 version)
Posted by undergroundpanther | Sun Sep 16, 2012, 09:21 PM (1 replies)

The food Nazi's in New york just pissed me off..


If it were That easy...to lose weight as in that commonly believed but incredibly ignorant calories in/out model we'd all be thin.If Soda was the culprit of the obesity problem..

People who think the calorie in and out model works all the time like some math equation,they have no idea the complexities of changing a body metabolism. A lot of fat people eat LESS than thin people do. Diets FAIL,at a 98% rate. There are MANY factors at work causing obesity ,pollutants,viruses,abuse...the list of possible causitive factors is long.
Why can people who drink super big gulps often seem to not gain weight from it?

If diets worked there wouldn't be so many of them being promoted like a magic health solutions.If dieting actually worked and nobody would be fat.Nobody would regain it after using the regimen for months or years.

Yet the fat phobes still continue giving unwanted sanctimonious advice to the overweight as if they KNOW why fat people get fat,is is fucking rude.
Our narcissistic, vain, body/status obsessed and superficial society piles on that all pervasive pressure to conform,suffer to be beautiful,reduce calorie intake exercise more and more and become become food obsessed,until you are scared to eat things, scared to miss the gym because of the burning soul killing humiliation that fat people face,daily. Social pressures,fat bigotry, ignorance that some people have about fat people is abusive and toxic to well being,self acceptance and growing into as a culture, the accepting of body differences in a diverse world.

Fat Bigots are as toxic as racism,homophobia or any other bigotry. But right now browbeating the "fatties" is a hateful bigotry our society now accepts.
It even legislates against food they imagine fat people eat. Soda..what next chips,butter, what will be the next"evil"food to fear?What excuse to control,blame fat people,than no one will have freedom to eat as free people anymore. The saddest thing is this kind of nanny tactic was promoted by the Nazis. Nazis idolized the fit Aryan body, the ancient Greek model of physical perfection. The vain feared fat in the Reich to the point whipped cream was seen as the devil itself. The Nazi's restricted what the people ate 'for their own good' in Nazi Germany. Nazis believed your own body was not really yours.It belonged to the state. Do you wish to be owned and belong to the state,or the City of New York?
Even if limiting soda intake is healthy do you want the LAW of New York City make you by force limit how much sugary shit you can drink in one cup.?

Right now fat bigot politicians , fat bigot busybodies trying to warn fat people of their horrid 'lifestyle choices',and fat bigoted people can get away with such stupid shit . People have internalized a lot of the Nazi belief system without even realizing it. Doesn't matter if you are on the left or right nowadays,there is idealogical overlap..

Maybe one day people will become more sensitized to others situations and care about others well being without the force of law and trying to dominate or control them. Maybe one day the haters, they won't get away with it anymore because society won't tolerate bigots bullshit no matter whom is targeted..Maybe the promotion of the failure called calories in/out will finally be shown to the to be the failure it really is to all these simplistic thinkers and vain and sanctimonious people. Not all overweight people eat tons of junk food drink humongous sodas or fast food all day.

I'm fat,I don't drink sodas,I don't use sugar, Don't eat white rice,or white bread,I do everything in moderation yet my bodies set-point never budges faster for me.
If I diet and I yo yo so I end up fatter,than BEFORE the diet because my bodies set-point drops even further lower.

I learned this by DIETING.A.K.A calorie reduction 1,200 calories to be exact, and I passed out in the weight watchers meeting..I wasn't getting enough food.The starvation study I linked to below had people eating 1,500 calories..

So I gave up on calorie in calorie out dieting,and I haven't gotten any fatter.But the damage is done.

This soda legislation in New York is Fat Bigotry motivated by that same bigoted assumption that fat people use more resources than other people do.I see A LOT of thin people drinking super big gulps nobody looks with disgust at them chugging all that sugar..And over time they sometimes don't gain weight. Did the Lucky sperm club give some people superior metabolic rate? Blessed with a fast metabolism that uses the calories you eat so you don't have weight issues? Lucky fucky you.. BTW don't tell me how to feed myself.I eat healthier than most thin people do even on my cheesy budget. and I HATE Nazi's so I am aware of their tactics and belief systems.

Read this it's the Minnesota starvation study.
A lot of people have been burned by calorie reduction and the yo yo shit..
This may be why we have ENTIRE channels on TV just on One topic,all about FOOD.


And look at the media,and everyone is thin,look how fat people are scorned or made the butt of a joke.As if being fat was worse than being a mean abusive asshole.



Nazi connection to food regulation...

Posted by undergroundpanther | Thu Sep 13, 2012, 10:22 PM (101 replies)
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