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Tarc's Journal
Tarc's Journal
February 29, 2016

This encapsulates what is wrong with some Sanders supporters

When most of the African-American community decides to go with Clinton instead of Sanders, it can't be because they honestly believe in her message and vision. No, it must be because she tricked and hoodwinked them with lies and two-faced maneuvers.

Do you have any self-awareness here, of how demeaning that is to the A-A community? That they are easily duped rubes? Yes, "Bernie is simply offering us Bernie", and the majority of them did not agree with that. Sanders himself is an intelligent man, and no doubt will reflect on this after the election's over and think "what can I do do better appeal to this community of people"

He certainly will not take your tack and wonder "how did Hillary sucker these people away from me?"

What this primary season has show me so far is that Bernie Sanders, while he is not my #1 choice, is a fundamentally a good person. His supporters could learn a lot from him.

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