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Pab Sungenis

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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,612

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A Halloween alternative to candy

Over the past five years we've become the "cool" house in our neighborhood. Why? Because we don't give candy.

We give comic books.

Every year, a number of publishers put out special Halloween mini-comics from their lines. They sell packs of 20 for $5.00 each, and most comic stores offer discounts for advance orders. This year we got 400 books for $80.00, about what we would have paid for candy for a similar crowd.

Comic books encourage reading, can be traded from one sibling to another, and last a lot longer than a little bite-size candy bar.

So if you're concerned about giving candy to kids on Halloween, find a comic shop near you and look into the better alternative.

Question about Federal Emergency Unemployment Benefits

I had enough weeks worked to get state unemployment benefits, but just got turned down for a Federal Tier I extension because I didn't have 20 weeks in a "base year."

I worked more than 20 weeks total, which qualified me the first time, but because my time worked straddled the end of one calendar year and the beginning of the next (2012 into 2013) they turned me down.

Do I have a chance of winning on appeal?

Young women, are you upset you'll have to pay for Viagra

and prostate exams when you buy insurance?

Just curious, since you seem to be using insurance to spread your misandry here on DU today.

Your WTF video of the day

NJ marriage license application: print at home

A few municipalities are refusing to issue licenses by lying and saying they were not sent the proper form from the State.

Here is the application you can download and print at home to bring with you just in case.


Something to think about before talking about a school shooting.

From my novel A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Columbine:

“For the record, guys, I’m with Mick part of the way on this. I have no problem seeing the assholes that got away with beating up Topher pay, and pay through the nose. I don’t think I’d mind seeing any and all of the other jocks get it, either. But there’s one important thing that we’re forgetting.” I paused for a second, cleared my throat, and fought the effort by my stomach to push some bile up into my mouth to shut me up. Like Mick and Topher, and probably Whitey, I was mad. Really mad, and I had to force the logical side of my brain to take control. “And that’s one simple fact: if there’s one problem with school shootings, other than the obvious carnage related difficulties, of course, it’s that people never seem to learn the lesson.”

I stopped again, and looked over the three of them. Topher was glaring even worse than he had been during Mick’s screed. Whitey looked intrigued, as if he guessed where I was going. Mick just crossed his arms and defiantly prodded me. “Go on.”

“By all rights, Columbine should have gotten the message across loud and clear to kids across the country: don’t fuck with the wrong people or you will end up dead. It didn’t, though, and neither did the killings that came later, because people love victims. Because a couple of kids who were sick of being kicked around killed their oppressors, they wound up making themselves into the bad guys, and made the bad guys into victims in everyone’s eyes. People were too overcome with grief over the senseless bloodshed to think about what had driven the two shooters to do what they did. And for those jocks, having their blood spilled wound up washing away their sins as far as everyone was concerned. Don’t think about what they were really like, turn them into perfect little angels in everyone’s eyes. And, personally, I am not really in favor of giving the world of jocks any new martyrs.”

These shootings are tragedies, but they're preventable. And they're preventable by stopping our culture's practice of lifting up bullies who torment kids until those kids feel they have no choice but to take the law into their own hands.

The lines between victim and villain get very blurry in these cases, and until we start punishing bullies instead of ignoring, downplaying, and canonizing them, this is going to happen.

Until we start taking the sides of the REAL victims BEFORE they feel the need to pick up a gun, this is going to happen.

Until we stop making heroes out of oppressors and villains out of victims, this is going to happen.

"Fiscal Conservative" My Ass.

Let's hear it for Jeff Cheisa!

A $30,000 a year pension for four months and six days of work.

Must be nice to have Chris Christie for a buddy, huh?

Biden too old, Hillary too conservative...

We need a young, charismatic LIBERAL on the ticket in 2016.

Who do we have?

I think I'd like to lead a march on Appamatox Courthouse.

When we get there, I would lay a sword on the table and announce "on second thought, the armies of the North surrender. The Confederacy wins. Get out. Now."

They want to keep fighting the Civil War? Fine. Let them go. See how well they'd do without us.

Of course, we'd have to designate Kentucky and southern Missouri as a Demilitarized zone, but small loss.
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