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Pab Sungenis

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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,612

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Got trapped in a jury duty death spiral.

Called for jury duty on this post: http://www.democraticunderground.com/124063634#post7

Tried to cast my initial vote and was told this:

That jury is not accepting votes. This is likely because the post has received the necessary votes or was deleted.

The message wasn't deleted, so that wasn't the case. And it kept me trapped in jury duty until I cancelled out.


“Okay, from now on I’ll call you ‘paranoid schizophrenic with psychotic tendencies.’”


When you’re bitching and moaning about how Siri can’t find the nearest bus stop, or pet grooming parlor, or suicide prevention center, cheer up. Apple could have done a lot worse with their choice of artificial intelligence programs.

More at the link.

Urgent prayer request

This message arrived in my inbox today from a longtime friend regarding a cousin of mine:

Urgent prayer alert!!!!

Chris and her family need your prayers. Her son Ben was hit by a car which strayed off the road last Sunday. It threw Ben 76 feet.. After being air lifted to the hospital the doctors gave Chris very little hope of his survival.

Ben is hanging in there, he did not have a leg amputated as first thought, is breathing on his own, did respond to some commands. Brain injuries are not able to be determined at this point.

I wanted all of you to know what was happening, and send your blessings so Ben can continue to recover miraculously!
I will keep you all updated.

Please send prayers/vibes/positive energy his way. Thank you.

'Junct: The Trashing of Higher Education in America - trailer

Upcoming documentary by Chris Labree, produced by Chris Labree and Deborah Lee Scott.

Looking forward to seeing this one, especially since I have so many friends in academia.

Tweet from August J. Pollak


"I demand copies of Andrew Brietbart's long form death certificate."
Posted by Pab Sungenis | Thu Mar 1, 2012, 09:46 AM (0 replies)

I come to bury Breitbart, not to praise him.

They say not to speak ill of the dead. That's very hard to do in the case of someone like Andrew Breitbart, since he made his career of off saying nothing but ill of other people.

Andrew Breitbart was a petty little man who used lies, distortions, and a well-funded media megaphone to make people's lives miserable. He was a megalomaniac who destroyed the lives of many people, both public and private figures.

My sympathies to his loved ones. There must have been some aspects of him that you saw that we did not. I hope you make these facets known in the coming days. And I hope that he may finally find the peace that he denied so many others at long last.
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