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Pab Sungenis

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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,612

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Just curious here. How many of you,

after serving on a jury, rush here to watch the fireworks when the results come back?

We need a direct alert to MIRT button.

Taking a crapshoot on a jury hiding what is an obvious right wing troll spewing Republican talking points before MIRT gets to look at them is too much of a chance. Some feel anything short of hate speech isn't "offensive" enough to hide.

An option to alert a low-post-count troll directly to the MIRT would be immensely helpful.

I'm right in the path of the storm!

Just saw the latest path projections for Hurricane Sandy.

The eye is projected to pass right over my house.

Wheeee. See you all after the electric and net is restored.

One part of hurricane preparedness people forget.

Fill your gas tank now.

If evacuation is ordered, you might have to drive for a while before you can get to a station that is open and has gas.

Also, this kind of thing is manna to the profiteers. Expect gas prices to jump 30 cents overnight in the Northeast by tomorrow afternoon. Filling up now means you're less likely to fall victim to scammers.

"Alone In the Booth" McGovern Ad.


Once again, come home, America. Let's win this one for old George.

McGovern 1972 campaign ad.

Let's win this one for George.

Mondale "More" ad from 1984.

The Mondale campaign was a disaster, but his policies were spot on. How much better off would we be today if he had won?

""I have my beautiful wife, Ann..."

If she's the beautiful one, I'd hate to see...

...nah, too easy. Never mind.

The Memesphere knows who won the debate last night.

Not everyone who is concerned is a concern troll.

(Accidentally posted in GD instead of here. Reposting.)

The question is, what do they want you to do with your concern?

If they want you to think that it's all over and there's no hope, they're a troll.

If they want you to volunteer more for phone banking and GOTV efforts, they're good Democrats.

And if you are concerned about the polls (and you should be) then work harder to get our voters out.
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