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I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

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Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong

Here is the story of Michael Brown’s murder that we all believed: One sunny day in Ferguson, Mo., a huge behemoth of a man named Michael Brown walked into a convenience store; committed a strong-arm robbery, escaping with the invaluable loot of a pack of cigarillos; and while he was walking home, Darren Wilson, a brave cop responding to the robbery, stopped him.

When Wilson tried to detain Brown, Brown reached for the cop’s gun and the policeman shot him. But Brown wouldn’t quit, and the officer thought that Brown might have a weapon, so Wilson shot a few more times to stop Brown from harming him.

“What happened in Ferguson is that a man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer—to save his life—shot him. The police officer did his duty. The officer should be commended for what he did.” —Rudy Giuliani on Fox News, March 12, 2015
Except none of that happened.

After a documentarian released video this past weekend that dispels the myth of the Mike Brown corner-store robbery, more information is emerging about the n-word-using patrolman who was accused of racial discrimination and excessive force even before he pumped at least six bullets into Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, killing him. New court papers reveal that Brown never tried to take the officer’s gun, never struck the officer and did not initiate any contact with Wilson, who was cleared of wrongdoing by a secret grand jury in November 2014.


MEANWHILE, in Russia:

Are these our babies or someone else's? I can't tell anymore...


Popular YouTuber "JonTron" Has Some Batshit Crazy Thoughts on Immigration He'd Like to Share

Jon Jafari is a popular YouTube gamer and comedian better known as JonTron. He’s the founder of Normalboots—a network of channels including Did You Know Gaming and Peanutbuttergamer—and was the original cohost of the “Let’s Play” channel Game Grumps. Between those projects, Jafari wields influence over an estimated 12 million subscribers, not counting minor cameos and crossovers elsewhere within the YouTube community. More recently, Jafari has claimed that Mexican immigrants are setting up “ethnic enclaves” in the US “to break parts of America off back into Mexico.”

Jafari began his descent into madness on Sunday, when he tweeted a defense of Iowa Representative Steve King’s controversial claim that “ can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” a remark that has since been condemned by just about everyone except for white nationalist and possible fish-human David Duke. From there, Jafari’s tweets led him to agree to defend his positions during a conversation with professional streamer Steve Bonnell, better known as Destiny, on Twitch. Yes, yes, we’re getting to the interesting stuff shortly.

Over the course of two hours, Jafari’s comments on the stream ranged from baseless to deeply inflammatory. In addition to his ludicrous claim about Mexicans attempting to somehow recapture American land, he said that “we don’t need immigrants from incompatible places” and that white people were going through a “demographic displacement” due to immigration, which he likened to apartheid South Africa. Truly the mind reels. But wait, there’s more.

Jafari also claimed that wealthy black Americans commit more crimes than poor whites (citation badly needed), the court system doesn’t display bias against people of color (it does), that Irish and Italians were always considered “white” in America (they weren’t), and that Black Lives Matter doesn’t disavow violence (it does). “We’ve gotten rid of discrimination in our Western countries,” said Jafari, only to later state that “nobody wants to become a minority in their own country.”



Stop me if you've heard this before -- GamerBro with huge Bro following gets a bit racist, people call him out, and he doubles down the stupidity to the nth degree while playing the persecuted victim martyred for his opinion...

NYPD sergeant who raped 13-year-old girl gets just three years in prison

Source: Daily News

AN NYPD sergeant who raped and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl scored a soft sentence Monday of only three years in prison just a year for each attack.

Vladimir Krull, a 12-year veteran of the department assigned to the Midtown North Precinct, had also served as a Marine in Iraq. The three ghastly attacks on the teen took place in 2013 and 2014. The victim was the daughter of Krulls then-girlfriend.

Bronx prosecutors said he first kissed her on the mouth in September 2013 then proceeded to abuse her further. The abuse escalated and he raped the victim in her home and in his car during two separate incidents, jurors found.

Krull, 39, was also convicted of making the victim perform a sex act on him in his car in June 2014 after a father-daughter breakfast for her eighth-grade class. A spokeswoman for Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark confirmed that Supreme Court Justice Lester Adler had sentenced Krull to just three years for each incident of abuse, which will run concurrently.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/nypd-sergeant-raped-13-year-old-girl-3-years-prison-article-1.2996704

Well, I see he lost his badge but the Trump administration should still be hiring when he gets out...

I mean THREE years?? Kalief Browder "served" that long waiting for his hearing over a missing backpack...

MEANWHILE, at Lake Tahoe:


Trump Appointee Who Tweeted About "Some Muslim Piece Of Shit" Fired

A massage therapist and former Donald Trump campaign operative with a history of making disparaging remarks about Muslims on Twitter is no longer employed with the Department of Energy, following a BuzzFeed News inquiry, and a story from Greentech Media, about his tweets and status, a department spokesperson told BuzzFeed News his employment at the agency ended on Friday.

According to two employees at the nuclear weapons agency, who asked to remain anonymous, Sid Bowdidge, 60, began working at the department following President Trump’s inauguration. An internal department database identified the New Hampshire Trump campaign worker as “assistant to the secretary,” a nebulous title given to political appointees at varied levels of responsibility.

Though such assistants may or may not be involved in science or policy decisions, this week he attended a staff meeting for the Office of Technology Transitions, an office established two years ago to help private companies incorporate technology developed at the department’s national labs — among the world’s premier physics and nuclear weapons research facilities — in their products.
In the summer of 2015, Bowdidge identified himself as a massage therapist to NBC News during a viewing party at the Trump campaign’s New Hampshire headquarters in Manchester for the first GOP primary debate. BuzzFeed News also found an ad for his massage services on Backpage.com.


Way to bury the lede... A motherfucking massage therapist was special assistant to the Secretary of Energy??

MEANWHILE, in Los Angeles...


"Stories" like this make me want to stab something


When wrongful convictions affect blacks more than whites, can we call it a justice system?

Racial disparities have long been evident in the U.S. criminal justice system, but a new report drilling into statistics on wrongful convictions points up exactly how nefarious the problem is. African Americans are much more likely to be wrongfully convicted of a murder, sexual assault or drug offense than whites.

The report, by the National Registry of Exonerations, found that “innocent black people are about seven times more likely to be convicted of murder than innocent white people,” and thus also account for a disproportionate share of the growing number of exonerations. African Americans who were convicted and then exonerated of murder charges also spent four years longer on death row than wrongfully convicted whites (and three years longer for those sentenced to prison).

According to the report, African Americans convicted of murder “are about 50% more likely to be innocent than other convicted murderers,” and that such wrongful convictions, even when later corrected, expands the impact of violence on African American communities.

“A major cause of the high number of black murder exonerations is the high homicide rate in the black community — a tragedy that kills many African Americans and sends many others to prison,” says the report, written by Samuel R. Gross, a University of Michigan law professor, and registry researchers Maurice Possley and Klara Stephens. “Innocent defendants who are falsely convicted and exonerated do not contribute to this high homicide rate. They — like the families of victims who are killed — are deeply harmed by murders committed by others.”

Bias in the system becomes clear when looking at the races of the arrested suspects as well as the victims. Blacks are more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder when the victim is white: “Only about 15% of murders by African Americans have white victims, but 31% of innocent African American murder exonerees were convicted of killing white people.”

Chillingly, black prisoners later exonerated of the crimes for which they were convicted were 22% more likely to have been targeted by police misconduct, a function of everything from malevolent individual racism by law enforcement and prosecutors to institutional discrimination.

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