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Africa Trade Meeting Has No Africans After US Visa Denials

Each year, the University of Southern California brings delegations from Africa to meet with business leaders, government officials and others in the U.S. But this year, the African summit has no Africans. All were denied visas.

Visa issues are not uncommon for people traveling from African nations. During her prior three summits, Mary Flowers saw a high percentage of her attendees at the African Global Economic and Development Summit, unable to attain visas.

"Usually we get 40 percent that get rejected but the others come," said Flowers, chair of the African Global Economic and Development Summit. "This year it was 100 percent. Every delegation. And it was sad to see, because these people were so disheartened."

Flowers estimated that she lost about 100 attendees, including speakers and government officials. The countries affected included Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

'A discrimination issue'

"I have to say that most of us feel it's a discrimination issue with the African nations," said Flowers. "We experience it over and over and over, and the people being rejected are legitimate business people with ties to the continent."

A request for comment from the State Department was not immediately returned.



MEANWHILE, the Alt-Left will have a LOT of spinning to do:










Georgia Middle School Teacher Arrested in Massive $6.2 Million Cocaine and Heroin Bust

The Hall County Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad has arrested a 28-year-old middle school teacher in conjunction with a raid earlier this week that produced more than $6 million worth of cocaine and heroin. Karla Alvarez, a teacher at Chestatee Academy in Gainesville, Georgia, was arrested along with Monica Pascual Brito on charges of trafficking and possessing with the intent to distribute cocaine and heroin. Both women, along with a third suspect, are also facing two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Hall County authorities seized 61 kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram of heroin and two semi-automatic assault rifles from an Oakwood home. The street value of the sized narcotics was estimated at $6,209,280.

According to information obtained from The Times, Alvarez has worked as a teacher and girl’s soccer team coach since August of 2015. The third missing suspect, Ricardo Pascual Brito, is believed to be the brother of Monica Pascual Brito and faces the same trafficking and possession charges.

For what it’s worth, a 2016 study by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution determined the average schoolteacher in Hall County earns approximately $54,701 annually. That figure isn’t among the top ten highest-paying school systems in Georgia.



Extra credit for the author lampshading a justification by saying they *only* make $55k living in the Atlanta exurbs... Shit, that's 60% more than what I've fucking made the past 10 years...

Your daily Greenwald

Seriously -- Is anyone still trying to defend this assclown? Because I'm more than happy to stop posting this stuff and hammering my point into oblivion:




Conservative GOP Lawmaker Arrested After Allegedly Hiring 17-Year-Old Boy for Sex

(OKLAHOMA CITY) — An Oklahoma state senator was booked Thursday on child prostitution charges for allegedly hiring a 17-year-old boy for sex, leading to calls for his resignation and a separate internal investigation into his years of work with a youth program.

Ralph Shortey, a 35-year-old conservative Republican who has a wife and three young daughters, surrendered to authorities on charges of engaging in child prostitution, transporting a minor for prostitution and engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church. He was released after about two hours on a $100,000 bond.

The allegations led to Shortey's removal from his volunteer position with the Oklahoma City YMCA's Youth and Government program, in which he has been active for 17 years and served as a chaperone on several out-of-state trips, YMCA spokeswoman Brenda Bennett said. She said she was unaware of any allegations of wrongdoing involving Shortey's work for the program, but that the agency is conducting an internal investigation due to the nature of the criminal case.

Acting on a tip from the teen's father, police went to the Super 8 Hotel in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore last week to check on the boy, who was seen going into a room with a man, according to a police report. The officers were told the boy had solicited sex through Craigslist on other occasions and had a history of drug abuse.



The latest hot takes on Russiagate from our "friends" on the alt-left:

1. Russiagate is the same as birtherism

2. By continuing to focus on Russiagate we're pissing off Russia, making Trump stronger and alienating voters

3. Russiagate is stealing attention from other pressing domestic matters




Keith Ellison getting thrown under the bus in T-minus 7...6...5...


The responses below are GOLD

How Russia's attack on Freeland got traction in Canada

Now that we’re well into the second week of an imbroglio that should be remembered as one of the most disgraceful, embarrassing, or at least hilarious events in the recent history of Canadian journalism, the “Chrystia Freeland Lied About Her Family’s Nazi Past” hoax is accruing to itself ever thicker layers of absurdity and silliness.

It was a hoax, we would all admit, if we were capable of resisting the inclination to double-down on the preposterous claims and dirty insinuations that have been allowed to muddy the significance of what has really happened here. It was a hoax, perpetrated on the Canadian public, in service of Vladimir Putin’s gangland regime in Moscow.

Chrystia Freeland, the journalist-turned-politician who was appointed Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs only two months ago, has not been shown to have lied about anything. And as the plot thickened, Freeland found herself being accused of engaging in her own hoax by blaming the Russians for her misfortunes.

Quite apart from the adorable Canadian naiveté involved in passive-aggressively permitting the Kremlin to headline-hack itself out of a national spotlight that should have been shining last week on Putin’s belligerence in Ukraine and the Baltics, there are a couple of things that distinguish this particular Kremlin caper from the run-of-the-mill jobs.


For those who missed it, this was another classic lowlight for our intrepid, speaking-truth-to-power scribes at the Intercept... Espcially when Justin Ling of VICE pointed out that the Russians had been openly shopping this story to Canadian media so ol' Glennie was publishing 100% pure agitprop... Greenwald of course tried going to war with Ling before punking out...


(I told you people a long time ago that I'd be proven right on the type of shill Greenwald is with his $250 million overhyped blog)

(Not Florida) Substitute teacher drinks boxed wine in classroom, vomits in front of students

Administrators at Brookland-Cayce High School say they found Judith Elizabeth Richards-Gartee, 52, vomiting on the ground in front of students in her classroom around 9:45 Friday morning.

After getting sight of the unsuitable scene, officials pulled the woman — who was unable to walk — away from the area in a wheelchair and to a school resource officer, TheState.com reported.

That’s when a Lexington county deputy discovered the box of wine hanging out of her handbag.

Investigators allege that Judith Richards-Gartee, 52, “had a box of wine in her bag that was opened” and that students reported she was “consuming the wine during class.” She was then taken into the nurse's office and later brought to a nearby medical center.


Which one of you was this? CONFESS!

Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong

Here is the story of Michael Brown’s murder that we all believed: One sunny day in Ferguson, Mo., a huge behemoth of a man named Michael Brown walked into a convenience store; committed a strong-arm robbery, escaping with the invaluable loot of a pack of cigarillos; and while he was walking home, Darren Wilson, a brave cop responding to the robbery, stopped him.

When Wilson tried to detain Brown, Brown reached for the cop’s gun and the policeman shot him. But Brown wouldn’t quit, and the officer thought that Brown might have a weapon, so Wilson shot a few more times to stop Brown from harming him.

“What happened in Ferguson is that a man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer—to save his life—shot him. The police officer did his duty. The officer should be commended for what he did.” —Rudy Giuliani on Fox News, March 12, 2015
Except none of that happened.

After a documentarian released video this past weekend that dispels the myth of the Mike Brown corner-store robbery, more information is emerging about the n-word-using patrolman who was accused of racial discrimination and excessive force even before he pumped at least six bullets into Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, killing him. New court papers reveal that Brown never tried to take the officer’s gun, never struck the officer and did not initiate any contact with Wilson, who was cleared of wrongdoing by a secret grand jury in November 2014.

As part of a civil suit filed last year against Wilson, a court document reveals some stunning admissions from the former Ferguson police officer. In a court docket filed Dec. 28, the cop who killed Brown admitted to using racial slurs, cursing at Brown before he was killed and grabbing him without provocation.



So it turns out Wilson DID lie his fucking ass off and the nation swallowed it... In some alternate reality where DJT isn't president and dominating every news cycle with his daily scandal, something like this would be getting MUCH more coverage than it is right now...
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