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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

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Julian Assange has spoken:

By this point the WL TL is indistinguishable from parody North Korea press officer TLs

Report suggests Russia, Syria deliberately targeted civilian areas of Aleppo

Source: CNN

"The biggest revelation of this report is not necessarily that these attacks were happening, but the scale at which they were happening," Eliot Higgins, a senior fellow at the Digital Forensic Research Lab of the Atlantic Council, told CNN.

The report, titled "Breaking Aleppo," comes against a backdrop of dramatic political change in the United States, with President Donald Trump signaling the possibility for increased cooperation with Moscow in Syria...

...The Russian government has categorically rejected allegations that its forces targeted hospitals, while Assad has previously said that deliberately bombing medical facilities would amount to a war crime.
But Higgins, who carried out much of the analysis for the report, calls the attacks "undeniable."

"It's important that these attacks are recognized and that there is some sort of response," Higgins, a British-based researcher who founded the social sleuthing website bellingcat.com, said. "We're implicitly giving a green light to other countries, saying that it's OK to indiscriminately bomb civilian populations and hospitals."

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/13/middleeast/syria-russia-aleppo-civilian-areas

1. I told folks this was going on back when the political left was wringing their hands over the USAF incident with the MSF facility and wanting to drag Obama before a war crimes tribunal, so don't act shocked...

2. I humbly await comment from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and her defenders...

3. I humbly await comment from Glenn Fucking Greenwald and the rest of his Intercept dudebros...

Wherein Glenn Greenwald throws Snowden under the bus...

You know what I like about binary, absolutist minds? It is so goddamned easy to lead them into an argument where they go full-circle...

A little further digging in his TL will also reveal numerous rants on why leaks about Trump's incompetence is bad... Irony has officially been killed...

Filed under: "Shit only white folks can get away with doing"

Gun advocates arrested carrying rifle into Dearborn police station

James Baker had body armor on and a semi-automatic pistol strapped to his hip as he slung a short-barreled rifle over his chest and pulled a black ski mask over his head. His buddy, Brandon Vreeland, a fellow open carry advocate, also had on body armor but left his gun in the car, instead bringing along cameras to videotape the encounter that was about to take place.

The two men wanted to file a complaint about being pulled over earlier by Dearborn police officers, but also saw it as an opportunity to test the suburban Detroit department to see if its officers “honored” the Constitution and their right to carry guns.

When the two men walked into the lobby of the Dearborn Police Headquarters on Michigan Avenue on Sunday afternoon, just about what you would expect to happen happened.

Police officers with guns drawn were waiting, and a tense standoff occurred as the two men initially refused to comply with orders to drop to the ground as they argued they had a right to carry weapons.


So... Body armor, rifles, ski masks, and they just go rollin' up in a community police station to file a complaint?

Unarmed black folks get shot on sight while these assclowns merely get arrested with a stern talking-to, I guess...

Today's reminder that not all of humanity sucks...

A gift of life : Pilot donates kidney

We often help out colleagues with little things such as making a cup of coffee, offering a life home or working a shift to help out, but would you go as far as undergoing major surgery for a work associate?

Jenny Hansel, a flight attendant on Alaska Airlines has been suffering from kidney disease for over 15 years, undergone 7 surgeries and is subjected to 10 hours of dialysis every night. Without a kidney transplant, Jenny faces many years of dialysis and quite likely death. Alaska Airlines called for a donor from among their employees and Captain Jodi Harskamp was one of the first people to step forward. Captain Harskamp flies for Alaska Airlines, especially on the Hawaii route, and Jenny Hansel was often an attendant on the same aircraft. Four years previously, Jenny Hansel was one of the first people to step up to assist with food and other necessities when Captain Harskamp’s home burnt down, leaving her, her baby and her dog with nothing but what they had on them when they evacuated the burning house.
Pilot to donate kidney to flight attendant

The surgery is scheduled for March 13 and the recovery time for the two women will be around 6 to 12 weeks before returning to work. Captain Harskamp’s career is on the line if she does not recover well enough to return to normal duties, but she believes she has assessed the risk and that the reward is far greater than the potential loss.

In Captain Harskamp’s words : “As one person, it’s difficult to change the world, but you can at least change somebody’s world.”



Full transcript of Trump's black history "speech"


Jesus fucking Christ it's going to be a long four years... The rage is going to give me a heart attack sooner or later...


Half-assed false equivalencies will continue to doom the left

I present to you the cockroach Glenn Greenwald, leader of the left's Trump Normalization Campaign:


WikiLeaks/Moscow already trying to openly taint another election:


And then they attack Josh Marshall of all people for calling them out... Classy: https://twitter.com/WLTaskForce/status/826633201812594688

From Oct. 26: "Cruz suggests leaving SC seat vacant if Clinton elected"

Cruz is the second Republican to suggest that the GOP will simply block any Democratic nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February. Arizona Sen. John McCain made a similar assertion earlier this month.

Speaking to reporters while campaigning for Republicans on Wednesday, Cruz was asked about Supreme Court vacancies.

"There will be plenty of time for debate on that issue, there is long historical precedent for a Supreme Court with fewer justices, just recently Justice (Stephen) Breyer observed that the vacancy is not impacting the ability of the court to do its job, that's a debate that we are going to have," Cruz said, in a quote later provided by his office.


So there is not only precedent, but a moral duty to ensure Trump's nominees never get in...

So... Didn't take long for the "voter fraud" story to evaporate...

Trump’s voter fraud "expert" registered in 3 states

SAN FRANCISCO — A man who President Donald Trump has promoted as an authority on voter fraud was registered to vote in multiple states during the 2016 presidential election, the Associated Press has learned.

Gregg Phillips, whose unsubstantiated claim that the election was marred by 3 million illegal votes was tweeted by the president, was listed on the rolls in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, according to voting records and election officials in those states. He voted only in Alabama in November, records show.

In a post earlier this month, Phillips described “an amazing effort” by volunteers tied to True the Vote, an organization whose board he sits on, who he said found “thousands of duplicate records and registrations of dead people.”

Trump has made an issue of people who are registered to vote in more than one state, using it as one of the bedrocks of his overall contention that voter fraud is rampant in the U.S. and that voting by 3 to 5 million immigrants illegally in the country cost him the popular vote in November.

The AP found that Phillips was registered in Alabama and Texas under the name Gregg Allen Phillips, with the identical Social Security number. Mississippi records list him under the name Gregg A. Phillips, and that record includes the final four digits of Phillips’ Social Security number, his correct date of birth and a prior address matching one once attached to Gregg Allen Phillips. He has lived in all three states.

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