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The measly amount of money in the "payroll tax" debate is just Good Cop/Bad Cop again


Yeah, I know. $1,000/ year is a lot of money for a lot of people.

But don't let that distract you. Don't let that tired old good cop/bad cop routine deceive you.

If the money that was being spent to subsidize the war industry, the prison industry and the militarization of domestic law enforcement were spend on the citizens of the US, you would see how paltry and unsubstantial that number is.

Frankly, it is an insult. If you want to save the average guy, stop kicking people out of their homes and at the same time save home values from dropping to historic levels. It could be done. Easily. Fuck trickle down. Trickle the fucker UP by hiring people to do infrastructure work or give them money to earmark for mortgage payments or home improvements that will keep them in their times, improve the value of their homes AND save the banks from the consequences of bad loans. But it wasn't really about the bad loans themselves, was it? It was really about the bets, the speculation, the commodity trading of the little slices of mortgages that were sold off and then insured for by the fucking fat cat bastards like Goldman Sachs. Still the US public got stuck with the bill and this $1,000 is nothing but a cheap giveaway to distract. It is peanuts compared to the TRILLIONS given to the banks and financial institutions.

Remember, just one family in the US, just 6 members of the Walton family, is wealthier than 30% of the bottom US incomes COMBINED.

So you are not only fighting for crumbs, you are praising the fat cats that are tossing them down to you.

Good Cop - Bad Cop. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Nothing up my sleeve.

It is not that there is no difference between Dems and Repubs. It is that the difference is so slight as to be barely worth mentioning from the big perspective. And with the shit state the US and the World is in, the big perspective is the only one worth looking at. Unless you're just in this to put a meaningless "W" in your column that is, ho ho.

Republicans pretend to be reluctant to give it. Democrats pretend to fight hard to get it and no one notices that it is chicken feed. The smallest possible scraps to keep you alive while they empty out the refrigerator. Once the refrigerator is empty, you will notice that the furniture has already been sold and the nails and screws holding the house together have been melted down for scrap.

But you will keep finding hotspots in the world to direct US military power -the only thing the US can really compete with China against anymore. The people that run the US have given up on its long term prospects quite some time ago. They have divested and globalized and they are gone. What is happening now is the beginnings of the riots in the middle of an empty, abandoned, post-apocolyptic supermarket. Even the owners have left. And you are fighting over the last few packages of hamburger helper.


If you're pre-video game age, what kinds of pencil and paper games did you play?

Of court we did all sorts of games like the ones where you make boxes and color them in (what's it called?) and also Battleship, but I was trying to remember how we used to play this one game which I thought we used to called "Sea, Air and Land" or something like that.

It's a "pencil flicking" game where your ship moves forward by flicking the pencil and then you would redraw your ship where it wound up. Then you try to shoot at the enemy ship the same way -by flicking your pencil so the line will intersect their ship.

Remember anyone?

We also used to draw amorphous shaped obstacles in the way representing either forests or mountains or whatever...

I would love to hear your own memory of pre-video game "video games" (if you will -they WERE similar to early atari games).


Can we have an "Asia" forum?

There is one for Canada, Australia, Latin America, UK...

Can we have one for Asia which could combine Japan, Korea and China, etc.?

Will binary thinking follow us here into DU3 as well?

I think one of the most insidious things about the two party system is the binary thinking it induces in people.

It is my belief that the two parties use "issues" (often called "social issues" but also including more minor things too) to divide people and distract them from the major issue. What is the major issue? Economics, class and poverty of course.

But now that political parties have such a clear read on the values of the consumers (read "voters", they can select freely among wedge issues the will split off groups in ways conducive to them. They can also play good cop/bad cop more easily and collude with each other.

For most issues, one or the other political party has already staked ground and "claimed" the issue for themselves. Let's take "national security" as an example. It used to belong solely to the Republicans, but thanks to Pres. Obama, it has been "reclaimed". Now we can all agree or disagree about whether or not missiles should be fired from drone aircraft and "accidentally" blowing up people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Yemen, etc. --BUT to form an opinion of the issue based on whether the leader of the country is a Democrat or a Republican is surely insane. This is the flip side of the "binary thinking" model.

Generally when we think of binary thinking, we think of choosing the other side of an issue reflexively because of the position of our "opposition" (Republicans), but the opposite is also true. There is a tendency to approve of a position because our side is doing it. To me, this is what happens when you do not have a clear moral compass and doing so is a virtual guarantee that your party will creep towards a position on issue that is popular but which has no moral grounding.

Let us remember that it is economics and the fight for the rights of the poor and working class that created the Democratic Party Let us retain our own moral compass and not be swayed but he rhetoric of the other side OR our side.

Let us use this new DU to discuss issues without succumbing to binary thinking -but rather to try to arrive at dialectic solutions to problems using a moral and not a political compass. That's what I hope for anyway.

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