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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 3,177

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Katie Couric interview with Neal Katyal

At the 20 min mark, she asks Neal about Clarence Thomas and he says he can’t comment. Hmmm.

The Gift You Are - John Denver

If you’re looking for a little positivity and love, this live performance will bring a smile. The message of love, we are all gifts to each other, may give us all hope for someday of having a better community, in the midst of all the violence.

John forgets the words and he asks for help from the audience.

Happy Earth Day, DU!

Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day. Here is a song by John Denver. We’re so lucky to have his music, a gift to all who listen.

Tree well snowboarder rescue on Mt. Baker

This is truly amazing! A skier wearing a GoPro camera rescues a snowboarder.

Edited to add news story link

Jen Psaki on Stephan Colbert last night

Fun interview! Really looking forward to her new show.

Oregon group of moms wanting to ban books

In this article, two of the women in this group are seeking to ban books in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. They don’t have children that attend schools in the district. Yet, they want to impose their beliefs and ban books.


“They've since built up a small army to take on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board, showing up to meetings and reading explicit passages from the books.
That army is part of the Oregon Moms Union. The group was founded during the pandemic by Mackensey Pulliam, wife of Sandy mayor and Oregon Republican gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam. KGW spoke to Mackensey Pulliam about the Oregon Moms Union and its goals last year.
"I think parents and families have a wide range of religious and personal values, and I think that sometimes they don't always appreciate that. Sometimes it feels like some of the curriculum that's taught is something that they would not prefer for their kids to learn at school," said Pulliam, "or they may prefer to teach it in a way that more so aligns with their values or their religious beliefs."
Since its founding, the Oregon Moms Union has taken on school boards across the state — rallying against COVID-19 restrictions, vaccine mandates, new guidance on supporting transgender students, and now books.”

After latest update, my podcasts won't play continuously

After the latest update for my iPad, 16.3.1, my Apple Podcasts won’t play continuously. I like to listen to podcasts at night, so it’s driving me crazy. I went to Settings and the continuous play is toggled on, so I’m not sure why it’s not working. Any ideas of how to fix it?

So, are the MAGA House members wearing their AR-15 lapel pins today?

I suppose they’re disgusting enough to wear them with pride.

Highly recommend The Makanai-Cooking for the Maiko House on Netflix

Experiencing a ton of stress from many directions right now and this show is so relaxing and sweet. No violence in any form. Beautiful scenery, a sweet story, yummy cooking, like Chicken Soup for the Soul, but Japanese style.

Former Portland Trailblazers broadcaster Bill Schonely has died

I have fun memories of listening to him on the radio. People would attend the games and have their radios with them, he was that much fun to listen to.


Bill Schonely has died at 93 years old.

The report comes from long time PDX sportswriter Kerry Eggers who co-wrote Schonelys autobiography.

Schonely is probably the most famous and beloved broadcaster in Portland history and the long time voice of the Blazers who coined the phrase “Rip City”.
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