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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 10,760

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I'm always on the lookout to connect with like-minded people, learn new things and debate the issues. I enjoy indoor gardening, traveling, going to the theater, reading and cooking. My great grandmother instilled in me a love for democratic politics. She lived through the great depression and talked about how essential FDR was in rescuing our country from the brink. My pronouns are he and his; I use they, them and their in posts when I refer to others when I do not know their gender.

Journal Archives

Paycheck to Paycheck - the cruelty of the GOP

We just watched the documentary Paycheck to Paycheck. The cruelty of anyone who will take assistance and foodstamps while denying Medicaid coverage to a single mom with three kids is staggering.

The documentary follows a mom who went to school to become a CNA, and now works full time at a nursing home. She literally lives paycheck to paycheck without any hope of escaping poverty.

She is young but looks many years beyond her age. She wears fatigue and depression on her face. Pictures of her as a young bride, with a smile and radiance, show a stark contrast from a few short years ago to now.

It was hard for me to watch. We can't allow ourselves to avert our gaze from the poverty and suffering that are all around us. This mom's story broke me heart.

It fills me with rage that the GOP, conservatives, and those who enable them can be so cruel that they want to take food from the mouths of children. Conservative governors deny the poor Medicaid because of ideology. They want to keep people sick and deny treatment to those with disease.

It's as if nearly half of our country is made of sociopaths who enjoy inflicting pain and misery.

Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.

The tonight show is completely different now. It needed an extreme makeover.

So good. So good.

Photos: Thousands stranded in 20-hour commute as minor snowstorm hits Atlanta

Behold the fruits of a state being managed by a republican super-majority.

And the sad thing is, the same people complaining about being caught in traffic will elect the same bunch of morons next time around. Because, freedom, or something.

We even have our own "Heck of a job" Brownie, by way of Georgia's Emergency Management Agency. He didn't activate GEMA until after 4:00, when school buses full of children were already stuck on the freeways. On the local media here are unending press conferences with the governor, mayor of Atlanta, someone called "the colonel" and GEMA director. When they're not blaming one another, they are talking about "everything they've learned" from their rarefied perches above the people.

We have been through this before -- three years ago. So it's not like it's something that's never happened to Atlanta.

Photos: Thousands stranded in 20-hour commute as minor snowstorm hits Atlanta
Commuters spent the night on the freeway

A winter storm (or, as northerners might refer to it, a “storm”) has all but shut down Atlanta, where the interstates were entirely unprepared for the two inches of snow that fell on Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Some, having left work and school last evening, are still on their way home as the commute creeps past hour 20.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, who late Tuesday night declared a state of emergency, said early Wednesday that the National Guard is sending military Humvees out to Atlanta’s freeways to get food and water to people, while State Patrol troopers are checking on students who had to spend the night at school. The local police force, meanwhile, is overwhelmed...


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