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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,469

About Me

I'm always on the lookout to connect with like-minded people, learn new things and debate the issues. I enjoy indoor gardening, traveling, reading and cooking. My great grandmother instilled in me a love for democratic politics. She lived through the great depression and talked about how important FDR, our greatest president, was in rescuing our country from the brink. To sum it up, I am an unabashed liberal democrat who believes America's best days are ahead of it.

Journal Archives

DU3 is fantastic

I admit that when I started using it early this morning, I thought it was going to be kludgey and difficult.

Was I wrong. Navigation is faster, the topics are organized in a logical way, the social sharing features will bring more birds of a feather into the fold, and the jury will have an impact on moderation.

I'm both nervous and excited to see how DU evolves under the jury system, but I'm hopeful that we will be a better community because of it. It's true democracy in action.

If you're not sold on DU3 yet, give it about an hour and you'll be happy about the upgrade. Also, watch the videos on the homepage. They only will take about 10 minutes of your time, but reduce the learning curve significantly.
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