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Rhiannon12866's Journal
Rhiannon12866's Journal
August 31, 2023

BIGGEST Lawsuit to DISQUALIFY Trump Yet has Now Been Filed - Meidas Touch

Michael Popok reports on growing cries to disqualify Trump from the ballot now, this time with a new Michigan lawsuit that has been filed against the Democratic Secretary of State to ban Trump from the Republican primary and general election ballot arguing that he is disqualified for “engaging” in insurrection or rebellion under the 14th amendment. - 08/31/2023.

August 31, 2023

'That can be fatal': Why Meadows gambled big time by taking the stand in Georgia - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Anna Bower, Lawfare Legal Fellow and Courts Correspondent, and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner join Jen Psaki to discuss Mark Meadows' testimony in Georgia to move his trial to federal court, his claim that he played no role in coordinating the fake electors scheme, and more. - 08/31/2023.

August 31, 2023

Giant watusi bull named Howdy Doody rides shotgun in car - KHOU 11 Houston

The driver was pulled over and told he needed to take his bull named Howdy Doody home. The ordeal apparently upset the bull which led to bull...um poop on the car. - Aired on 08/31/2023.

August 31, 2023

Disgraced lawyer & RICO defendant Sidney Powell files an ABSURD "legal brief" in her Georgia case

Disgraced and sanctioned lawyer - who is also now an indicted defendant in a state RICO case - Sidney Powell, just filed a Motion to Sever. The problem is, her court filing reads more like a comic book than a legitimate, series legal brief. - Glenn Kirschner - 08/31/2023.

August 31, 2023

CHAOS UNFOLDS in Fulton County - Talking Feds

Defendants, including former Trump Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark and Donald Trump himself, are pushing back against Fani Willis' October 23 trial date. - 08/31/2023.

August 31, 2023

Giuliani loses again: Found liable for defaming election workers over 2020 lies - The Beat - MSNBC

A federal judge ruled Rudy Giuliani is liable for defaming two Georgia election workers by repeatedly claiming the women were manipulating 2020 ballots. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports and is joined by former civil prosecutor Maya Wiley and former criminal prosecutor Jessica Roth.

August 31, 2023

Not You, Ron-Ron - A Parody Freedom Toast & Cinebot Video - Parody Project

Parody of Da Doo Ron Ron by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector. Made famous by the performance of Shaun Cassidy in 1977. Parody lyrics by The Freedom Toast - Video created by Cinebot Video

Executive Producers for Parody Project Don Caron and Jerry Pender

by The Freedom Toast

I heard him start to speak and he makes me ill
You do, Ron, Ron, Ron, you do, Ron Ron
Somebody told me it would get worse, still
You do, Ron, Ron, Ron, you do, Ron Ron

Yeah, DeSantis made me ill
Yes, it got worse, still
Please send this quack back home
F-you, Ron, Ron, Ron, f-you Ron, Ron

He doesn’t get the press he thinks that he should get
Boo-hoo, Ron, Ron, Ron, boo-hoo Ron, Ron
He thinks God made him POTUS, but God said, “not yet.”
Boo-hoo, Ron, Ron, Ron, boo-hoo Ron, Ron

Yeah, he’s big with “Blah, Blah, Blah.”
Yes, he flopped in Iowa
Send him back to Florida!
Boo-hoo, Ron, Ron, Ron, boo-hoo Ron, Ron

He seems to like the fawning of his Nazi friends
You do, Ron, Ron, Ron, you do, Ron, Ron
He seems to think his means can justify all ends
You do, Ron, Ron, Ron, you do Ron, Ron
He hates all people who are L G B T Q
You do Ron, Ron, Ron, you do Ron, Ron
They scare him more than atom bombs or great whites do
They do, Ron, Ron, Ron, they do, Ron Ron

Yeah, his friends are odd
Swastikas adorn their bods
Scares the kids who run for home
You do, Ron, Ron, Ron, you do, Ron, Ron

He thinks he’s cool for being cruel to refugees
Woo-hoo Ron Ron Ron, woo-hoo Ron Ron
Someday soon, we’re gonna stop his sleaze
Yeah, you Ron Ron Ron, yeah, you Ron Ron

Yeah, the man is bent
Crooked and incompetent
Who will next be president?
Not you, Ron, Ron, Ron
Not you, Ron Ron

Not you, Ron, Ron, Ron
Not you, Ron Ron

August 31, 2023

Trump Statements Leads to DISASTROUS Consequences Yet Again - Meidas Touch

Michael Popok of Legal AF lays the tragedy of the Jacksonville Florida murder of 3 more Black Americans, who aren’t safe where they live, work, worship or study, firmly at the feat of our white supremacist former president Trump and his constant barrage of racial slurs and dehumanizing of black Americans, especially those in power like his prosecutors and judges. - 08/30/2023.

August 31, 2023

Democratic Star UNLEASHES on Tennessee GOP after JAW DROPPING Special Session - Meidas Touch

Fascism is on full display in the Tennessee legislature, where GOP leadership was hell-bent on silencing the voice of the people in a special session held to address gun violence in the wake of the Covenant School shooting.

Rep. Gloria Johnson of the Tennessee Three joins Jessica Denson to shine a light on the draconian measures she experienced during the session, including the abusive treatment of previously expelled and now re-elected Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, and how Tennessee Democrats are fighting back. - 08/30/2023.

August 31, 2023

'Insurance companies know': More people vulnerable as cost of climate disasters rises - Velshi - MSNBC

As Florida residents recover from another hurricane, many are finding it increasingly difficult to insure their property against future disasters. Florida is not alone. Right-wing politicians may see some political advantage in pretending climate change is a hoax, but insurance companies that are paying more for clean-up and repairs after climate disasters know that their bottom line isn't fake news.

Monica Medina, a former NOAA official, talks with Ali Velshi about the increasing difficulty of securing insurance as damage from climate change becomes more likely across the U.S. - Aired on 08/30/2023.

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