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Rhiannon12866's Journal
Rhiannon12866's Journal
December 1, 2022

Fmr. Gaetz Confidant Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison - Deadline - MSNBC

New York Times Washington correspondent Mike Schmidt and attorney for Joel Greenberg Fritz Scheller discuss Joel Greenberg’s 11-year prison sentence. - Aired on 12/01/2022.

December 1, 2022

MAGA Indiana Attorney General FILES to Revoke License of Doctor Who Provided Care to 10 Year Old

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita’s most recent effort to retaliate against Dr. Caitlin Bernard. - Meidas Touch.

December 1, 2022

New report reveals what then-President Bush knew leading up to 9/11 attack - CNN

Newly released documents from April of 2004 reveal then-President George W. Bush pushed back against knowing about a domestic terror threat prior to the September 11 attack and the notion that his administration could have prevented it from happening. CNN's Tom Foreman reports. - Aired on 12/01/2022.

December 1, 2022

MAGA Lawyers DISQUALIFIED as 'ARGUABLY UNETHICAL' in Fulton County Criminal Probe - Meidas Touch

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney issued a disqualification order against MAGA lawyers representing the fake electors under criminal investigation for 2020 election interference in Fulton County, Georgia.

December 1, 2022

Stephen Colbert: Guest Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

Is The U.S. Headed For A Recession? Sec. Janet Yellen Gives Her Outlook

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen makes her first visit to The Late Show to talk with Stephen about the pandemic’s effect on the economy and whether or not the U.S. is headed for a recession. Stick around for another segment with Secretary Yellen!

Sec. Yellen Has Been Practicing Her Signature Before It Goes On New U.S. Dollars

Stephen’s interview with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen continues with an explanation of why there are two signatures on every U.S. currency bill.

December 1, 2022

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/30/22

Stewart Rhodes Convicted Of Seditious Conspiracy | Senate Votes To Protect Marriage Equality

The founder of the Oath Keepers and several associates were convicted on charges related to planning the Jan 6th insurrection, and the Respect For Marriage Act passed the Senate with bipartisan support.

Meanwhile… The World’s Oldest Cat | Siberian Zombie Virus

Meanwhile… A 26 year-old cat just made the Guinness Book of World Records, and an ancient Siberian virus has been unfrozen and revived.

Tooning Out The News: Big News Tackles the Shocking Trump Kanye-Fuentes Dinner

Big News breaks down the Republican fallout from Trump's dinner with Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes and Kevin McCarthy's shaky bid for House Speaker with CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Weijia Jiang. Plus, James Smartwood asks leather store owner Chuck Bones if a leather jacket could help Mike Pence connect with 2024 voters. Watch Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News on Comedy Central, Wednesdays after The Daily Show.

Stew Rhodes Couppants

Are ya ready kids?

December 1, 2022

Nervous Kevin McCarthy FUMBLES Most Basic Questions at White House Presser - Meidas Touch

Kevin McCarthy showed he is not ready for ‘prime time’ when he struggled to answer very basic questions from the press after leaving a meeting with President Biden at the White House. MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports.

December 1, 2022

Yes, we had Romper Room, Miss Diane was the teacher/host

But don't ask me where it came from, I watched it when I wasn't in school yet! But I did have an official Romper Room Bronc - mine was red. I used to gallop around with the kids on TV - and when my Nana (grandmother) was with me, she'd join me with the dustmop!

And we also had a local kids' show which my brother and I attended when we were slightly older. It was sponsored by Freihofer's, a local (Albany, N.Y.) baking company. It featured Uncle Jim Fisk who told the story of Freddie Freihofer who was a cartoon bunny - and his friends. Uncle Jim illustrated the story with drawings in front of the kids in the audience and on TV. They also had "birthday-cakers" who were kids celebrating their birthdays on the show - with a Freihofer's cake, of course. My cousin did it every year, when I went it was my brother's birthday and I got a "squiggle," one of Uncle Jim's drawings made for me, and Freihofer's cupcakes to bring home!

December 1, 2022

New Zealand And Finland's Prime Minister Call Out Reporter's Question - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin fired back at a reporter who questioned if they were meeting because of their gender and age. - Aired on 11/30/2022.

December 1, 2022

New Generation Of Democratic Leadership - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

House Democrats elect Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to succeed Nancy Pelosi as party leader. Meantime, the January 6 committee reveals new details on its final report. And the House Ways and Means committee gains access to six years of Trump’s taxes after a lengthy court battle. - Aired on 11/30/2022.

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