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Rhiannon12866's Journal
Rhiannon12866's Journal
December 29, 2019

The Daily Show: Stuff That Pissed Off Lewis Black in 2019

From the anti-vaxxers to dumb new laws, this is everything that pissed off Lewis Black in 2019.

December 25, 2019

The Daily Show: The Mike Pence Yule Log

Feel the love this holiday season with this Mike Pence Staring at Donald Trump Yule Log.

December 25, 2019

The Daily Show: Everything Is Stupid - Holiday Edition

Ronny Chieng explores climate change’s impact on the holidays, including the rising price of Christmas trees, the lack of reindeer lichen and the shortage of usable Prosecco grapes.

December 25, 2019

Twelve Months Of Trump's Mess (2017 - Lest we forget) - Parody - Don Caron

24 Months Of Trump's Mess - Sequel to 12 Months Of Trump's Mess - Parody - Don Caron

To help keep Parody Project alive and functioning, please visit https://parodyproject.com/supportus

December 23, 2019

The Daily Show: Back in Black - Hallmark's Hanukkah Movies, Auschwitz Ornaments & Hitler's Hat

Lewis Black expresses his frustrations with Hallmark’s Hanukkah movies, Amazon’s Auschwitz-themed Christmas ornaments and the businessman who bought Hitler’s hat.

December 23, 2019

Little Duffer Boy - Christmas Parody - Don Caron

(Lyrics by Don Caron - Music: Czech Folksong)

Come, he told them I’ll build you a wall
To stop the planes - it'll be five thousand feet tall
Because of tunnels it will have to be deep
If you believe him then you're sound asleep
counting the sheep
What the bleep?
Then he took a stick and whacked a white ball
that above all

He said I’ll give you all some tax relief
a question comes to mind in disbelief
turns out his tax break is for billionaires
I have to ask you now does that seem fair
pretending to care
then going somewhere
and golfing all that day and the next day too
his skills are few

"Repeal Obamacare" were his exact words
Seems like a clever way to thin the herd
It also frees up cash for billionaire friends
a new disbursement of our dividends
makes it all clear
where it all ends
But when you take some time to consider the source
It’s par for the course

Sometimes I wish he would golf all day
Prob’ly wouldn’t do so much damage that way
except we pay a lot whenever he goes
exactly what the bill is nobody knows
Quite a lot
you gotta suppose
It puts him where few golfers are
well below par
he’s well below par
Far below par.
some say sub-par
December 22, 2019

SNL: Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood 2019

Mr. Robinson returns to explain how a lot has changed since the last visit to his neighborhood.

December 22, 2019

SNL: Eddie Murphy Monologue

Eddie Murphy’s monologue during his return to SNL after 35 years gets interrupted by Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

December 22, 2019

SNL: Weekend Update

President Trump Gets Impeached

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like the House democrats moving forward with impeachment against Donald Trump.

Gumby Returns

Gumby (Eddie Murphy) stops by Weekend Update to remind Michael Che and Colin Jost who he is, damn it.

Pete Davidson on Trump's Impeachment

Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to share his unique perspective on President Trump getting impeached by the House.

Christmas Joke Swap 2019

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news and make each other read jokes they've never seen before live on air to close out 2019.

Jeanine Pirro on Fox News Handling Trump's Impeachment

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong) stops by Weekend Update to talk about celebrating Christmas and how President Trump's impeachment is a Democratic coup that will disappear.

December 22, 2019

SNL: Home for the Holidays

A family (Eddie Murphy, Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Chris Redd, Ego Nwodim) gathers around the dinner table to reflect on the holidays.

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