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Rhiannon12866's Journal
Rhiannon12866's Journal
December 28, 2012

Will the New Ethanol Blend Tank My Ride?

The EPA has approved a new gas mix with more ethanol, but it might damage your car.

After years of debate—and I'm not exaggerating on that—my husband and I finally bought a car. We settled on a Prius C, a pint-sized younger sibling of the iconic originals that gets 53 miles per gallon.

I drove the car for weeks before I finally had to stop at a gas station. When I pulled open the door to my tank, I found a stark warning sign on the cap telling me I was NOT to put any gasoline blend higher than E10 in my tank.

E10 means gasoline with a 10 percent mix of ethanol, generally derived from corn, and it used to be the highest blend of ethanol allowed in the United States. Ten states require all gas to include 10 percent ethanol. About 80 percent of the gasoline consumed in the US is blended with ethanol, according to the industry's trade group, the Renewable Fuels Association. Most of us—myself included—don't pay a lot attention to what gas we're pumping into our cars, outside of "diesel" or "unleaded," and might not have realized that we are already pumping corn into our tanks.

But we'll have to start paying attention soon, as the Environmental Protection Agency has approved a new policy that will allow states to raise the blend to up to 15 percent ethanol (also known as E15). The EPA says the fuel is approved for use for cars and light trucks from the model year 2001 and later.

December 23, 2012

NRA shill Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press today. The lowest of the low has been reached.

(Reposting from LBN for DUer Astazia, who is posting from a cell phone)

After his supposed "Press Conference" was not open for questions he spewed more blame for gun violence on everything but the guns themselves. There was a time that MTP was somewhat acceptable but no more. Giving this highly paid & dishonest glorified lobbyist ANY AIR TIME while kids are still being buried goes beyond despicable! Shame on them. Just wanted to see if we as a group let them.know that the insensitivity, combined with what will be a hard holiday as is for those in Newtown, as well as all over the country. It is a disgrace that David Gregory or whomever allowed this lobbying shill for the gun manufacturers to be a featured guest on your air. David Gregory should be replaced as managing editor. NBC & MTP apparently truly have no class & no shame. I don't always agree with the format on MTP, but this is the last straw. I don't know how they sleep at night. This is distressing. PLEASE, if you agree with this let them know.

Edited to add link to the original thread, with replies.

December 19, 2012

Richard Engel Describes Kidnapping In Syria

Quite a terrifying story! This was sent to me, didn't see it posted elsewhere in this forum. Just so glad to know that Richard Engel and his companions are safe.

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