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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: NE New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Serious Snow Country :(
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 129,851

Journal Archives

SNL: Emergency Alert

A commercial shows off the new presidential emergency alert system.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Sun Oct 7, 2018, 01:24 AM (5 replies)

SNL: Brett Kavanaugh Post-Game Cold Open

CNN interviews Republican senators Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett), Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), Susan Collins (Cecily Strong), Jeff Flake (Pete Davidson) and Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (Aidy Bryant) as well as Democratic senators Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffatt) and Joe Manchin (Mikey Day) about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Sun Oct 7, 2018, 01:05 AM (17 replies)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/5/18

Trump Makes Up With Canada, Melania Goes To Africa

The First Lady is taking her 'Be Best' campaign on the road. And then on a plane. And then to the opposite side of the world.

The EPA Says Radiation Isn't So Bad

Donald Trump's EPA is trying to put the 'rad' back in radiation.

Richard Kind Meets YouTubers At VidCon

The Late Show's senior youth correspondent Richard Kind meets the best and brightest upcoming YouTube stars.

Do You Like Beer? Have A Kavanaugh

One drink of Kavanaugh beer will have you saying, 'I like beer.'

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Sat Oct 6, 2018, 04:00 AM (3 replies)

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/5/18

Doris Kearns Goodwin: Primus Inter Pares

Presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin joins Bill to discuss "Leadership in Turbulent Times" and President Trump's place in history.

Jeff Bridges: Good Hippie

Film star and "Living in the Future's Past" presenter Jeff Bridges joins Bill to discuss humanity's stuggle to address existential threats.

New Rule: Power Begets Power

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on liberals to stop chasing conservatives out of restaurants and focus on chasing them out of office.

Overtime: Doris Goodwin, Jeff Bridges, Soledad O'Brien, David Jolly, Andrew Sullivan

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Sat Oct 6, 2018, 01:09 AM (4 replies)

The Daily Show: FLOTUS Goes to Africa & Facebook Gets Hacked Again

Facebook admits user data has been compromised, Melania Trump takes her first big solo trip as first lady, and a Kenyan court suspends its homophobia in light of the Oscars.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 11:40 PM (0 replies)

Seth Meyers - FBI Report on Kavanaugh Investigation, a Play About Hillary Clinton Monologue 10/4/18

Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump Defends Kavanaugh, Presidential Emergency Alerts

Seth's favorite jokes from the week of October 1.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 11:30 PM (0 replies)

The Daily Show: The U.S. Prepares to Test Nationwide Text Alerts & Amazon Raises Its Minimum Wage

A new emergency alert system will allow the president to text everyone, Amazon sets a $15 minimum wage for employees, and Netflix unveils choose-your-own-adventure options.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 11:21 PM (0 replies)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/4/18

Stephen Does The Math On Senators For/Against Kavanaugh

The FBI's report on Brett Kavanaugh will change the way Americans view Trump's contentious Supreme Court nomination... very little.

Flight Attention: It's News About Planes!

Stephen tackles the news that's being made 30,000 feet above in his news plane-based segment, Flight Attention.

Kavanaugh Testimony Drinking Game

We made a drinking game inspired by Brett Kavanaugh's alternative facts.

Ken Burns Presents: The Kavanaugh Letters

The subject of the newest Ken Burns documentary is the historic 1983 correspondences between Brett Kavanaugh and Beach Week boofin' buddies.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 03:57 AM (2 replies)

The Daily Show: Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh - Between the Scenes

Trump's greatest weapon is his ability to wield victimhood, and he's taking full advantage of it to defend Kavanaugh and undermine the #MeToo movement.

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 03:03 AM (6 replies)

Yale Students and Alumni Have New 'Demand': Investigate Brett Kavanaugh for Perjury Now

While congressional Republicans declared Thursday that “nothing new” was learned from the FBI’s limited scope investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, congressional Democrats lamented that the FBI investigation wasn’t thorough enough. On this same day, near 500 alumni and current students at Kavanaugh’s alma mater of Yale demanded that the U.S. Senate open up a perjury investigation.

The letter was addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (Calif.).

“For centuries the Yale motto ‘Lux et Veritas’ (light and truth) has adorned archways across the New Haven campus. We the undersigned students and graduates of Yale University believe this motto carries with it an important obligation to seek truth at any cost. As the U.S. Senate considers Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, it must demand that the nominee be truthful about relevant incidents in his past and hold him to account if he’s not,” the letter began. “During the hearings, Judge Kavanaugh attempted to present himself to the Senate and the public as an honorable member of society who has worked hard to gain his elevated status in government and academia.”

“Yet many people have brought forth credible evidence that this portrayal is inaccurate; this evidence includes serious allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, including misconduct against Yale graduate Deborah Ramirez (class of ’87) while she and Kavanaugh attended the university,” they said.

Much more: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/yale-students-and-alumni-have-new-demand-investigate-brett-kavanaugh-for-perjury-now/

Posted by Rhiannon12866 | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 01:46 AM (11 replies)
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