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Tom Yossarian Joad

Tom Yossarian Joad's Journal
Tom Yossarian Joad's Journal
May 30, 2023

Drones attack Moscow, damaging residential buildings

Source: nbc

Moscow was hit by drones Tuesday morning, in what appeared to be the first attack on residential areas of the Russian capital since the invasion of Ukraine and a dramatic display of the Kremlin's war increasingly coming home.

The incident caused damage to some buildings in Moscow and forced residents to evacuate homes, local officials said.

It comes weeks after an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin itself and following days of deadly Russian bombardment against civilians in Kyiv, as events far from the front lines take the spotlight ahead of Ukraine’s planned counteroffensive.


Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that his country "has nothing directly to do" with the drone attacks on Moscow. Ukraine is, however, "pleased to observe and predict an increase in the number of attacks," he said in a YouTube interview Tuesday.


Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/moscow-hit-by-drone-attack-causing-damage-to-residential-buildings/ar-AA1bRR5z?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=897292a315eb4b158bebd08d75b43752&ei=11

May 28, 2023

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

In the recesses of the internet where some of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters stoke conspiracies and plot his return to the White House, suspected con artists have been mining their disappointment over the last presidential election for gold.

They’ve been peddling “Trump Bucks,” which are emblazoned with photos of the former president, and advertising them online as a kind of golden ticket that will help propel Trump’s 2024 bid and make the “real patriots” who support him rich when cashed in.

John Amann told NBC News he bought $2,200 worth of Trump Bucks and other items over the past year only to discover they were worthless when he tried to cash them in at his local bank. So he’s gone on Twitter to warn other Trump supporters not to fall for this scam.

NBC News has identified the Colorado-based companies behind the Trump Bucks as Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots and reviewed dozens of social posts, online complaints and hundreds of misleading ads for the products. Additionally, NBC News has found at least a dozen people like Amann who say they invested thousands of dollars after watching the pitches on Telegram and other websites that strongly suggested that Trump himself was endorsing these products. /SNIP


May 26, 2023

FUBAR on Netlix. Bring the popcorn.

Found a nice respite from the news in an entertaining spy parody that did not take itself too seriously and invites the viewers to do the same. Was not expecting the LOLs or even to like this one.

Cotton candy for the brain.


May 20, 2023

Tennessee governor quietly signs law dissolving police oversight boards meant to investigate police

Source: Yahoo news


Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed legislation this week dissolving independent oversight boards meant to investigate police departments in the state.

The law will replace the community-led boards with "review committees" that will be comprised of members appointed by a mayor. Those members will then only be able to refer complaints to law enforcement internal affairs, according to the Associated Press.

Nashville residents voted to form one of these boards in 2018, a year after the shooting of Jocques Clemmons. The 31-year-old Black man was shot and killed by a white police officer — identified as Joshua Lippert — during a traffic stop, WZTV, a local Nashville Fox affiliate, reported.

Lippert was not charged in connection to the incident after arguing self-defense. Police claimed that when Clemmons fled from the scene, he had a gun in his possession, the Tennessean reported. The decision not to charge Lippert sparked protests in the community, and residents called on local officials to take action.


Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/tennessee-governor-quietly-signs-law-140338784.html

Residents are already pushing back.
May 16, 2023

Disturbing Footage Shows Alleged Shoplifter Was Retreating When Walgreens Guard Killed Him

Disturbing new footage revealed Monday that Banko Brown, the suspected shoplifter fatally shot by a Walgreens security guard in San Francisco last month, was walking backwards out of the store when a single shot was fired into his chest.

Prosecutors released the graphic clip along with an announcement Monday that Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, 33, won’t face criminal charges in the death of Brown, a 24-year-old Black man.

The security footage showed Brown and Anthony fighting near the store’s entrance, with the security guard repeatedly hitting Brown before placing him in a headlock and pinning him to the ground. Anthony drew his gun as they broke apart, later telling cops he did so because Brown threatened to stab him, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’ office wrote in a lengthy report on Monday.

Brown managed to get up, grab a bag of what prosecutors described as “stolen merchandise,” and walk backwards through the entrance while making a brief, sudden movement at Anthony. Less than two seconds later, Anthony fired a single shot from his handgun, and Brown collapsed to the sidewalk outside.

/snip https://news.yahoo.com/disturbing-footage-shows-alleged-shoplifter-224114266.html

Seems as if the trump rhetoric is transferring into open season on minorities.

May 10, 2023

Chattanooga Times Free Press cartoonist Clay Bennett wins National Headliner Award

Chattanooga Times Free Press cartoonist Clay Bennett has received the 2023 National Headliner Award for Editorial Cartoons.

Presented by The Press Club of Atlantic City, the Headliner Award is one of the oldest annual contests in the nation recognizing journalistic merit.

The judges praised Bennett's work for "generating a-ha moments, sadness and relevance. The clarity and simplicity of the artwork was excellent and the variety of topics demonstrated the depth and breadth of news events in 2022."

Bennett's work is published on the Chattanooga Times editorial page and on the Sunday Perspective section. His work is also syndicated internationally in about 100 newspapers through Counterpoint Syndication.

This is the fifth Headliner Award for Bennett, who's also received the Sigma Delta Chi Award, Overseas Press Club Award, Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. He has been named Editorial Cartoonist of the Year by Editor & Publisher magazine.

"The Times Free Press is proud of this national recognition of Clay's cartoons," newspaper Editor Alison Gerber said Wednesday. "In his 15 years here in Chattanooga, he has entertained, enlightened and, yes, angered, readers with his depictions of issues of the day."

See the winning cartoons below:



May 8, 2023

I remember that for a time I was a big supporter of John Edwards until...

I found out of his infidelities and treatment of his infirm wife.

I then dropped him like a bad habit and moved on which is what one might expect of any thinking American voter.

So what the fuck is it with Trump supporters???

Are they just without morals? Are they stupid? Are they so brainwashed that they vote against their own ideals?

Or is it that they are just so filled with hate of anything non-WASP that they will support anything that might lend credence to their hate and prejudice?

May 7, 2023

Ted Nugent's Alabama Concert Canceled Over Public Outcry: 'Lose This Show or Lose My Business'

LESS THAN A week after a Ted Nugent concert was announced in Birmingham, Alabama, its promoter canceled it following intense outcry, according to AL.com. The musician may have scored hits like “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Free-for-All” in the Seventies, but his criticism of school-shooting victims advocating for gun safety, contempt for animal rights, birtherism, and racist comments like calling Obama a “subhuman mongrel” (for which he apologized) have turned public opinion against him.

Nugent was to play the city’s Avondale Brewing Co. on July 18, with tickets going on sale Friday, but the announcement prompted Facebook and Instagram users to leave more a thousand comments between the two platforms expressing their distaste for Nugent. They accused the musician of hating women, gay people, and trans people, and AL.com reports fans threatened to stop patronizing Avondale Brewing. The brewer and promoter, Red Mountain Entertainment, pulled the plug on Thursday afternoon before tickets went on sale.

People wrote missives like “Lose this show or lose my business,” “To bring this transphobic individual into our diverse neighborhood is a travesty,” and “Ted Nugent spews lies and hatred and you are giving him a platform” as comments on since-deleted posts, the news site reported.

“We have heard the concerns of the Avondale community, which is so important to us,” the venue wrote in its Instagram story, “and in conjunction with our partners, have taken the necessary steps to cancel the Ted Nugent concert scheduled for July 18.” Nugent commented on the cancellation on his Facebook page by posting the AL.com article and writing, punctuation errors and all: “Liars & haters drunk on stupid incapable to debate me.”


May 7, 2023

What we know about the slain Texas mall massacre suspect Mauricio Garcia (NBC)

DALLAS - The gunman who killed at least eight people and wounded a half-dozen more at a Dallas-area outlet mall was identified Sunday as a 33-year-old suspected neo-Nazi sympathizer named Mauricio Garcia, two senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.

Garcia was killed after the outbreak of deadly violence Saturday by a police officer who happened to be at the Allen Premium Outlets, some 25 miles north of Dallas, police said.

Garcia, who lived in Dallas, was armed with an "AR-15 style assault weapon," President Joe Biden said.

The slain suspect was wearing a tactical vest and was also armed with a handgun, one of the senior law enforcement officials said.


Much more information at: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mauricio-garcia-allen-texas-mall-shooting-suspect-what-know-rcna83242

May 7, 2023

I'm close to the point of just giving up and moving to a safer country with proper health care.

The right wing has pretty much destroyed my country.

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