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Tom Yossarian Joad

Tom Yossarian Joad's Journal
Tom Yossarian Joad's Journal
July 27, 2022

Curious as to an innocuous post af an old music video gets ignored by a segment

by a long shot while a 1 rec posts on the front page while a 11 remains ignored. However the post in question is by no means political.

On edit, the darned thing isn't in the sideline list of videos.

July 27, 2022

I'll call it. We are now an oligarchy (albeit a late call)

Just like the guy attending his son's gay marriage and then voting against it... He was only doing what he was paid to do.

And in today's America, money trumps any moral.

July 26, 2022

The Supreme Court Is Making America Ungovernable (The Atlantic)

Like many governmental agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency has an elaborate process for developing important rules. As I saw during the Obama administration, when I headed the EPA office that oversees this process, getting a major rule over the finish line can take years. Almost every step of the way offers obstacles to addressing any serious environmental problem.

This work just got much harder, if not altogether impossible. In West Virginia v. EPA, the Supreme Court held that Congress may not authorize an administrative agency like the EPA to address an issue of great economic and political significance—in the Court’s parlance, a “major question”—unless Congress speaks extremely precisely in doing so. Broad statutory language, written with the aim of empowering an agency to take on new problems in new ways, will no longer suffice.

The Court’s decision has the immediate effect of limiting the EPA’s power and flexibility in regulating fossil-fuel-fired power plants under the Clean Air Act. But it extends beyond that: Any agency that asserts authority over an issue of great economic and political significance could meet a hostile reception in the courts precisely because it has tried to do something big. Many agencies will just avoid taking such actions in the first place, knowing the risk. The obvious result could be a federal government with little ability to tackle many of the biggest issues society faces.

The specific focus of the Court’s decision was an EPA regulation, known as the Clean Power Plan, that set emission limits for power plants in part by shifting electricity generation from coal-fired power plants to gas-fired power plants and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Soon after the EPA issued the rule, the Supreme Court used its shadow docket—rulings it makes without full briefing and oral argument—to stop the rule from ever taking effect. Even so, the emission reductions required by the rule were met on time and without any of the catastrophic effects that the rule’s challengers had conjured. By the time the Supreme Court had determined the validity of the rule, in other words, real-world events had proved its modesty and workability.


July 24, 2022

Donald Trump wanted to give himself the Congressional Medal of Honor as President (OMFG)

Donald Trump has admitted that he wanted to give himself the Congressional Medal of Honor as President, but was denied.

The former leader of the US admitted as much during an appearance at Turning Point USA's Student Action Summit, telling the conservative conference that he had pushed to be awarded the medal.



July 21, 2022

Trumps Island...

July 20, 2022

Parkland survivor David Hogg was kicked out of a House gun control meeting after tearing into Rep. A

Source: Insider

(Complete Headline: Parkland survivor David Hogg was kicked out of a House gun control meeting after tearing into Rep. Andy Biggs for using the same logic of 'mass shooters in your manifesto')

Parkland survivor David Hogg was thrown out of a House gun control meeting on Wednesday after he accused GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of parroting the same rhetoric employed by gunmen in mass shootings.

The House Judiciary Committee gathered on Wednesday to discuss gun control policies, including the 2021 Assault Weapons Ban and the Equal Access for Victims of Gun Violence Act.

During the meeting, Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, claimed Americans, specifically residents of his state, need assault weapons to protect themselves against an "invasion" of undocumented migrants, whom the conservative lawmaker said posed "a danger or threat."


Biggs' remarks prompted Hogg to rise from his seat in the gallery and yell: "You're reiterating the points of mass shooters in your manifesto!"

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/david-hogg-accused-andy-biggs-reiterating-points-of-mass-shooter-2022-7

It seems to be getting more difficult to speak truth to power.
July 15, 2022

Every Single House Republican Voted Against Investigating Neo-Nazis in the Military

All 208 House Republicans thumbed their noses at an amendment to a bill that would order the government to investigate white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in the military and federal law enforcement.

But due to the current Democratic majority in the House, the amendment—which was wrapped into the annual defense spending bill—still passed strictly along party lines.

Once the House passes the full spending bill, titled the National Defense Authorization Act, it will head to the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.

If the amendment survives Senate scrutiny, it would mandate the chiefs of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense to produce a report assessing the extent of white supremacist or neo-Nazi activity in their ranks and how they plan to address it. They’d have 180 days from the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act to compile that report. /SNIP


From Vice News

July 11, 2022

If Donald Trump made a movie...

I apologies in advance in case you watch more than five minutes of this. If you watch more than ten minutes, my condolences.

July 9, 2022

A little OT but... I've done something in my past that I doubt will ever be done again.

Every day I would pick up a large bundle of printed pages and take them home where I would sit beside them, roll up the pages into bundles, wrap a rubber band about the bundle, shove them into a canvas bag and mount my bicycle with the bag slung over my shoulder.

I would the ride through three different neighborhoods doing my best to throw these rolled up pages on to the porches of those who had payed a fee to have this occur.

If I were lucky I would not get a call later in the evening telling me that the people at xyz road didn't get their paper and I needed to run one out there to them.

The news will never be quite the same as when folks waited for a fourteen year old to deliver it to them.

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