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Tom Yossarian Joad

Tom Yossarian Joad's Journal
Tom Yossarian Joad's Journal
December 26, 2022

Violent Night is a hoot and a bit of a surprise.

Wasn't what I was expecting but it was, violent, funny, sweet, caustic, tongue-in-cheek and lots of fun.

December 24, 2022

An AI story of Trump

It was a hot summer day, and President Trump was holding a rally in a small town in rural America. He was in the middle of a raucous speech, riling up the crowd with his usual bombastic rhetoric, when suddenly, a giant chicken appeared on the stage.

The crowd gasped as the chicken strutted towards Trump, its beady eyes fixed on the president. Trump was momentarily taken aback, but he quickly regained his composure and tried to shoo the chicken away.

"Get out of here, you stupid bird!" he shouted, waving his arms.

But the chicken wasn't intimidated by Trump's antics. It continued to approach, its sharp beak and talons glinting in the sun.

As the chicken loomed closer, Trump's bravado began to waver. He could feel the hot breath of the beast on his face, and he knew he was in trouble.

"Help!" he yelled, trying to run away. "Someone help me!"

But it was too late. With a loud squawk, the chicken opened its massive jaws and swallowed Trump whole.

The crowd watched in shock as the chicken strutted offstage, Trump's legs kicking wildly from inside its belly. They knew they had just witnessed something they would never forget.

As the chicken disappeared into the distance, the rally attendees realized that they would never see Trump again. They scattered, unsure of what to do next, as the giant chicken made its way back to its lair to enjoy its delicious feast.


This app is fun and pretty amazing.


December 22, 2022

Filed under "Da law is da law." Former prison guard charged with illegal possession of hamburgers

A former north Alabama prison guard was arrested Tuesday and now faces a litany of charges, including promoting contraband in a state prison.

The forbidden items?


Online court records show that former Limestone Correctional Facility officer Jason Chambers and his wife Sophia Chambers surrendered to the Limestone County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday after the Alabama Department of Corrections issued warrants for their arrests.

The rest at https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/former-prison-guard-charged-with-illegal-possession-of-hamburgers/ar-AA15zyKu?ocid=msedgdhp&cvid=1ed142cdab24407cadbb7c0724ad3807

The other two charges are related to possession of a smart watch and a National Geographic magazine.

Seems as it the legal system here is trying its damndest to live up to stereotypes.

Plus it's nice to get one's head out of the weather and news for a moment here and there. Cheers all!

December 20, 2022

Newly discovered footage of January 6 auditions...

(I'm sorry, blame it on a youthful head drop)
December 17, 2022

The dirty bastard's not selling cards.

Even his most devout followers aren't buying $100.00 digital trading cards for themselves or their grandkids.

He's using this as a front to funnel foreign money into his coffers through the unregulated, decentralized NFT market.

(idea stolen from FB)

December 11, 2022

My apoligies.

A couple of days ago I had a couple of posts hidden and marks against my standing here in pretty close order. The last time that happened was several years ago when i posted things like "guns Suck."

This time my posts were satire against Trump doing a suicide in a bathroom and then getting canceled and... Complaining of biblical inferences injected into Dem events.

December 11, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Rousing Speech About Butt Plugs

Source: Jezebel

The Tucker Carlson-segment-to-Marjorie-Taylor-Greene-speech pipeline is well trodden, but her willingness to completely humiliate herself in service of him is always infinity times funnier than her actual punchlines, which last night also included this one: “They care about a country called Ukraine whose borders are far away and most of you couldn’t find it on a map.” While it is probably true that neither Greene nor anyone in that room can find Ukraine on a map, that’s really not the burn on Democrats that she thinks it is.

Anyway, I’d like to think MTG’s inadvertent plug for butt plugs and dildos at Target led to a really fun night for everyone in attendance at that gala. She finally did something useful.

Read more: https://jezebel.com/marjorie-taylor-greene-delivers-rousing-speech-about-bu-1849880180

As to the newsworthiness of this I feel that any evidence of the continuing stupidity of the far right wing needs to be put out there in as many ways possible.

But that's just me.

Cheers and love to you all.

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