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Probably nothing to worry about. The forward compartment is just where...

...they keep the...

...winning LOTTO numbers, apparently:

Nuclear Submarines: As safe as sleeping next to broccoli!


I wish no ill will on those who lost money in the Facebook IPO but I...

...thought it was interesting in reading about how the majority of folks took a bath on the deal and came out of the tub with substantially less money than they went in with.

Just a day or two before the IPO, I was reading articles which didn't mince any words and basically said "Hey, only the top customers (at whatever the selling firms/banks were) are going to get a chance to buy this stock, so if you're not already sinking money into the market, you're low on the totem pole."

Now, while that's paraphrasing it's definitely not paraphrasing much. It had been a while since I'd seen this sort of naked taunting between one economic group and another in articles in what would otherwise be well-respected business publications.

I didn't think so much about it at the time but it was a curiosity to me.

And then of course, all the tumbling-down stuff happened. And I read about the better-informed groups of potential investors, who were given information which was more accurate and which would cause a person to think twice about investing at that price. From everything I've read, that more-protected group were the high rollers. What casinos call "whales". Big, big money investors.

I guess my point is a lot of people grossly misunderstand what the 1% is, who the 1% is. Maybe you have $50k in the bank. Maybe you have $200k in the bank- or maybe a million. Maybe you see something like the Facebook IPO as a way to quickly parlay a good chunk of that cash into something more, make ya even richer!

I live in a town where $50k in the bank is pretty damned rich. A million in the bank? Oh, you'd be financially teabagging on most of America if you wanted to.

But you're still not in the 1%. You're still a sucker on the boardwalk and Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are carnies handing you the baseball, for a price, and showing you how you can win big if you just knock over the milk bottles. Oh, it's not the same boardwalk that you and I walk down. Much glitzier, much more exclusive.

It's the same fleecing machine, though. Just a nicer version of it for people who might fancy themselves as movers and shakers. Being in the 1%, IMO, is not just about how much money you have in the bank. It's about the connections you have, how much pressure you exert to get your way, bend the rules, subjugate others. Everyone else is just fruit the Morgan Stanleys of the world pick and eat at their leisure.

This is why people who have $5 million in the bank should still work hard for banking regulation. Chances are, they're still on someone's menu, just like the rest of us.


Good for you for contacting the Oregonian about it. That's messed up!

A friend of mine found something similar because he used to live near the cemetery way out on Donald street in Eugene. He found a bunch of the most amazing weird metal pieces- they were fabulous looking, kind of like something art deco from the movie Metropolis. Being a Eugenian (god bless him!) he tried to turn one of them into a marijuana pipe. That's one of the things we do in Eugene with found objects: Try to turn them into something we can smoke weed out of, LOL!

Anyway, neither of us could figure out what the metal pieces were and they were fucking up his drill bits like mad, so he started doing research on the word "vitallium" (which was stamped on the side), to find out why what the fuck these indestructible, odd-looking metal things were.

It's then that he realized they were artificial hip joints!

We assumed later that they probably weren't dumped improperly, but they were from cremations and they just wanted to keep the ashes for the families instead of all the metal bits from their health problems in life. So they just tossed them out on the neighboring property, which was kind of wooded.

IIRC, he did manage to turn one of them into a pipe but he had to kill a number of pricy drill bits to get through the ball. Looked like something out of steampunk. Smoked a little hot for my tastes, IIRC.

That was almost 20 years ago, now that I think about it. Shit, someday soon, someone's going to be finding my bits and pieces and turning them into a marijuana pipe!

That's the circle of life in Eugene for ya!


On Draw Mohammed Day, don't forget: Drawing Jesus is just as offensive to devout Muslims too!

On Draw Mohammed Day, don't forget: Drawing Jesus is just as offensive to devout Muslims too!

So be sure to scribble down some pictures of him and maybe King David (King of Israel) or Moses or maybe Abraham, too. All of those guys are considered Prophets in Islam. In fact, except for King David, those guys are also considered holy Messengers, which is on the same par as Mohammed, himself.

In fact, Islam is the only religion of the big three that actually accepts prophets from the other two as valid.

But you wouldn't know that, LOL! All you know is that there's something a little dangerous and maybe even patriotic (!) about drawing a picture of Mohammed- because it pisses off Muslims! Actually...hate to break it to ya...it doesn't piss them off. Not the majority of them, anyway. There's like a billion Muslims, BTW. The only reason there's a prohibition against drawing those religious figures is that they didn't want people to go around worshiping images of holy men instead of the One True God, which is what monotheism is all about anyway, right?

So scan in a crayola drawing of Mohammed and Moses, especially one with them kissing a pig or something really fucking offensive- post it to Facebook and it's like you're practically a co-signer on the Bill of Rights!

Or not. It certainly absolves you of having to fight the real battle that fundamentalist Christians are taking to your bedroom, your love life, your library- here in America! But that would probably would be hard.

Hard = Yuck!

But it's worth remembering that if all that oil in the Middle East had Hindus living over it, you'd be celebrating "Eat a Hamburger and think of Vishnu Day" and if in some alternate universe there were 200 million Jews sitting on all that black gold, there'd be a special edition of Wheel of Fortune to put the vowels back in Jehovah's name.


And I'm an atheist, too! Normally, the major religions with their sky wizards and all that silly shit are by far the most entertaining thing keeping the world going. But on Draw Mohammed Day, the ignorance and bigotry of the Patriotic Poserati here, if only for a moment, eclipses all of that.


PLEASE READ-> House panel: Don't even think about more base closings

From USA Today:
[div class="excerpt" style="border-left: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-top: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-right: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-radius: 0.3077em 0.3077em 0em 0em; box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px #bfbfbf;"]House panel: Don't even think about more base closings
[div class="excerpt" style="border-left: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-bottom: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-right: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-radius: 0em 0em 0.3077em 0.3077em; background-color: #f4f4f4; box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px #bfbfbf;"]It wasn't enough for lawmakers to refuse approval of additional rounds of base closings; they have voted to stop the Pentagon from spending any money on even considering the idea.

The Military Times reports the House Armed Services Committee, which omitted the Pentagon's request to authorize two more rounds of base closings in the 2013 defense authorization bill, added a provision to the bill that would specifically bar spending any money next year "to propose, plan for or execute" the base closing and realignment process. The 44-18 vote came Wednesday.

Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Va., who offered the amendment, said the five previous rounds of base closing have shown there are upfront costs in the process, which would come at a time of declining defense budgets. Base closings, he said, "could cost billions of dollars and thousands of jobs."

There was never any doubt that in an election year the committee would block base closings, but Rep. Adam Smith of Washington, the committee's ranking Democrat, said Wittman's restriction goes too far. "It prevents them from even looking at and talking about what they might do," he said.

This little story might otherwise have gone unnoticed today but I think its implications are terribly important. Think about it- we're living though a time in America where austerity cuts (whether they're called that or not) are affecting the lives of almost every American at every age: From education and nutrition for the young to the security net for the old, and everyone else in between.

And yet behold the neat little wall these insects are attempting to construct around the military in order to prevent those same cuts from affecting it.

Please consider this, not just in the specific context in which it is presented, but as a view port into our future under austerity cuts and how you and I will become more and more affected by them while the Military Industrial Complex will safely remain cocooned behind legislative walls.

Some might see this as an isolated event. I see it as prophesy.

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