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NOTE: Anyone can join Democratic Underground. They can claim anything. Democratic Underground gives no warranty that the people with which you interact on Democratic Underground are Democrats or even Progressives. They may be Republicans, other political agitators or merely the mentally-unstable, heavily intoxicated or deranged personalities whose behavior is best described as "shit-stirring assholes". Furthermore, reading the first two sentences again, realize that their irrational, inflammatory or destructive behavior may appear to be supported by other individuals or even the bulk of respondents to a given post. However, always applying the above paragraph to certain phantasmagoric situations you may witness in given threads in our fora, you are best served by believing only those ideas that you agree with to be real and the rest, highly suspect.

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Oh shit: Seattle Times Action Shows Limits of Citizens United

[div class="excerpt" style="border: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-bottom: none; border-radius: 0.3846em 0.3846em 0em 0em; box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px #bfbfbf;"]Seattle Times Action Shows Limits of Citizens United
[div class="excerpt" style="border: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-top: none; border-radius: 0em 0em 0.3846em 0.3846em; background-color: #f4f4f4; box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px #bfbfbf;"]This week the Seattle Times Co. announced that it would run $75,000 worth of independent expenditure ads on behalf of Rob McKenna, the Republican nominee for governor in Washington -- at the company's expense. It is also giving $75,000 of free ad space to the campaign backing a referendum to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.

The company says this is an effort to demonstrate the value of print advertising for political campaigns; they hope that these free ads will work so well that other people will pay for them in the future. This is a totally bizarre ad marketing strategy, as noted by Eli Sanders at the Stranger and Derek Thompson at the Atlantic.

In some ways, this is the nightmare scenario that opponents of Citizens United worry about. A media company is using its access to a broad audience to run free ads for a desired candidate, with no ability for federal or state law to stop them.

More at the link!

"In some ways, this is the nightmare scenario"? In some ways?

Giant media corporations, running free ads for candidates who will do their bidding. The only thing they need to worry about is whether their "objectivity" will suffer in the minds of consumers? As if FOX didn't prove the model for this shit.

Wow. Sorry, while they're trying to be "fair and balanced" by donating the same amount of ad space for a good cause (same sex marriage), think about the precedent this will set in the future.

"...no ability for federal or state law to stop them."


Fear into Hilarity: 117 pictures of reactions to the same Haunted House scare

Only those who've seen it or built it know what these poor unsuspecting haunted house patrons saw, but whatever it is it clearly elicits the most hilarious, eye-popping fearful reactions I've ever seen.

From CBS News

Oh, want even more? This gallery is just "Part 2"

Two other galleries from (I believe) different scares at the same funnhouse:
Part 1
Part 3

BONUS! Post your pics of what you think they saw, heh heh!

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