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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Why the Department of Justice must indict Trump for inciting violence

Today is a critical moment in US constitutional history.

If Trump wins tomorrow & becomes Republican nominee an army of quislings will assemble around his racist, mysogynistic violent platform.

Many will counsel that it is better to let him campaign and lose rather than use the full force of the law to try stop him.

But if a week is a long time in politics, then seven and a half months of hate rhetoric - backed by an army of quislings - is an an aeon.

If Trump is indicted it will at least slow him down. The people will have a clear steer that this is not an acceptable form of politics.

If Trump is indicted Police & Security Services will have a clear mandate to keep an eye on the evolution of his "political movement".

If Trump is indicted civil authority, civil society & civic leaders will have a shield of defence to use when they speak against this evil.

But if a blind eye is turned to Trump's violent rhetoric citing "politics" & "democracy" then his legions will claim immunity and run amok.

And this is why the US DOJ must #IndictTrump.

P.S. It has been a long time since i have posted here.. But this Trump situation is seriously getting out of hand. As some of you know I am an NZer and a news publisher. I am currently based in France and like everyone in the world watching what is happening in the US very closely. IMO a combination of #Brexit and Trump being a candidate in this election might dent global confidence sufficiently to trigger a second round of the global economic crisis.

Hello DU - A Call Out From Across The Pacific From An Old Friend

Good Morning, Late Evening,

A post from the future tis 9pm on Tuesday here. I'll be online tomorrow watching and doing social media @althecat on twitter and supervising our coverage of the election. In ordinary circumstances I would think it would be impossible for a multi-millionaire corporate raider mormon bishop banker to win the presidency of the USA - however knowing what I know about the vulnerability of the US voting infrastructure and the evidence of "electoral fraud" in the US in every election since 2000 (volusia county) 2002 (georgia) 2004 (white ghosts of new york) 2006, 2008, 2010.... I am confident that your 2012 election will be hacked. The only question is how much. And how much more will Nate Silver and countless "see no evil" commentators look the other way.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

This is how it rolls.

So far.

Alastair Thompson
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