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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,672

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Hmm, time for Jerry Clower to update "Words We Don't Need"

Like penitence, because we are no longer sorry for anything (Lookin' at YOU, Wall Street!)
Or foist, because now anything goes (Hey, General Mills, hitting "like" means no mediation for faulty products?)
Or foreseen (As in, no one could have foreseen, right, Condi?)
Or gallant (Good lord, who wants to even TRY it now?)
Or rigmarole (I mean, the advertising industry has to make a LIVING, right?)

Yeah, all pretty useless in our current culture. But MUST have

Twerking (Just look it up and you'll immediately feel worse.)
Gawjus (Yes, that OLD word "gorgeous" is just too cumbersome, isn't it?)
Flipers (Diapers worn by a flight crew when they have no access to a bathroom, but don't worry, they fly well even when stinking)
Selfie (Why YES, it IS all about ME!)

Well, gotta bounce! SAT is all that and a bag of chips, right? I don't know why I'm bugg'n, cause a little clownin never made anyone go postal! (Gratuitous 90's flashback)
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