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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,672

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So no amount of research will help.

Well, that's it, then, we're all doomed.

Nothing to be done. Pack it in. Might as well kill ourselves now and save the suffering.

Let's call in a nuclear strike on everyone, including ourselves, since we're all dead anyway. Might as well put those weapons of mass destruction to some good use, eh?

It's a damn shame we can go to the moon and back multiple times, but we can't pump water uphill, nor can we remove the salt from it. Damn shame.

Well, I'll be going now, since all is hopeless, and do myself in. I suggest you do the same, instead of pooping around on the Internets.

Gloom, despair and agony on me....

Well, yes, corporations do make shit up and have been for a long time.

For instance, let's use the law of averages to solve poverty. Let's get the 100,000 poorest people in Michigan to sit in the stands of the stadium at the University of Michigan. Perhaps their average income per capita is $14,000, a good bit under the federal standard of $18,500.

Now let's have Bill Gates take a seat there. His $60 billion will raise the average income by $600,000, putting them all into the wealthy class!

Except of course, in reality, what you have is one very rich guy sitting in a stadium with hundred thousand poor people.

And so, when I think of the DDT spraying that was done in our county for decades growing up with the mist being chased by neighborhood kids, and when I think of us being downwind from White Sands, and I see that we have one of the highest rates of thyroid cancer, brain lesions, glaucoma, and melanoma in the entire US, well, I really don't care that we don't have an exact measure on that - I'm glad we quit nuclear testing aboveground and quit spraying DDT on little kids.

Similarly, I never thought it was a good idea to make ethanol - burning your food in a car seems stupid on the face of it.

And when oil companies tell me don't worry about fracking chemicals, and when people put melamine in our food, I'm against all that.

But what do I know? I didn't let my kids eat rat poison to establish some baseline for death, either. If there's shit on the floor, clean it up.

The good part is that if there really is an extinction event for humans, the bastards that caused it will die, too, and I will laugh and make fun of their suffering until the end. Because the one real fact we need - everything is connected, and sooner or later, effects will set in.

I worked in the wellhead industry as a manager for 10 years, and this is definitely a

Susie Sunshine CYA piece.

How about some shale gas FIRES?

Explosion Rocks Natural Gas Drilling Well in Marcellus Shale, Workers Seriously Injured

Explosion at West Virginia natural gas well site injures at least five

Explosion, Fire At Marcellus Shale Gas Well Site Under Investigation
3 Workers Injured In Fire At Chesapeake Energy Site
Read more: http://www.wtae.com/Explosion-Fire-At-Marcellus-Shale-Gas-Well-Site-Under-Investigation/-/9681798/7714474/-/aprc0b/-/index.html#ixzz2b8rvJh7c

3 injured in gas well fire during Marcellus shale drilling

plus another 1,620,000 hits from search "shale gas well fire"

Proven technology? NOPE. Old name put on new process.

Texas Association of Business must be Mooslem terrists!

EVERYbody knows that gubmint spending is B-A-D!

Everbody knows it! I been hearing it from Texus politicos my whole life!

"Shouldn't we spend more on schools?" NO! That's socialism!
"Shouldn't we spend more on old folks?" NP! They're useless eaters!
"The environment?" ECO-terrorism!
"Women's health?" On those hags?? NEVER!

So don't come sneakin' 'round here lookin' for money for roads!
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